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SEARCHLIGHT Success eXPRESS!, Issue #001b -- Great New Recommendations Inside!
June 10, 2009

Firstly, I must apologize for being inactive. However, I think you'll find that what I have been working on has been worth the long wait. I want each of you to know beyond a doubt that everything I do is to help YOU succeed. Everything.

In fact, it's the reason that you have not heard from me in quite awhile. I am not like the other newsletter providers who send every single week just to make sure they stay in contact with potential clients.

I would MUCH rather wait and send information to you that is truly great and valuable. Information that really will help you enhance your business.

If you are new to SEARCHLIGHT Success eXPRESS! Thanks for subscribing!

In every issue of the SEARCHLIGHT Success eXPRESS, watch for some of those extremely valuable tid-bits. I've found a plethora of new and really GREAT programs for you so DON'T miss even a single mailing! ________________________________________________________________


You likely realize that I am an SBI! user and a huge fan.

One of the most recent additions to the system is a 3 column website template. That may or may not mean much to you. But it did to ME. The reason I have been in hiding is that I have taught myself the basics of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). That is basically just a way of writing the website design code so that your SBI site can have a third column. You may want a third column to make your site look more advanced and give you more ways to monetize your pages. I also believe in many cases, that 3 column CSS design is an important credibility builder. It is THE reason I educated myself on CSS.

So what though, right?

Well, I just said I do everything so that YOU can more quickly and easily succeed.

So here's my gift to you for not being around for so long.

If you have still not started your online business, or if you have but are learning your way slowly, I have two gifts for you!

Wait, let's make it THREE gifts! Here they are:

If you are ready to begin your online business and you purchase your SBI! from my link HERE or from my website (A CSS SBI! site), I will give you:

1. A custom designed header for YOUR site! ($200.00 value)

2. Personalized CSS training at 50% less than the normal rate! ( at least a $200.00 value)

3. Your First THREE SBI! pages designed by me for FREE!

Ex.HOME, ABOUT and CONTACT (that gets you right off to a nice start!) (another $300.00 value).

Also, if you sign up for MY Searchlight Business Advocates Affiliate Program , and commit to purchasing ONE page from me (at just 50.00) I will add a 4th FREE page. PLUS! For every new customer referral you send me no matter HOW you do it, I will GIVE you another FREE page for your site! That's on TOP of your Searchlight Services affiliate commissions that your referrals' sales will produce for you!

If any of this is confusing to you, don't let that stop you! Just contact me and I'll fully explain everything to you no matter how long that takes.

So what do you say? Are you ready to get serious about your business?

These gifts should take ALL the "down economy" reasons for not getting started completely away!


Big success, is most definitely only achievable through PERSISTENT research and implementation of true "best practices". Best, because they really do WORK.

I'll do the research. YOU provide the


(Tell us what kind of information we can provide that will benefit your business MOST.)

Together, we'll all succeed beyond our dreams.

I'll be back soon.

Thanks again for joining us!

Here you are.

MORE next time!!

Until then, I hope you enjoyed this issue.


Brian P. Hower
President and Founder
SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates
"Business, the Internet and YOU!"

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