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Start a Business Not An Internet Experiment

by Arturo F Munoz
(San Francisco Bay Area, California)

Don't Let Technology Kill The Entrepreneur In You!

Don't Let Technology Kill The Entrepreneur In You!

The Internet has opened business opportunities undreamed of. But much seems unattainable except for those who are technologically savvy.

Well, let me tell you that even those of us who have lots of technical experience can miss the mark in spite of our computer knowledge, because launching and running an online business has far less to do with technology and much more with fundamental business principles.

Let me put technology in perspective for you.

Technology is a tool, much like aisles and shelves and laser scanners and loud speakers are to a supermarket. But once you've set up the basic infrastructure of your business -- the skeleton that upholds the living flesh of your business -- you're unlikely to have to spend a lot of time doing technology work for your business.

Rather, you must run your Internet business no differently than you'd run a brick and mortar store.

You'll need to know...

  • How to attract clients

  • How to retain customers

  • How to stimulate interaction with prospects

  • How to achieve customer satisfaction

  • How to stand head and shoulders above the competition

  • How to innovate

And much more...

So, please understand that starting your own business online is far more than bits and bytes. In fact, it is far less about technical matters and far more about plain, old-fashion business discipline, not at first but certainly soon after you're done setting up your website operation on the Internet.

With this in mind, don't look at starting your own business online as a technical experiment. Look at it as a business that requires some upfront involvement from some technicians but that will demand far more of your on-going involvement as an owner to make it successful.

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