You Need The Best Small Business Mobile Website For YOUR Business.

Does YOUR business need a mobile website? Well, Do you want to engage, communicate and interact more effectively with the 40% (and growing) of your potential customers? Do you want to appear more "current" up-to-date, and professional than your competition? Do you simply want to make it EASIER for them to find, learn about and BUY from YOU? Then your obvious answer to whether you need a mobile website is... "YES"!
  • 9 of 10 mobile phone purchases are now SMARTPHONES. This means that very soon nearly the entire market has the INTERNET in the palm of their hands 24/7.

  • By 2014 MOBILE will surpass desktop PC usage.
OK. So your clients indeed are searching for you on smartphones. HOWEVER, your site may not be properly designed yet for the smaller screens of mobile devices. That puts you at risk of losing a large number of business opportunities. 
Would you like to see what your site looks on a smartphone?

A. Enter YOUR website address(URL) into the Viewer Search Box below.Click "View Site" to see the result.


B. NOW clear the text from the viewer search box.

C. Copy and Paste THIS RED URL into the VIEWER Search Box to see what a mobile website SHOULD look like. Be sure to click "View Site" again! NOTE: You may use the scroll bars to see the social media icons at the bottom of the site.

How Do You Get The Best Small Business Mobile Website For YOUR Business?
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