CRAZY H'ween Erie Advertising Offer!

We must be possessed by Halloween spirits! has decided to make you an advertising offer to DIE for! "What's the catch" you say? Aha. Yes. There IS a catch. You must decide. This offer is SO scary great that you MUST act immediately ( by trick or treat tonite - 6pm!) Otherwise, the other businesses will rule Erie and YOU will be lost in the darkness as this offer completely disappears.

OK. Here it is:

IMPORTANT! This true One-time only OFFER will be SHUT Down immediately after the 15th deal is secured. Hundreds of area business owners will see this email.

We want to promote your Erie area business. The best way to do that is on our Nighttime Entertainment website, (yeah, that's why the halloween/nighttime theme! Ha-ha). So the offer is pretty simple. Opt for a FULLY loaded business profile that is expertly SEO'd so you'll get more web TRAFFIC! (Click HERE for an example.) Then package that written profile with a couple of highly visible ADS on the top and/or Right hand side of the site.

Choose from 3 ad types: (click the links on this page to see them live.)

You may elect to advertise on Home and RESTARANTS (or Bars, Music etc.) or all SIX major pages and save BIG $$!
  1. Right side display ad. (These are the large squares that run down the right hand side of each page.)
  2. Top right banner
  3. (These are the banner ads at the VERY top right hand side of each page.) or
  4. Marquee SLIDE!
  5. (These are THE largest and most visible ads on each page--right in the center top of each page!)

Everything will be maxed out with links and every other social media, map, events, features, hours of operation, even video if you have one to use! And at these rates MY business just might bleed to death!! So what's it gonna be? Are you a Ghoul or a Fool? This is THE best offer around. Don't cut off your own head and MISS it! Terms are as follows: NO long term contract. This will be month-to-month. Cancel via Paypal or by contacting us PRIOR to the 1st of the cancellation month in order to not be charged. NOTE: As long as you stay on continuously, I will lock this deal in for fast movers for 2 full years! And grant you first right of renewal at that point as well! Possessed I tell you! To act on this offer, just select your preferred package from the drop down list below. This will subscribe you to your chosen program at the low monthly total.
( You may pay using your Paypal account OR credit card from the same Paypal page)

Here's the Button.

Ad Package Options

Thanks and HAPPY Halloween!


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