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A first thought on how to start your own business:BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! It CAN be done. Below you will find THE key to success!

"A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown."

- Denis Waitley


"We must look for ways to be an active force in our own lives. We must take charge of our own destinies, design a life of substance and truly begin to live our dreams." - Les Brown

Are you serious now about wanting to start your own business?

NOTE: THIS very website contains very likely THE most important financial information your have EVER found!

You have arrived here for a reason. You are at least at some -level interested in wanting (note: not "needing") to start a business of your own. You probably NEED to do it--but until you really WANT to - you will not. So, the first thing to do is figure out which one of those you really are - inside at the core of your very existence. Do it in earnest...or don't.

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SIDEBAR (Big Sidebar):

In case you are wondering if this will be too difficult, too time consuming or too expensive, consider these facts:

Most business-starts cost thousands of dollars. Most are pretty darned difficult--and that's why 90% fail. The system you are about to discover is REAL in EVERY sense of the word. You will see NO multi-level distribution schemes, NO mysteries or secrets. All good, CLEAN, honest and right. And it is ALL right here, right before your eyes.

I honestly think this is as close to the "PERFECT thing" as you or I will ever see. So do not miss the meaning here for you and your family. It is undoubtedly of HUGE significance and holds tremendous near term potential and great power to improve the legacy you leave for your children.

Back to costs, time invested and difficulty:

It is not free --but is is as close as it gets. Real business does have "some" overhead but this is the lowest possible.

Remember this is the REAL THING--not a scheme, not a ploy, not "get rich quick", not magic. It takes "some" work - a few hours here and there for a couple weeks and you'll be in business(literally). I can help you shorten that also if you wish. So it will take "some" time but very little actually to get it running-- and extremely well.

STILL you could make money TODAY if I show you how (maybe 125.00 to 700.00). Yes, that COULD be TODAY and several times a week. You would need to have some sales ability(not much!),but it is VERY do-able.

The real initial money you will need (for you to have a FULLY functional REAL-HONEST-TO-GOODNESS business that will truly enable you to accompish virtually ANYHING you want to do using only YOUR ideas and passion and do it YOUR way--100%)will NOT run in the thousands. Quite truthfully, when you understand what you are currently reading here, you will be completely flabbergasted at what the initial investment is! It's in the information below.

But remember,there IS a way you can start your own business for absolutely FREE also.

Eventually, though, you will want to do more because you will see the enormous potential!

So those are some of the actual facts of ownership and of doing business with this amazing set of (all-in-one!)tools.

Because of the amazingly low overhead, you will also enjoy the FASTEST Return on Investment (Profit) possible. You will have the absolutely lowest possible overhead to start your own business and continuing on. I cannot imagine being able to do anything even worth trying for less money. And THIS WORKS! It works because of the main engine which you will discover below and because of YOU. You will LOVE your business. And because it is entirely yours, and you now have the RIGHT system that virtually guarantees your success(Yes! It DOES!) you will know exactly what to do to succeed.

Now, TIME factor: You might be immediately profitable or it may take several weeks, months depends on how many income streams you want to develop.(There are MANY!)

Difficulty: This HAS to be the SIMPLEST way for anyone to go into business for themselves. Yet it is not magic. You have to learn some things. But it is NOT hard! If you were decent at HIGH SCHOOL level class work. YOU CAN DO THIS!in fact there are TEENAGERS that are very successful!

You will, probably need to at least get "comfy" with the internet and how a PC works. I show everyone and anyone anything they need to know or learn. A DSL or cable high speed internet connection is also a real necessity unless you are a PATIENT person.

That's it! If you can think of a better situation than this especially after reviewing and UNDERSTANDING everything on this page---I WILL eat my computer!

(I put this sidebar in here because, if you are like most--you will be skeptical. And for very good reason. There ARE a lot of dishonest people out there. I'm NOT going to tell you whether I am honest or NOT. All I ask is that you review this information with an OPEN MIND. You'll know what's best for you.)

"Often the difference between a successful man and a failure is not one's better abilities or ideas, but the courage that one has to bet on his ideas, to take a calculated risk, and to act." - Maxwell Maltz

My sincere thanks for being here.

PS- As you read along, you are likely to have many questions. Just use the "Make Contact" button at the upperleft side of this page and tell me what you want to know!______________________________________________________________

Alright. Before you read the rest of the information on this page, please read THIS article from SALARY.com.

OK? See anything that feels Like YOU? Yes... Me too. That's why this site exists!

(If you're in a good mood today OR you need to be cheered up Click HERE!--and make sure your speakers are ON)   Now you should be ready for the FOLLOWING information!):

Do you already run a small business? Use this to REALLY market, beat your competition and EXPAND your customer base! All for LESS money than a typical yellow pages AD! Even start a NEW business that will serve you well into RETIREMENT..and all you'll have to do is steer a ship that's on "autopilot! "

Are you an individual or entrepreneur seriously considering ways to start your OWN business?

Well, IF and ONLY IF you are 100% SERIOUS about INCREASING your profitability or you are wanting to start your own business that will WORK, read the rest of this page!

By the way, see those cups of coffee on the left? Better grab one! You're gong to want to stay with me awhile longer!

We sincerely believe, that the recommendations brought forth in our website are truly the best business options for practically any small business person.

Do you have an urge to try online auctions or E-Bay? GREAT! But DON'T start until you learn what WE have for you!

If you run a small retail store or have a medical or dental practice, you can benefit greatly from these programs.

If you simply love to write or crochet, again you can quickly and EASILY use this information to create a large income of your very own doing something you already LOVE to do!

Maybe you are a network marketing distributor or independent cosmetics rep and are finding it difficult to find enough high quality prospects, etc. There could be NO better system for you than what you will see below!

And how about YOU MOM! Are you like my wife? Saddled with the kids most of the day? Would LOVE to find another interest or activity? Trying to find a way to contribute to the family financially but HOW????

Well, in a minute your prayers will be answered. Yes, literally ANYONE that can talk, write and think a little and has general PC computer skills can be IN BUSINESS (yes!-for profit)---TODAY if desired.

Are you a high school or college student with a special hobby or interest? You too can start your own business!

I apologize for sounding like one of those TV ads. But if you are sincerely wanting to improve your position in life, we KNOW we have your solutions. Escape the nonsense and confusion and continue reading here and see if this IS finally something different, more believable and achievable.

Find TRUE success in business that will create more money and happiness for yourself and your family. It will do this because at last you have found something SO powerful, and SO realistic that YOU will KNOW it is the best way in the world to start your own business...and SUCCEED!

These methods will help anyone at all learn about the PERFECT way to improve an already GOOD business. You could possibly dramatically increase( even double or triple) sales and profits!


SIDEBAR: We, at SEARCHLIGHT BUSINESS ADVOCATES, offer this extremely valuable information to ALL budding entrepreneurs and/or current small business owners. The systems and products we promote are, in our opinion, the very BEST. But the greatest value to YOU is the fact that we'll HELP YOU understand and combine these powerful ideas. We even offer FREE education, personal attention or training sessions to interested parties. So with us, you have the ULTIMATE business partner at ZERO risk. Our recommended companies are highly ethical and their products or services are all extremely high quality, and have fantastic guarantees as well. So just feel free to immerse yourself here, open your business minds, and have some exciting fun. As we are CERTAIN that the information and offerings on THIS website are the absolute FINEST and represent the ultimate value to YOU--our peers in life and hopefully our new business friends!


If you already have a small "LOCAL" business, but are looking for ways to increase profits or better organize things and reduce chaos so you can ENJOY being in business, you are also in a very good place here. The KEY issue for you to understand is that the INTERNET has dramatically changed the "competitive landscape" for most small businesses.

FACT:About 40% of small businesses now HAVE a "website" --but most are done very poorly.

You could argue that ANY web presence is better than NONE. I would actually agree as long as the website were "decent". It acts as an online "AD".

That is-- IF anyone can ever FIND the AD. You have to invest LOTS of money just to market that "AD" so someone will see it.

It's just like getting a really nice and pretty Yellow Pages ad and having to go outside and hold it open to your page in front of a busy street HOPING someone will see it, come in and buy..?????

Nonsense right? Can you imagine waving your PC monitor out there on the street? Well. THAT'S what you have NOW! You MUST correct your approach and THIS is the ONLY way in the world to do it--practically, effectively and affordably, PERIOD.

So Let's get back to the "local" business concept. It is now CRITICAL that YOU realize that because of the efficiency of the internet, I, as your potential customer, can now buy identical products or even services to YOURS from any one of your competitors locally, regionally or even GLOBALLY just as easily from my PC as I can getting into the car and coming to your store on the street.

FACT It costs ONE THOUSAND times MORE to get one customer OFFLINE than it does to get him ONLINE via the Internet. TRUE!

FACT: 70% of all Internet Searches are "LOCAL". BUT..."local" now means much MORE than a 25 mile radius!!!! It may mean 50 miles or 100. Maybe even several states or provinces, etc. This is a critical point for EVERY business person to completely understand.

What does this mean? It means that "LOCAL" is now defined as "anywhere my product or services can effectively be DELIVERED". And THAT may now be a MUCH larger(even global) geographic area.

SO....It means that you have MANY more competitors. They are AFTER the SAME customers that YOU ARE! Someone in San Francisco or London can now easily TAKE your customers from you in Pittsburgh!

All they have to do is POSITION themselves on the internet to do it. If they do it BEFORE you do or BETTER than you can--well, guess what? Yeah, bad news-you lose.

Pretty scary? YES! But there IS GREAT news for you and fortunately, I happen to have it!

And I am GIVING you the information that will put YOU back in the driver's seat.. Right Here and RIGHT NOW ON THIS PAGE! So please bear with me.

AGAIN--This could be the most important business information you have EVER read.

So, please, do NOT take it lightly. THIS is life changing, real, 100% credible and you will KNOW it is rock solid and honestly RIGHT for you - just like I did.

It simply makes 100% good, solid, ("this time I can feel it in my gut") common sense.

FACT: More than 50% of the population now uses the Internet regularly and that percentage will only keep on growing! Consider THESE current figures:

86% of those aged 18 to 49 now use the Internet regularly. But HERE are the facts you MUST know: Fully 80% percent of those US citizens with annual household incomes of $30,000 or more,( 86% $50,000 or more and NINETY-ONE percent $75,000 or more -- in other words, the people with the ability to buy YOUR offerings) are using the Internet to find ALL kinds of INFORMATION every single day! Can you afford to ignore that fact?

--- SOURCE: The Pew Internet and American Life Project.--April 2006.

Below you will find THE weapon to change your CURRENT ineffective website into a business generating powerhouse. Or learn exactly the PERFECT way to START and develop one!

In order to remain competitive in the modern world, you MUST compete electronically. The customers of the VERY NEAR future are 100%--yes 100% Technology Savvy! They RELY almost 100% on technology and not print, radio or even TV!

And because of this shift in technology and marketing, YOU must learn to compete over a larger GEOGRAPHIC area, than you have in the past. It is similar to "Business Insurance" and protects you from eroding sales and profits. In other words, your competition is GREATER, they are reaching INTO your "local" area and getting business. YOU had better be reaching OUT into THEIRS as well--just to stay competitive.

THAT'S why you MUST have a website ( correction--a WEB "BUSINESS" that WORKS for you!) or potentially risk huge losses.

If you do not yet HAVE a web BUSINESS, you should now see why it is CRUCIAL that you start one NOW and do it CORRECTLY! The information below shows it all to you! It is the world's ONLY affordable, simple to understand, step-by step, ALL-IN-ONE system ideally designed for YOUR SUCCESS!

Maybe you are a work at home mom or dad and need more money for the family. Perhaps you are a teenager or student wanting to get a head start on life or earn money for college ,etc. I really can't think of a better or more convenient way to go about doing that. Start YOUR own business NOW with these techniques...who knows what success you will generate! You might end up with a brand new career you love (and created yourself!) or you might just build up a very nice nest egg to get you off on the right foot in life! Either way, you'll learn a lot about life, business, ethics and technology.

This website exists for all of us ( yes, myself included). I am creating it to be a fantastic resource for any small business OR any INDIVIDUAL with aspirations to start a business of his/her own. So check back here regularly for new updates as it will be a constantly evolving resource for you.

If you are intimidated or overwhelmed by all of the "things" you need to do to "start up", find comfort in the fact that it is really NOT as hard as it seems.

In fact, I can literally show you one way to spend less than TEN minutes to start your own BUSINESS to make good money! AND--It would cost you....absolutely NOTHING!

If you want to know how you could do that--just contact me and I'll show you.

Of course, there are many ways to start a business and an unlimited number of ideas you might have. It really should come down to one of your own true passions. After all, if you are going to start your own business and devote a major part of your time and effort, you should be very passionate about the subject. You might want to start selling on auction sites like e-Bay. Maybe you have a hand-made product and you need an efficient way to let the world know about it. Or maybe you just KNOW a lot about a particular subject or hobby. Do you know you can easily take that knowledge and start your own business? It's TRUE!

If you just want to learn how to create something that will generate income but do not want the hassles, with these ideas THAT, too, is very possible!

With the ideas I am presenting to you on this website, the mysteries will vanish. You will see the real difference between "Get Rich Quick" and starting a real, honest to goodness, business of your very own. You will start to think just as I did.."Hey, I really CAN do this!"

And do not be the least bit skeptical. These are proven and very straight forward, common sense systems. They simply remove all of the "noise" that the world throws out at us and gives us all a real, logical plan of action that just makes a lot of good sound sense. I believe that anything is easy if communicated well and broken down into digestible pieces. That's what we strive to do for you. You absolutely CAN start your own business easily, effectively and perhaps best of all...very affordably!

"More than anything else, I believe it's our decisions, not the conditions of our lives, that determine our destiny." - Anthony Robbins

My own background is in science and technology. I worked many years as a chemist and then went into technical sales, sales management and even into advertising and marketing.

I can tell you that there is a TON of inefficiency out there. Personal, professional, corporate. All of it.

That's how I came to the concept of THIS particular business. I enjoy working with good, honest people. I love to communicate. I know how to recognize a great product or service offering. I am passionate about ALL KINDS of things--so finding an interest or passion for me, anyway, is NOT an issue.

The programs and systems I have developed and partnered with to date are SUPERB. In my opinion they are each "best of breed" offerings.

The point for YOU to understand, since you were interested enough to get to this page, is that I believe I can really HELP you to improve the business you have already begun or SHOW you how YOU can easily and quickly start a viable and LUCRATIVE business of your OWN.....and without a lot of headaches!

One of the major systems I found and the basis of this entire idea is explained fully just below. Feel free to investigate anything you wish. I think you will start to "see the light" just as I did. And when you do...please know that I am here to help you any way I possibly can.

Here's to your new ventures, higher profits and ongoing success!

OK-Now here are some very successful EXAMPLES of what can be done. (In fact, I am personally doing all of these and they all rank at the tip-top of WORLD Internet rankings or very soon WILL. You can achieve the EXACT same results with or WITHOUT my assistance. I can help you if you contact me (1-866-452-4243 direct line) and want to work together. I do this every single day. If you need to save time and possible errors--you absolutely SHOULD call me to discuss options.--just click on any of the screenshot pictures below to actually go to the sites)

None of the above Internet businesses even existed two years ago. To look for yourself at how each of them currently ranks in the WORLD go to: www.alexa.com and type in the web address. You can do this for any website in the world to see how successful it is as far as ranking at the Search Engines. While a number less than 500,000 (remember this is ranked out of 70 MILLION other sites) means the site ranks well, it does not necessarily correlate directly to how much money the site might be making. HOWEVER--and this is THE KEY POINT....If you have a website and you do NOT have a ranking better than 500,000 it means you get nearly ZERO traffic (visitors to your site) and obviously, Zero Visitors = ZERO MONEY.

So you absolutely MUST rank highly at the Search Engines. And the ONLY REAL Way to do that is to use the SYSTEM Below and follow it to the "T"!!!!

Now you may be wondering "what IS this "system" and HOW did these new businesses actually happen? Well, eventually,I concluded that if I (or you) were to start your own busness, you would need to start looking for something "GOOD"(will it really work?) "affordable"(less than an arm and a leg?) and "DO-able"?(if I learn and try will I succeed in a reasonably short period of time?)... the problem is, just about everything "sounds" good and "looks" good. LOTS of pretty nice SALES pitches to which numbers of people unfortunately fall victim. I was JUST smart enough to feel that something was amiss..that something wasn't really clear enough. WHY, after all--do they seem to write 20 pages of ENTICEMENT that lead you to--NOWHERE but an "If you want to know more.. Send Us"....(either your personal info. or money for a manual that probably doesn't give you much either. OH BROTHER--How discouraging! The ones that REALLY bug me are the MLM(multi-level or network marketing) sites! Why are they so secretive if their ideas for you to start your own business are so fabulous?(I FULLY understand network marketing/MLM and actually think the "concept" is a good business-model. I just think most of their sales approaches are ridiculous. So YES, I was getting very frustrated. I KNEW there had to be SOMETHING legitimate, honest and most of all STRAIGHT forward without any more run around ...and then after more searching...


Uh, Maybe I should prepare you for something different right now....


(HERE, YOU ARE! In FULL and COMPLETE DETAIL. You are absolutely FREE to check it out. SCRUTINIZE at will. See that there are NO mysteries, no secrets and no "send in your personal info. and $39.99 and I'll see if you QUALIFY" bunk!)

But still, if you are just "curious" don't bother reading further. Why? because you probably won't act on the opportunity you're about to discover.

How do I know that? Because of several things:

My experience with people and human nature.

My experience in various types of sales and business situations.

Simple logic. Logic simply says that anyone that is not ready to act or that doesn't NEED or more importantly WANT to act..won't.

But IF you are INTELLIGENT and business oriented and are looking for what I think is the PERFECT way to start your own business or IMPROVE the business you have...then----

Solo Build It!


With many ways to profit OFFLINE as well as ONLINE Solo Build It! is truly phenomenal. This is the world's ONLY all-in-one REAL BUSINESS you CAN do yourself! This is in NO WAY a “get rich quick” scheme or questionable shabby idea whatsoever. THIS IS AN HONEST-TO-GOODNESS Professional Business System that anyone (including YOU!) can use to start your own business and -- succeed! Really! And BEST of all--you can also EASILY AFFORD TO!

This incredibly practical system allows ANY Individual (or the complete NOVICE) as well as the experienced business professional to DRAMATICALLY improve his or her odds of success in business!

There is an entire new realm of opportunity awaiting you at SBI! Whether you want to build your VERY OWN online business and/or website, or whether you prefer to just be your own boss and sell the BEST product going, SBI! is THE way to start your own business!

To learn the WHOLE story just CLICK this banner!

You have virtually UNLIMITED ways to profit from the Solo Build It! system. It is SO perfectly thought out and designed for the "ordinary person's" success that I believe sincerely that EVERYONE really NEEDS SBI! to provide a better future for themselves!

This is BETTER than ANY other offering I've EVER seen or experienced.

That goes for anything on TV, on the web, MLM (Quixtar, EcoQuest, Shaklee,Transfer Factor, Melaleuca, the new health Micro-CHIP, etc. or independent business programs like AVON or Mary Kay or Longaberger, etc.. In fact, anyone that is involved with ANY of these--- really MUST KNOW about SBI! --so you can really achieve big success. If you feel like you need to try “SOMETHING”---DON’T!


As I said....IF and ONLY IF you are REALLY SERIOUS about starting your own business(OR dramatically improving your existing business and/or WEBSITE) and building a better future for your family…..


Thank you very much for taking the time to visit us today.


Please come back again soon!

If you would like to send us FEEDBACK on what you think of this information we would sincerely appreciate your time and effort. It will help us to give you more of the kind of information YOU really need in order to start, grow and SUCCEED in every way in your very own business! Click here to take our survey!


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