In order to succeed in business--you have to use only the

Most Effective Sales Techniques!

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Are you a “born salesman” (woman)? Do you think you really know the most effective sales techniques?

I’d really like to hear your answer...

Because I thought I knew too -- until I got 100% frustrated with being well off one week and then BROKE for the next three! That's when I finally learned how TRUE the following quote really is:


Try not to become a man of success but rather
to become a man of value
. -- Albert Einstein



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I’ve been in sales for about 12 years now and have had my major successes and also my “rock bottoms”. If you are not brand new to the field you have undoubtedly heard of the saying: “SALES is the lowest paying EASY work and also the highest paying HARD work there is”.

Is that really true? Maybe. But wouldn’t it be grand if it were possible to reverse that saying:

.... the HIGHEST paying EASY work there is!!

Can that be done or am I nuts? –(Hey, not so fast there bucko… see I really CAN hear you through your PC!)

But seriously, as I get older and gain a more “enlightened” view through a variety of experiences. I have learned for SURE what are NOT the most effective sales techniques. And I have finally come to some conclusions about this profession. And these seem to apply even if you already HAVE great PRODUCTS (learn how to get products for YOUR business the smart way at the bottom of this page!)

One very basic truth about sales success is that you MUST have prospective customers that are willing and able to buy from YOU right NOW. Here's one way to get that going in your favor:

Here are some more truths about sales:

1. Sales defined--—a product is offered and a product is purchased.

2. Price and Value are very, very different.

3. MOST people will buy the best (or a good) value before they go for lowest price — but not always.

4. Nothing can be sold if there is no NEED or WANT.

5. People tend to either say YES right away or take weeks/months to say NO.

6. It takes intelligence to be a truly good salesperson. It also takes talent.

7. Communicating ideas correctly is CRITICAL to success. It is both a skill AND an art.

8. Time management is also VERY important. -If you do not have good “systems” in place-Do that NOW.

9. It is better to Identify a good prospect than to try to SELL a bad one!

10. Honesty and goodness—(truly caring for all people) is the best policy.

11. You can go completely broke.

12. You can make a very good living.

13. If you are married—you need an understanding spouse.

14. Most managers (at least those I’ve encountered are NOT necessarily good salespeople.-see#6)

15. #14 Can also be reversed

16. It can be extremely difficult not to mirror a prospect's unprofessional demeanor.

17. In most cases, in order to be effective, you MUST “carry a smile”
      whether in person or on the phone, email.

18. A lot of companies’ sales philosophies are fundamentally FLAWED and end in poor results.

19. They do not know why — if they did, they would not keep the same approach.

20. Cold calling is generally a waste of time. Especially in person. A MUCH better approach is on phone first.

21. E-mail prospecting or closing— generally does not work.

I am still, and always will be, LEARNING what works, what doesn’t and why. Do the same. The most effective sales techniques are available to you if you seek them out and keep an eye open for the TRUTH.

Of course there are thousands I could add to the list. As I try to become the best salesperson I can be I have learned to listen to my “gut”. I have gotten very good at it. How do I know? Because I follow the results of what I expected to happen to the actual happening—and they usually match. My record of this is almost phenomenal.

If you are a rep or in management. There is a program that I highly endorse. Some things “RING TRUE”. This one really does for me:(click)

Sales and Prospecting done finally... the RIGHT way! The problem is that we have always been TAUGHT how to "sell". Just the term "sell" has come to be defined as "persuade" or "convince" (even if it is NOT in the best interests of the buyer).

It isn't supposed to work that way. In fact, it DOESN'T. You may be able to pressure someone into signing a contract today. but that "sale" has a high liklihood of being cancelled or returned tomorrow.

WHY? Easy. And it is common sense all the way.

The best sales techniques are the "best" because they are "simple" "clear" and "honest"

In order to be more effective as a salesperson, you MUST be completely forthright and honest with your prospect. You cannot persuade, manipulate, convince and pressure. You cannot SELL anyone anything. It is a MYTH.

YOU have probably "bought" many things this way,though. Did you feel the "guilt" or "remorse" afterward? Did you then go back on the deal or return the product? Surely! Is that what the original objective was? To create TWO transactions that ultimately very well may result in a "NO SALE"? That's a lot of work for a poor end result.

But what if your sales person had simply asked you whether you WANTED the product or service, had the means to pay for it and if he showed you exactly what YOU told him you wanted, you were willing to buy it NOW.

Is that a different scenario? Would you feel better about the rep, the BUY you made rather than the SALE he/she made? It IS much different isn't it? This is the best sales technique possible because it is the RIGHT way to "sell".

Fact is, your are NOT "selling" at all are you? You are simply identifying the need, communicating whether that need is a WANT and also whether that WANT will result in a purchase of the product NOW. You have to step directly into THEIR shoes and think about how THEY see what you are doing. Are you doing something TO them or FOR them? They know. DO YOU?

If this is not the RIGHT way to conduct sales, and the best sales technique possible, I am at a total loss. You see, the best sales techniques are honest and simple, no games. The buyer BUYS every time. They are not "sold" the way we are taught to think of it.

The "Seller" can ONLY truly succeed by doing it right. And YOUR job as the salesperson is merely to assist him along inevitable path to the purchase transaction. When this happens, they will think you did a great job and will be very likely to ask for you again! You achieve this great outcome NOT by manipulating or pressuring, but by answering his/her questions and being of true help as a real and totally professional consultant!

And for a GREAT article on the subject of Sales and Planning read THIS Link!

OK. Now that you have started planning, have the right approach to prospecting, marketing and closing sales, etc. You might be ready to actually meet with some prospective customers! One of the most important marketing tools you can have is your business card. For a wonderful beginning lesson on this try Vistaprint's GREAT deal on beautiful and FREE Business Cards! Click here.

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If you are wondering just how to begin in sales and need to find some great PRODUCTS to sell, HERE'S your best answer!

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