(young or “not so young”) with the desire to truly

with the desire to succeed TO THE succeed on the Internet.

on his/her very own terms.







The IDEAL income enhancement program for ALL Small Business Owners and Individuals.


Searchlight Business Advocates:

“Your Trusted Partner On The Road To Business Ownership and Liberating Financial Success.”

(Please feel free to keep a copy of this presentation for yourself and also FORWARD it to anyone else you think would also benefit from it.)

PREFACE (Please read CAREFULLY!) 2

Pre-conceived Notions – Skepticism – Fear – Uncertainty –Indecisiveness – Mis-placed Trust – Dishonesty - Eager – Enthusiastic

Hurried – Greedy – Overwhelmed – Elated – Comfort – Regret –Secretive –Error - Costly – Ethics – Credible – Worthy - Overjoyed, etc.,

How do you FEEL after reading that group of terms? Confused?, Happy?, Down?, Fearful? Yes- all of them. As is life and BUSINESS.

Well, you are here because we asked you if you wanted us to send you some great information. You said yes.

Maybe you are looking for a good idea, a system to increase profits, a product, “something” YOU can use to make a difference in the quality and direction

of your life or business. You are concerned about family’s future need or want more money, more time or flexibility. Just more success and happiness.

That is the reason for this preface to the presentation. In the following 20 pages, you will learn about an amazing, rock-solid business program

and plan of action like NO other in the world. Yes, I KNOW you’ve heard and seen that a zillion times. SO DID I.

All I ask you to do is put aside your past views, your fears, your skepticism. Get ready for a value packed, straight and to the point, matter-of–fact

presentation. If you do not have an hour right now-- SAVE this NOW to your desktop and return when you can devote your attention to it completely.

THIS is too important to do in piece-meal fashion. If you get a little “uncomfortable” in a few spots – it is a good thing. As I said, straight and

to the point. We’ll give you the FACTS about what it takes to realize SUCCESS. Success has its price. But the price is comparatively small and the

VALUE of that success is GOOD.

NOTE!! Rates quoted in this document are for COMPLETE web BUSINESS systems – far MORE than just a “website”. PLEASE do yourself the favor

of understanding the GIGANTIC difference. Our offer and value is unmatched ANYWHERE and is THE difference between your success and failure.

We will not attempt to ”SELL” you. The purpose of this document is to INFORM. However, you very well may sense our commitment and

enthusiasm for what we are showing you. Also, for your convenience, you WILL have everything right here that you need to begin should you

want to act now including the initial order form and instructions, etc. In short, we want you to simply educate yourself with this information we

have prepared. We want you to understand what WE already KNOW to be true. And that is:

That there really IS a single BEST way for ANY individual, ANY small business owner to learn about and utilize the power of the World Wide Web

to succeed beyond their dreams. You are about to see that ANYONE at all can do it. It will be done VERY affordably, EASILY and EFFECTIVELY.

You will find every imaginable TOOL, method, feature and resource all right here for you. You will see that the companies, the support systems

and the ethics are the very BEST in the entire world. Quite possibly, for the FIRST time ever, you will see that life and success in business can be FUN.

You can earn your living with passion doing exactly what you LOVE doing –100% on your own terms.

Most of all, we want you to know that this, for sure, and finally - is REAL. No secrets. No gimmicks. Just Rock-Solid BUSINESS Practices.

And finally, you will see, after thorough review, that a “yes” decision NOW or very SOON is a very wise decision. Reason?

The income potential and quality of life implications of your decision on this are ENORMOUS. So put aside any remaining Fear. By the end of

this presentation, you should have NO more uncertainty about “what to do”, “whom to trust”, “whether you can DO it or AFFORD it” or ‘how to

proceed”. You will now see it all very clearly. Clean, all honest, up-front and good, completely ethical, logical, sensible and solid and

sound. And-- you will also see, that YOU cannot fail.

And STILL, if, at the end of your THOROUGH review, you STILL aren’t sure, please know that you may CALL ME and I will personally address

your every concern. Success is not “magic” or for “others”. It is for YOU. Now you have the way. Are you ready? Let’s Get Going!


2006: Today’s Modern Economic Conditions

Generally “stable” right now but very uncertain too.

EVERYONE is affected one way or another.

Includes: Businesses, Moms & Dads, Children, Retirees, Students, Professionals, etc.

MOST people feel a strong sense of fear or some level of insecurity over current economy.

We tend to live day-to-day leaving 100% of OUR welfare in the hands of the government, politicians

unexpected tragic events and Our EMPLOYERS.

It is now an undeniable fact that we are converting over to a far more TECHNICAL and GLOBAL ECONOMY .

Many people would feel MUCH better about their current situation & families’ futures if

somehow they, themselves, had more CONTROL over their own “PERSONAL” Economies.

Most of us are in “survival” mode all the time. We are one job loss or paycheck away from poverty.

We have all seen the NEWS and Reports that show declining wages, lost jobs, lower health care coverage and that

the average person will have to work longer and will have declining lifestyle, etc…etc.

So what really matters to YOU and your family? HOW can WE as parents, individuals, small business owners etc.

take charge and confidently create our very own Cash Flow and effectively “STEER our OWN Ships”?




EMPLOYEE: Reg. Pay ( of some kind) Enough? Advancement/Future?

Health Care? Enough? Have to pay in?

Can be gone tomorrow

May have to RE-locate family

Boss controls YOUR family’s life

` Are you REALLY happy? (click)

INVESTOR: Could make MONEY Need CHUNK up front!

Level of “ownership” Still VERY risky

Very Specialized Knowledge Required

SELF- EMPLOYED: Professional Status Education Costs--Doctor/Lawyer?

Money Stress/Time?

Independent Contr. Need to Find in demand prods/svcs

And start from scratch.


Schedule and Profits May need to come up with CASH to begin

No BOSS. Hire a Manager Need to be the TYPE to do it and manage it.

Possible Financial Freedom

Work hard to create then EASES

TAX benefits

Willable ASSET!

Does one of these seem to stand out as being a better overall SITUATION than the other three? Which ONE?

Yes, it should be pretty obvious that owning a business of your very own gives you the best of all worlds. Only THAT situation offers you more:

Control Flexibility Earning Power Freedom Happiness



Here are some of the typical methods people have tried:

RETURN to school to get an advanced degree.

BUY a business

Trade STOCKS, bonds, etc.


CREATE or start a Business from “scratch”. Retail, Service, Consulting, etc.

MLM Network Marketing, Direct Sales businesses


Online Auctions and/or eBAY etc.


All of these could be viable if you can provide the TIME, MONEY, skill, hard work and a LOT of luck.


You could try a completely NEW option…the one WE recommend to allà Small Businesses


ANYà Individual that is SERIOUS about going into business for himself or herself.


(NO secrets, NO Gimmicks or Tricks, NO nonsense at all. Just incredibly well thought out, rock solid modern business practices. Period.)


In ANY business, what EXACTLY must you do in order to SUCCEED?


Come up with the IDEA D. Generate DEMAND/Interest G. ADJUST when/where needed


Create the business PLAN E. Obtain first CUSTOMERS H. MANAGE it profitably


FINANCE the Start-up F. MONITOR and Track Goals I. DEVELOP it to desired financial level!!

It is NO different on the web! It is EXACTLY the same process. Our system shows you IN GREAT DETAIL-- How To Make It ALL Happen!

Click this link to find many others that have personally experienced àFantastic RESULTS!

Before we go on: 

There are THREE questions that you MUST ask yourself very seriously.

These are THE THREE FACTORS that STOP most people from succeeding. They are: Desire, Judgment, and Decision.


  1. Do you TRULY WANT to be a business owner? Business Owners- Do you WANT to improve the way you do business ON THE WEB?

If you are unsure you should figure THIS out right away.

****IMPORTANT***: If you are honestly “satisfied” and confident that your current situation will provide the future you really want,

that’s fine. If not, this is for YOU. ( Remember, this can be done part-time at first on eves & weekends until you have substantial income - )

2 Have you FOUND THE RIGHT VEHICLE or “SYSTEM” or PLAN That Will Take You To “SUCCESS”? (you have now.)

3. Once you are confident that you have, indeed FOUND the vehicle

Will you ACT on your idea without further delay --RIGHT NOW? A NON-Decision is more than likely a NO-Decision.

Reason is simply that you will forget. For example: The clarity of the information before you RIGHT NOW will erode and become

less at the forefront of your mind. Therefore the NON- Decision turns essentially into the same thing as a NO decision and your success is

sabotaged -- maybe forever. Click right hereà to see the many others JUST LIKE YOU who decided to ACT.

On the other hand, if you feel READY to act NOW, click HERE à START NOW! (Click & scroll to “Risk Free Trial” button on that page)


The power of “NOW”:. When is EVERYTHING bought or sold? It is never “later” or “ next week” or “in a year or two’.

Did you purchase your car or house “ later”? NO. You gathered your information once you had strong INTEREST. Next you

thought it over and CONSIDERED your options based on good information and the credibility of the people with whom you were dealing.

But when it came down to it and you were READY TO ACT on it….

you went out and bought it----- NOW.

We know you will NOT ACT until you are READY TO ACT . THAT will be the NOW moment when you begin your new road to

a successful future! That moment may be TODAY. It might be next week. It might even be next year.

"Remember, a real decision is measured by the fact that you've taken new action. If there's no action, you haven't truly decided."

- Anthony Robbins

The point is for you to really MAKE a YES or NO decision as efficiently as possible.

You will be better off making a NO decision than a NON-Decision. If you can’t

decide or don’t or won’t DECIDE, you will continue to flounder and struggle—and you will likely make a poor decision when the

information isn’t as clearly explained and conveniently available to you at some “later” date and……

YOU WILL MISS THE BEST CHANCE AT SUCCESS YOU WILL EVER FIND. So do not delay in your thorough evaluation and… DECIDE.

(Many of the blue underlined terms from this point on are LINKS to more information!)


A MAJOR Issue In Determining YOUR Success:

I am about to show you a list of benefits that you will realize if and when you choose to take part in our recommended business system .

The reason I have to make these preceding statements are NOT in defense of OUR system. Our system is SO solid it needs NO defense. You will

soon learn that for yourselves. However, these issues ARE in YOUR defense and best interests. We want you to know the difference so you can

tell the difference. I feel this is necessary not because of what WE do, but because of what OTHERS have done to “muddy the waters”.

You see, unfortunately, there are MANY unethical people in business. There ARE thousands of scams both ON the Internet and out on the street.

There are also now hundreds of MLM (network marketing, multi-level businesses) that have caused a real problem. I am not saying that MLM is

a poor business model. In fact, I believe it is a GOOD business model except for the basic APPROACHES most of them use. You are probably

familiar with them. The main business generator for many MLMs is the RECRUITING of new reps into the UPLINE organization. The

PRODUCT(s) are secondary or sometimes even NON-existent. (We have an EXCELLENT article and an entire WEBSITE dedicated to the MLMer.)

The Real Issue: It has become VERY hard to do research on: ”go into business”, “business opportunities”, “work at home” ideas, “start your

own business”, “be your own boss”, “make money on the internet”, etc. No matter HOW you phrase it or Google it or look it up---THEY have

said it, advertised it, Googled it, positioned it. EXACTLY like a 100% true, clean, ethical, solid and good business opportunity would. In other

words, it is almost impossible for the average person to identify what is a true “GOOD” opportunity and what really is NOT. One thing to watch

out for is a long sales pitch asking you to BUY without actually showing you what the PRODUCT really is. Another MLM ploy that I despise

is most of their websites state that they have the “GREATEST FINANCIAL FREEDOM Opportunity Ever”, etc.,etc., etc. They then REQUIRE

you to give them your contact info. so they can see if you “QUALIFY” for them to call you for a personal interview! That, to me, is an outright

insult. It is known as “Lead Capture”. It is 100% THEIR advantage and power and not YOURS. You will soon know how to get your OWN leads.

THAT is the ONLY reason I felt the need to talk to you about this. You MUST be able to AVOID the “NOISE” out there. There’s a TON of it.

Do NOT fall prey to the “NOISEMAKERS”. There ARE real, proven, rock solid, programs if you can see through it all. WE ARE OFFERING

YOU THE VERY, VERY BEST. There is NO question about this. You will agree once you review the abundant information available to you here.

So, I am simply asking you for YOUR sake as well as mine, to COMPLETELY put aside any pre-conceptions or skepticism no matter

what your reason.

Just try to open your mind while I am showing the rest of this to you and also when you review any additional information you may receive.

Realize that you have likely NEVER seen anything at all like this. THIS system is absolutely phenomenal. Worth your SERIOUS attention.

Don’t deny yourself the chance to SEE IT and GET IT! by being skeptical or jaded. It is just too important to you and to your family’s future.



“Technology Combined with Human Spirit”

For all intents and purposes what you are about to see is without a doubt:

** The world’s easiest to begin, lowest cost, MOST profitable, no-nonsense REAL “perfect” business!**

Let’s just list some of the benefits OUR approach offers:

*YOUR very own totally UNIQUE and complete new business. (or “CLONE” of your current offline business.)

* A fully comprehensive step-by-step business building TUTORIAL that now even includes a VIDEO version.

* FREE unique, warm leads YOU OWN and generate yourself--- automatically. NO “QUEUE”, no costs--yours.

* Extremely LOW cost of ownership “almost” no overhead costs! You do NOT need a PC (but it helps)

* Virtually NO Limitations or Restrictions on the TYPE, the Management decisions, products/services or EARNINGS!

* If you have ANY other business ideas THIS allows you to do it better, bigger, faster, more affordably.

* You will have UNLIMITED business opportunity and no limit to the number of Income Streams!

* NO stigma, secrets/gimmicks,- become a trusted local or WORLD expert (field YOU choose) quickly.

* Can be ANYTHING you wish in terms of subject matter—Flowers, Crafts, Health, Auto, Kids, Pets?

* Requires only high school level skills and fair level of comfort using computer/PC. We’ll TEACH you.

* (yet is appropriate for ANYONE—individuals, moms/dads, small businesses, students, professionals.)

* World’s ONLY true ALL-IN-ONE (virtually unlimited) step-by-step real TOTAL business AND marketing SYSTEM.

* Extremely Do-Able, Manageable and Practical—Even RE-PRODUCEABLE!

* Without question the BEST , most effective small business system EVER developed in our opinion.

* LUCRATIVE! Talking REAL money. Secondary even PRIMARY Income! NO limits!

* Yes—quite probably the PERFECT small business system! There are NO weaknesses or limitations.

* Tax Benefits, WILLABLE Asset and……Your Success is virtually GUARANTEED!

Would you say that would be a GOOD thing to have available to you?

_________________________ 9



So WHAT IS IT & How Does This Happen??

(We provide EVERY detail about the software company, OUR company, the products and all services FULLY and for FREE at your request.

In fact, much of it is either within or at the END this presentation and/or in the other e-mail LINK packages we have also forwarded to you.)

In short and so we can proceed right now—it is the COMBINATION of: A. the software and B. our knowledge and experience with it—

Your success will come partially due to the use of a VERY unique and effective Internet BUSINESS Software (click) that allows YOU

to start from nothing (or from where you are now in your business) and very QUICKLY, EASILY, and AFFORDABLY enter

directly into business for YOURSELF alone ( or with assistance) VERY successfully. (or to dramatically increase your current overall

business effectiveness even possibly Doubling or Tripling current profits/income! Yes—very possible!

The OTHER part of our unique program is OUR partnership with the software company and also with YOU.

We have taken this “SIMPLE” software system and made it “almost” EASY! We have drastically shortened the

TIMELINE & Effort for you and act as your around the clock “Coach” forever—or until you no longer want us

to stay involved. We are always available but ONLY IF you want us to help. It is not mandatory to utilize our services.

But it is STRONGLY recommended at least for the start-up phases (first 12 months) to make absolutely certain you get off to the fastest and

EASIEST start — and do so 100% CORRECTLY! We can do ALL, PART or NONE of the work for you—YOU decide best option.

TYPICAL PROCESS OF ACTION: You first DECIDE this is what you WANT. Then you purchase the SOFTWARE. Next WE meet in person

or communicate online or by phone for an hour or two to understand each others’ businesses and discuss

your many options. Next you decide what YOUR level of involvement will be from 10% to 100%. Next we

design a very specific plan and timeline tailored to your needs. Finally, we perfectly execute the start-up and

then manage it to develop it fully into a financial “golden goose” for you! You new business can be “Live”

on the web in about 1 week. It can be earning in 6 to 12 months. It can be a major success for you in 12 to 24

months from the outset! From a strictly marketing point of view, it will be VISIBLE in 1 week and will be

hands down the very BEST marketing money you have ever invested.


That gives YOU a very significant and REAL business ADVANTAGE that NO other business partner can provide for you!



Many GREAT reasons! The Three BEST being: (Note: If you think you DON’T need a website because you're LOCAL, click here!)


EXTREMELY Low Marketing and Operations COSTS--- 1000 times more COST-EFFECTIVE per customer gained than OFFLINE!


Largest Possible and BEST EVER Source of Untapped, Growing and PERFECTLY TARGETED TRAFFIC- Competition is weak!


UNLIMITED Income STREAMS! -- You can ADD many NEW sources of revenue—and NEVER have to touch the product.

(From a true and logical business standpoint it is simply unwise NOT to learn to take advantage of what the Internet offers – ANYWAY.)



Why OUR System?

Whether you select us or ANY other firm to develop your business online, realize that due to SEARCH ENGINE protocols, it will take several

MONTHS to “mature”.That fact, along with the sheer integrity of this system, are the most important reasons for you to MAKE your decision.

To delay simply means delaying your SUCCESS!


(when you do the test…enter their OWN website first. Then enter a few of their CLIENT sites. Do the SAME with us next! NOTE:

“NO DATA” in essence means the website gets zero traffic and is INVISIBLE -ouch!. You can do this for ANY website in the world.

(An ranking of LESS than 500,000 indicates that the site is headed in the right direction IF it continues to be managed well.)


(Click this blue LINK above!)

Again…it is the combination of the SOFTWARE (which is the World’s ONLY way to even ATTEMPT to do this) with our GUIDANCE that

gives YOU the CORRECT PROCESS & ULTIMATE set of resources for internet SUCCESS Quickly, Effectively EASILY and incredibly AFFORDABLY. What else could you possibly ask for?

It is literally ALL right here in front of you with real living PROOF to boot.

EX. If you wanted a great new car. And someone offered you the BEST model, parts & service, the BEST engine, The BEST everything and the BEST Price and then…even offered to TEACH YOU how to DRIVE among many OTHER benefits, etc. Would you even bother to look elsewhere? That is precisely what we’re offering you .

You simply cannot find all of this ANYWHERE else.



Have & run your very OWN Business –Life on YOUR terms! YOU have already realized that you should have your own business

(Basically for the very SAME reasons as for anyone else).

Chance to TRULY take FULL Control of your family’s future.

But why OUR system TOO?

Do something YOU passionately care about –YOU choose!.

Success ONLINE AND OFFLINE! We Get it DONE! & done RIGHT!

Simple, Proven World Renowned Fully Comprehensive System.

Your current and future customers ARE already active ONLINE!

Rock Solid Bonafide Business System - NO stigma/gimmicks at all.

If you HAVE tried a “website” but not workingWe CHANGE that.

Completely Flexible. Can be anything you want it to be. Anytime.

You gain the ULTIMATE marketing tool for very LITTLE cost!

Potentially LIFE-Changing income generation. REAL Money!

BE SEEN! positioning yourself WELL ahead of ALL competitors.

Create Residual income that can be saved for RETIREMENT

This applies both LOCALLY (click) As Well as Regionally/Globally.

Very “FAMILY friendly” business—FUN! No better lifestyle!

EDUCATE your customers better than EVER before. CREDIBILTY!

Can earn income even if injured or disabled. Almost runs itself.

You can now EASILY creating better Customer Relationships!

Tax deductions/benefits. Willable as an asset to your children

You gain a MIRROR business virtually CLONING yourself/profits!

Hands Down BEST way if you ARE going to do “something”

MUCH larger market & NEW INCOME STREAM$ almost instantly!

True FREEDOM from others’ control, time constraints, financial

Create a built in retirement plan- you slow down & income goes UP!

Worries ---Finally GET RID of the BURDENS of LIFE!! (click) Creates an “INSURANCE Policy” for your current business. If your

A chance to Finally LIVE LIFE without worries!!! offline location ends, you can STILL have your business online!

Goal is simply real contentment, fulfillment and real HAPPINESS For THESE reasons and more JUST SMART BUSINESS!

“HOW DOES A WEB BUSINESS MAKE ME MONEY?” Many, many ways. As we are saying, this is REAL and maybe THE most

perfect business system EVER. We’ll discuss all the possibilities when you begin. But for now, read à THIS Great Mini-Course! (click)


We pull no punches here. Make no mistake. This is a REAL business we are discussing. And we are talking REAL, SERIOUS INCOME.

It is the quite probably the ultimate business for almost ANYONE that puts forth the effort to truly understand it. THAT is precisely why

we are IN business. YOU HAVE TO BE SERIOUS ABOUT DOING THIS FOR YOURSELF and FAMILY. There truly is NO better option.

IF you are just still “playing around with ideas”….COME BACK when you “GET IT”. This IS the one you are looking for.

This is VERY affordable. But no REAL business system is FREE. It also takes SOME work. But it is NOT very difficult. In Fact –it’s FUN.

Stated simply, we sincerely believe that unless you are already independently wealthy or have some means to get there soon, THIS is FAR and


There are people like you and me making hundreds, even SEVERAL THOUSANDS of dollars a MONTH with this system. These are REAL success stories, not gimmicks — most of them

will even TALK to you themselves and HELP you.

We offer only THIS Program for three REASONS:

  1. We CAN’T IMAGINE a better way to BE in business at ANY cost—And this is the BEST choice for the LEAST investment – PERIOD.
  2. We GET THIS and have become EXPERTS at it. –YOU benefit directly from OUR efforts.
  3. We sincerely believe EVERYONE NEEDS to do this —and we CARE about helping YOU over and above ourselves.

We have done ( and continue to look for) EVERYHING possible to make it as EASY as humanly possible for YOU to succeed with this.

What YOU have to be able to provide: (If you are not serious about your own success, this will be of no value to you. But if you are read on…)

You have to be REAL about things. ANY kind of real business you want to start would cost you thousands of dollars. Minimally 2000-3000

To get started probably a LOT more. And there would still be a 95% chance you would NOT succeed. I lost $8000.00 on my first venture.

To get this going on your own WITHOUT our help (and IF you already have a PC system in place) is an amazingly (almost ridiculously) low

$299.00 a YEAR.-When you see what you get for that you will be delightfully SHOCKED. ( click to see why it is ACTUALLY worth $5675.00!)

(Once there, scroll to the “Risk Free Trial” Button and click there.)

WITH our help (separately contracted) expect to budget $900.00 to $1500.00 (depending on options) per year. That is also extremely reasonable

for what we do for you! Your costs go down the second year on out as YOU get more and more experience. NOTE: You need only pay the 299.00

in month #1. The rest can be flex-pay or as fits YOUR budget situation. We are VERY accommodating-- TRUE business partners with you.

THE REST: You need to “GET IT”. You’ll need to COMMIT to the “process”of building a real business. IF you go alone--Devoting maybe

2 hours, 3-4 days (nights) a week will do it. You have to understand it will take 6 to 18 months(maybe less) to see it starting to produce RESULTS.

You MUST above all else BELIEVE in the SYSTEM (it WORKS!) and in YOURSELF! You CAN Do It!….. NO QUESTION.



(Which side are YOU on?)

Basically it comes down to three things: 1. JUDGEMENTS. 2. ABILITIES 3. ACTIONS



Intelligence/THINKER as opposed to: IQ presents a challenge

Desire and Drive Indifference lack of ambition

Big Picture View Blinders /narrow mindedness

Work Ethic/Organized Plans Lazy/Disillusioned-looking for GRQ –no plan

Confidence, belief in self Low confidence, low self esteem, cynical

UNAFRAID-Takes Decisive ACTION Skeptical, FEARFUL or cautious—afraid to ACT!

Commitment to Success Wanderer, still not sure what “success” IS

INTEGRITY/Responsibility Cheater? May see a brief success but long term?

Flexibility Inflexible or just don’t want to work/change

Understanding/Compassion/Leader Lack of one or all or “know it all”

Willing to assume some RISK Will not risk even at a low level

PASSION/Love of LIFE! Has very little

Attitude: I CAN-DO-IT! “I probably can’t do it anyway.”

URGENCY- Sees need to act NOW No sense of urgency, day-to day, No plan for future or tragedy

Wealthy?(wants more!)) Healthy, “Young”, Smart, Wealthy (sees no need) Ill/Disabled, Elderly, Lower intellect, Low Ambition,

Aggressive, Integrity, High Confidence, Unethical, Low Esteem - FEARFUL

“No” = I understand but don’t think it’s for me. About DECISION MAKING “yes!” = I’m ready! 14

“Non” = I am afraid/skeptical -I still have questions.

You should now clearly see why this is the very best small business system ever created. It should be an EASY decision to get started.

But most do NOT start now. They still FEAR “something”. They always will. Some will NEVER get started and wonder ten years

from now WHY they are not more successful. How many people do YOU know like this? Do YOU want to be one of them?


"Remember, a real decision is measured by the fact that you've taken new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided. ----Anthony Robbins.

Frailty. You may feel that you are too mature in age or too disabled or ILL to get any serious benefit from this. That might be true.

Low IQ ---It may be that you simply do not possess the level of intelligence to be able to develop this well. That is highly UNLIKELY.

Wealth --- If you are already well-off financially—maybe you really DON’T need this. But the vast majority of us are NOT yet that wealthy.

THAT’S IT! There are NO other “legitimate” reasons. A reason is not an EXCUSE. A reason HOLDS water. An EXCUSE does NOT.

**If you tell yourself that ANY one or any combination of the following are a “reason” –you are NOT ready to be in business. That simple.**



“Already HAVE A “WEBSITE” CAUTION! : This statement has single-handedly ruined 90% of online business’ success à click HERE to see why!

“I’m OK right now” Yes, “right now”. Are YOU really in control of your financial FUTURE? Or is your employer?

“Get cheaper/FREE website” Reality check! What do you really think you get for 5.95 or FREE? Exactly. (HOOK & more expensive.)

“I can’t AFFORD it.” ----- If you can’t afford THIS system, you can’t afford to be in business. This excuse has always been the EASIEST “way out”.

“It’s too DIFFICULT” If THIS is too difficult, you will find everything else that is “real” to be MUCH MORE difficult.

“I don’t have a COMPUTER” YOU don’t need one. You can succeed without one. But you will eventually WANT one because it helps.

“I don’t have an IDEA” Yes you DO! Or you would not be alive. Just find what you really LOVE (click!) and start there.

“I am AFRAID”/skeptical Fearful people rarely succeed. We REMOVE all fear for you. If you still don’t understand ASK NOW-we’ll tell you.

“I’m not sure I WANT to” OK—either you don’t SEE IT/GET IT or being a business owner doesn’t fit your personality. But Seriously..rather be employee?

“SPOUSE says “Be careful!” Please do NOT insult your own intelligence by taking the advice of someone whom has NOT even reviewed the program.

Something BETTER comes along… We sincerely believe you will NEVER find anything better, more effective or CHEAPER. Don’t delay- This is THE One.

Consequences of DELAYING your decision: You should see now that you have virtually NO risk. NO downside and EVERY possible UPside.

Even GUARANTEEDTWICE. I GUARANTEE the GUARANTEE. (Details on last page of this presentation)

If you decide to WAIT on making a yes decision on this your odds of doing so later are VERY low and you will COST yourself this chance.

This is all TRUE. Just FACTS. DELAYING only delays your SUCCESS and EARNINGS. You will simply be 6 months /a year OLDER

If/when you DO start OR you NEVER WILL START. Or WORSE YET… you might “fall for”& start something “else” that WON’T succeed.


Why THIS really is the ONLY sensible way to go—period.

We think it is worthwhile to repeat this:

As you search for a good business opportunity for yourself you will find a plethora of seemingly CHEAP , EASY and

“apparently” PROMISING ideas with regard to Internet and/or business “opportunies”.

We say: BUYER BEWARE. Because in almost every instance you will be looking at either a true scam, an MLM “lead capture”

scheme, or a “HOOK ‘em & HIKE ‘em” Pitch. Hold off-- if you are required to: BUY A KIT, Pre-QUALIFY, or Send Money FIRST.

Be very wary of the language and structure of these FALSE opportunities. They are in business for their own benefit.

They want to take your money! IF they provide a real value that is fine—but many, the vast majority DO NOT offer YOU a


We do. Let me re-state it. WE DO. (you will see this for yourself) in the LINKS throughout these very pages.

EX. You can find ALL KINDS of “build a website and be in business in an hour for $5.95!” offers or even “FREE” offers.

They “sound” good and “look” good. UNTIL you learn “ the rest of the story”.

(They try to “GET you IN” at $5.95 with virtually Nothing of value and then UP,UP, UP, UP, UP!= These are HOOK & HIKE!)

They are almost always one of the three types we have mentioned above.

Our Program is none of that! You will see so when you review all of the attached LINK information on these very pages.

If an offer doesn’t “HIT YOU HARD” as 100% GOOD, HONEST, HIGHLY PROFITABLE,


A REAL opportunity makes 100% SENSE and will FLOOD you with all of the details you need.

*** THIS system is the ONLY thing you’ll find that REALLY DOES BOTH and more …….in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY. ***

Compare how WE are making our system known to you as opposed to other things you have looked into.

READ the information, the links & websites and really understand exactly what WE offer -- And HOW we offer it!

You see NO secrets, NO gimmicks, NO “pre-qualifying”, --

With us you get THE ENTIRE STORY right off the bat (and for NO charge or hassle to get ALL of the real vital info. you need to decide)

Not to mention the BEST Value in the whole world! You should now be able to tell very EASILY which is the TRUE “opportunity”.


We KNOW for certain that THIS-REALLY-IS the IDEAL (Actually as close to PERFECT)

Business System and SITUATION for just about anyone. We feel that it is virtually not possible to find a better option. Why?

This is undeniably the only REAL way you can affordably, and practically ( with relative EASE) and effectively position yourself



And ALSO with ZERO Ties, gimmicks, stigma or limitations. How could you possibly do all this ANY other way?

No matter what you eventually decide to do—you will be assuming SOME level of risk. You will have to spend “some” amount of money, time and effort. You will have to give your trust to “someone” and take the leap. The #1 thing that prevents people from ever being truly happy is

fear of taking action”. Don’t let that happen to YOU. Especially now. The benefits FAR outweigh the risks IF you simply make wise decisions.

Just use your God given intelligence and common sense to guide you. You will be just fine. We sincerely believe we offer you the

lowest risk, highest odds of success system on the planet. Your chances of success and making real money with THIS are greater than with

ANY other business idea—online OR offline. Unlike every other possibility, there simply is ZERO downside. ZERO. VERY close to perfect!

This is the WORLD’S only:

All GOOD, Affordable, Clean, Proven, Rock Solid, Ethical, All-in One, Best-of Breed ( ONE-Of-A-Kind!) Business System and Product.

We have done and continue to do research to prove ourselves wrong. In two years of daily looking—we have

never found anything that comes close. Not in the same universe. THAT’S how incredible (but TRUE) this really is.

But WE can’t “sell” you. WE can’t “convince” you. WE certainly can’t make the decision for YOU.

But I hope we have given you enough here to make an informed decision. And to be able to do it…. right now.

The BEST chance to succeed on your OWN terms you may EVER see is in front of you at this very moment. -- DO YOU “SEE IT”?

REMEMBER: Delay only delays or PREVENTS you from realizing the huge success that awaits you. Act NOW and get this going!

No matter which direction you decide to take—we sincerely THANK YOU for listening.

We wish you the GREAT success YOU really deserve!

Website (click to view):

E-mail (click to send/make request) :

Even CALL US TOLL FREE at: 1-866-452-4243 We will personally discuss your concerns with you!

Additional Information And FULL Details: 17

All details of Our Company and also The Software Company and all features & benefits can be obtained by simply visiting

our websites: (This takes you to the software company’s corporate Home Page.) (My own example of what can be done!)

For more fantastic information FULLY explaining the Software Company and THE ENTIRE system click HERE or on any link below.

We also offer FREE classes to help everyone completely understand everything once they decide to act on this business system.

We will also send you more FREE information directly by e-mail if you wish. (Would you like that?)- Just fill in your name and e-mail address(es) on the E-mail Address List

(or you may use the website’s “CONTACT US” form to send it to us. We’ll reply right away.

NOTE: We adhere to the very highest standards of business ethics and Internet Security procedures.

Your information will NEVER be used for anything other than two-way business communications between you and us.

Or you may simply send us a quick note directly by e-mailing us at:

We’ll get the info. out to you immediately. ---- The quickest way to see why this is FAR superior to any other business option ---- Yes! You DO need a website for your local business. ---- If you don’t succeed here ( getting traffic)—you cannot succeed. ---- Even Bill Gates’ BEST can’t even come close! ---- REAL WORLD RESULTS!—See for yourself. --- ONLY SBI! Can even GIVE you this information at all. ---- Give yourself an hour to Listen to Dr. EVOY on LIVE Radio. WELL worth it! ---- If you are still skeptical—Find others like you who DID it. ---- What do you love in life? Turn it into $$$$ --Really. ---- If you are a stay-at-home-mom and want to help your family financially.


There is truly SO much potential in our program that it is hard to put into words. You have EVERYTHING to gain and virtually NOTHING to lose as guaranteed TWICE.

Once by the software companyà IRON-CLAD GUARANTEE and again by ME. à I PERSONALLY DOUBLE Guarantee the Sitesell, Inc. Guarantee. You simply CANNOT lose!

There are also many ways to order and/or to “test the waters” if you, for some reason, are still skeptical. You may purchase a stand alone product.

For EXAMPLE: Learn to make real money with à your Current WEBSITE(S) or your Specialized KNOWLEDGE or your PRICING Strategy

or even your own unique WRITING STYLE! Or by just improving the QUALITY of your writing skills.

You can try one of the many other FREE TRIALS! Or best of all—take the entire system for a full TEST DRIVE! (& keep the domain name!)

(Once there, go to the upper RIGHT corner of the page and click “Test Drive”.)

And just for your own peace-of-mind, click here to see exactly how THIS man “almost” made…..à A BIG MISTAKE by going ELSEWHERE.

If you are now as convinced as thousands of others that this is THE GREASTEST thing you have ever seen, you can place your order NOW

easily by clicking on the “little man with a whip”” at THE TOP RIGHT hand SIDE of ANY of the LINKS you opened on the previous page

of this very presentation. Here’s ONE right here for your convenience:à The PROCESS that makes this system WORK!

IF, for some reason, you are uncomfortable placing your order online (it is really VERY secure and SAFE to do so) you may simply print the

order form on the next page. You may then just PRINT it out or Fill it in here on your PC and then FAX, REGULAR MAIL or E-Mail it to ME

(all info. is available directly below) I will then Personally place your order FOR you through MY direct and secure affiliate link to

Or if you prefer to pay by PHONE, CHECK or MONEY ORDER: (read entire three step process below FIRST)

Click à ( 1-scroll down to the “Risk Free Trial button, 2-click it & 3-scroll to the Order Form & find the BLUE box!)

NOTE: OUR CONSULTING and Business Service FEES are SEPARATE from the software package. Please see the overview on last page below!.


Credit Card Information & Authorization

VISA ________MasterCard_______ AMEX_____

Solo Build It! Order Form

Card Number: ___________________________(CVV2 Code)_______

The cvv2 code is a security number that protects YOU!

(We will only enter your CVV2 code IF ever required for processing) If AMEX it is usually 4 digits

at right side on the FRONT of the card.

Please fill in the following order form in full and we will have a Most other cards it is 3 digits at far right on BACK.

Solo Build It! download sent your way within the next 48-hours.

*Enter your first name and last name exactly as they appear on your Expiration Date (e.g. 03/2006):______________

credit card.

Your credit card will be charged US $299.00 plus any applicable


First Name: ______________________________________

Last Name: ______________________________________ Grounds for Termination:

Address: _________________________________________ We will terminate, at our sole discretion, the Solo Build It!

account of anyone who uses marketing techniques that...

City: ____________________________ • exploits sex to sell • is threatening or abusive

• promotes violence • is illegal or on the borderline

State/Province: _________________ • is libelous or defamatory trademarks of others • is hateful in any way • violates others’ copyrights/trademarks

• is harassing or uses spam in any way, shape or form • is in such poor

Country: _________________________ taste that we do not want the association.

Zip/Postal Code: ___________________

In the event of termination, we will refund on a pro-rata basis, less the

Phone Number (include area code!): cost of the domain name and a $25 processing fee.

E-mail 1(home):_____________________________________ By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and understood the

Address(es): 2(work):______________________________________

Grounds for Termination (above) and agree to be bound by it.

We email your ‘getting started’ instructions. So please TRIPLE check

your email address above.If you enter TWO addresses, which one is Signature: (X)__________________________________________

PRIMARY? 1______(check) or 2______ (check)

If you prefer to pay by PHONE, CHECK or MONEY ORDER: (read entire three step process FIRST!)

Click à ( 1-scroll down to the “NO Risk Trial” button, 2-click it & 3-scroll to the Order Form & find the BLUE box!)



The very first thing I would like you to know is that we have, as our business foundation, a 100% commitment to YOU, our valued client.

We believe that we should not profit until we have done everything possible to make certain your business benefits from our offerings.

We know you will compare us to our online AND offline competition. So we will ALWAYS strive to earn your respect and trust by presenting to

you ONLY the highest quality products we know of through our research and self-trials. In addition, we will make every attempt to give you

superior customer service so that you can rely on our company. We and ALL of our partner companies try to consistently OVER deliver for you.

You can rest assured that SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates will always bring you the BEST overall value for your dollar.

Our primary goal is to become a trusted resource and true business partner in your business success!


Here are some typical web business scenarios to illustrate some possible options and annual expenses for you:

Note that it IS possible to build your web business yourself. It is simple but not 1-2-3 easy. It is real business.

As in any real business, there are “work: and “time” requirements. That is simply a fact. We believe our services (Estimated Investment)

represent a superior value for you and sincerely believe that it is wise for you to utilize us as you see necessary. Initial: Annual:

A. Purchase the SOFTWARE @ $299.00 (annually). YOU decide you want to develop everything on your own $299.00 $299.00!!

B. Purchase the SOFTWARE @ $299.00 You want us to help you get STARTED and then you will take over. $999.00 ~$599.00

C. Purchase the SOFTWARE @ $299.00 You want help starting. But you also want us to MANAGE it for you. $999.00 $1279.00

***Click here to see EXAMPLES of OUR work! à ( & scroll down page)

The SOFTWARE package is purchased annually for the $299.00(USD). It comes to you as a DOWNLOAD and contains everything you

will ever need to succeed in your new business. This is the BEST $299.00 any business ever spent. OUR services allow you to “jump start”

your business! You could do it completely yourself with just the software. However, I recommend that at least for the first 12 months you take

advantage of our services. We have examined the system, use it ourselves daily and have become experts with it. We will make SURE that you

get going faster and more importantly 100% CORRECTLY. This saves you from making costly errors and saves you TIME and EFFORT.

You have complete flexibility and can add more of our services or remove them as you become more comfortable running your business.

We have seen clients “take the ball and run”. We have also handled everything for them. Many see the value in owning a web business and all of

the benefits but may be too busy with “day-to-day” tasks to manage another “side” of their business effectively. That’s where we come in.

NOTES: “Managing” is NOT the same as “Maintenance”. Your business’ maintenance is included in your annual $299.00 software fee.

The above scenarios are for illustration only but are very good estimates of what to expect. Once you are sure you want to proceed, we

will consult with you personally to determine the best business design for your particular needs. Our fees are contracted separately from

the $299.00 software fee but ARE reflected in the “initial” and “annual” totals above.


The answer is without a doubt…..YES! Yet this is NOT magic. It is NOT GRQ (Get Rich Quick). It IS very smart BUSINESS!

There are people that have made THOUSANDS of dollars in as little as 6 months from beginning. There are people that

do not see significant income for 12 to 24 months. As we keep saying…This is NO different than an offline business.

In fact, this can be BOTH offline AND online. Just as you can succeed or not succeed in ANY OTHER business, it can

happen either way here too. The REAL WORLD is the REAL world. You have to use your best judgment and ACT prudently.

So why, then, is THIS one SO great? Aha! Let me ask you some questions:

Assuming you WANT to be a business owner so you can control your own life, income and overall happiness…

And you had just ONE chance to find the business that YOU thought would give you the BEST odds of success,

WHICH of the following would you choose? (It really is glaringly obvious isn’t it?)


An offline “brick and mortar” with all the “normal” overhead costs. A good location, and in demand products.


A “direct sales” or “multi-level” (MLM) business where you must consistently recruit people in order to really succeed.


Purchase a proven “franchise” at 10K to 75K and take your chances – (most have to “report” to a corporate “parent”.)


Try to start with your own good idea but without any “system” of support and little direction.


Try your hand at real estate or investing.


Find a great product and Freelance as an Independent Sales Contractor.


OWN and take advantage of a proven system that is extremely low cost, can be any of the above kinds of business

(or anything else too), is relatively EASY to start, run, manage and make money with, provides every business

success tool, complete and total flexibility in every direction, , unlimited income possibilities and even shows you

the exact steps to take in order to succeed. PLUS, once earning income for you- generates a yearly and growing

annual residual that can amount to much more than a corporate “retirement” package. Plus much, much more

In essence, the ideal, nearly PERFECT business situation for just about ANYONE.(click)

PROOF! ( this is one good way to describe MY actual experience and what this will do for YOU too.)

Which “fisherman”(business) would do better: The man with the fancy boat and expensive equipment and FIVE casting lines

and good bait on a big lake with a million fish($$) OR.. the man on the same lake in a small, reliable, sturdy boat, simple

equipment, FIFTY hooks and GREAT bait? In essence we show you how to be the second man. The Internet is the LAKE.

Now READ this next one first in its entirety--- and then go do it:

GO to: this major SEARCH ENGINE and type in the words (without the quote) “secure family needs financially”.

Make note, at the top of the results page, how many total pages come up. Then look for the listing that starts with:

“Every Family Has Money Needs….”. How far down did you have to look? THAT’S just ONE of MY

“casting lines”. I have MANY more just like it. I can very easily do exactly the SAME for YOU!

How many FISH ($$) do YOU want to catch today? The next page will help you DECIDE if you should begin this now.




INTELLIGENT Must possess average or above intelligence. Realist. Knows difference between “scam” and “legitimate.”


Age 20 to 60 -- This one is very subjective! Anyone CAN do it.


DESIRE! -- Maybe the MOST important. Must WANT badly to own a business and SUCCEED! Not for you if “satisfied”.


Technical ? -- Most of the “tech” has been removed for you. But you DO need to be PC “functional”/not intimidated.


Affinity -- While you do NOT need to be a computer “whiz”—you should “Like” to learn about current technology.


Writer! -- WE do offer FULL copywriting services – so you don’t HAVE to do it. But you should enjoy writing.


Realistic --You MUST have enough common sense to know a REAL business will take “some” MONEY and EFFORT.


Decisive -- This should be the EASIEST decision anyone has ever made. But still some people NEVER decide or commit.


E-mail! -- I am often amazed that people that claim to be IN business DON’T check/use e-mail regularly. EX. Once/day.


Potential -- Whether you are looking at this as an Individual or as a Business Owner—you MUST see the great

Business and EARNING potential in the internet/world wide web and want to position yourself to benefit.

If you can honestly say you possess at least SIX of these qualities and could improve at the rest—your ODDS of succeeding

are GREAT! If you think it is only 2 or 3, however, maybe being a business owner at all is not for you. Of course, this is just

MY assessment. This information is merely meant to be a convenient GUIDE for you to help you decide one way or the other

if you should à GO DIRECTLY TO PLACE YOUR ORDER and get started.

Remember, if, at this point, you are STILL undecided, the chances that you will EVER see the value we have here is low. However,

perhaps you know of OTHERS that would truly benefit. Have them contact me for information or FORWARD them THIS e-mail.

Thank you SO much for taking the time to review this thoroughly. If you have further questions, no matter WHY, feel free to

visit or contact me directly at any of the numbers directly below.

I am here to help ANYONE that wants help. You may CALL ME personally to discuss questions or concerns of any kind, any time.



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