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What is the SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates Affiliate Program?

The SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates affiliate program is purely a simple partnership whereby you and we both benefit. A real win-win partnership. We have the "product" - It is probably the world's greatest product!. You simply help us identify potential new clients. You get paid instantly when business results. It's that simple. Powerful stuff! Simply stated, it's the hands down easiest, most sensible way for YOU to make some very nice money - immediately.

In fact, you can offer this online but also OFFLINE too and easily earn $300.00 or more per - DAY.

NOTE: In case you are wondering, you could not possibly offer a better overall program. That is, unless you can guarantee someone a million dollars or that they'll live to 100.

Be totally honest with yourself, what could be better than offering a real, proven, world-renowned program that gives literally any person or small business owner, the world's very best chance at making a significant amount of money? Think about it. Can you do well with this? What could be a better promotion? Anything? To refresh yourself on exactly what the offer is click HERE

And, to be perfectly clear...this program is completely straight forward, absolutely no gimmicks, and based only on time-tested solid business principles? THAT is exactly what you will have to offer...everyone!

OK. There are two easy ways for you to make money right NOW with the SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates Affiliate Program. Online and/or offline. The online method is described below.

The other way (offline) is to simply ask anyone, anywhere, whether they

"have ever thought seriously about going into business for themselves".

SIDEBAR: This can be done exactly the same way with ANY existing small business owner. Just revise the question a bit to:

"How has your business been doing on the Internet?".

(If they are sincerely enthused, OR if they indicate that what they currently have is NOT working well...) ASK for their e-mail address and follow the rest of the steps below.) That's it!

Always remember this!: People will be very pleased that you introduced them this program. It's exactly what they really need. You could not be doing anything nicer or better for anyone.

Yes. It's really just that easy! Ask one very simple straight forward question. Then if, and only IF they are sincerely enthused about the idea , politely ask them for their e-mail address, write it down (double check the details!) and send it to us from any computer. Tell them that WE will send them the perfect information they need for absolutely FREE.

Be sure to put YOUR NAME in the (Subject:) field of the e-mail to me.

Include a short explanation of who you and they are in the message text along with their E-mail address(es).

I'll take it from there. If business results, you make money instantly. It's that 1-2-3 easy.
  1. Ask one simple question,
  2. Get and send an e-mail.
  3. Get paid.

That is ALL you will ever have to do. Can it ever be any easier? No way, right?

"How Much Money Can I Really Make?"

I knew you'd ask. So here's the real-world answer:

If you do it properly and consistently (with my FREE personal coaching), you'll earn possibly a FULL-TIME living!

If you find 10 truly SINCERE individuals or existing small business owners, you can realistically expect (2)TWO of them to start business with us right now. Another (2) will also likely start a bit later.

For example: Say you go to a neighborhood get together. During the course of the evening you ask 10 people "the simple question". Let's say two of them are already business owners. OK. So say 2 of the other 8 people and 1 of the business owners decide to do business with us. YOUR monthly earnings from that single event would be about $100.00 or $1200.00 a year. That's one mortgage payment or close, right? And all you did was go to a party.

Now just multiply that by your effort and that's the reality of this!! 1 in 10 will be sincerely enthused about doing business on the web (and happily) give you their e-mail address. Then expect 2 to 4 in 10 of those will say yes.

In a nutshell, for every "yes" you generate, it is worth about 33.00 a month or 400.00 a year to you.

And that's forever as long as they stay a client! That means...it ADDS UP! And very quickly too.

Ex. 100 clients that you simply "found" earns YOU about 40,000 (or more) per year. Just for asking one simple question! PLUS! The better you do, the more we PAY! That's why this single program is better than almost any job!

In fact, it is probably as close to picking "money off a tree" that you'll ever find. Why?

It should be obvious, especially these days,that EVERYONE needs an affordable, easy way to start or to grow a real business of their very own that can ultimately give them true financial independence--right?

Well now you have exactly THAT to offer them. It's exactly what SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates does!

So why wouldn't you get started now? Whether you plan to promote online OR off, the first thing to do is SIGN UP below.

Then LOG IN to set up your new account with us (also right below for you).

Finally, just get one or more of our easy text links and/or banner graphics and paste them into YOUR website, blog or any e-mail message you send.

(Uh, er... If you don't HAVE a business site of your own yet-- who's your very first choice?...Huh?)

OK. Now, whenever one (or many!) of your online visitors or offline referrals signs on for our business development services , we'll pay YOU at least 25% of the monthly orders!

Yes, if you are a "people person", you could make your entire LIVING with just this single affiliate program! Wow.

It's completely safe to join and it's FREE.


Then come back here any time to LOG In and check your results!


Questions? Just contact us below.

If you would like to learn about another highly effective way to earn real money quickly, visit THIS Page!

Thanks for reading!

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Brian P. Hower
President and Founder
SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates
"Business, the INTERNET, and YOU!"
814-392-0356 or TOLL FREE 1-866-452-4243
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