Your Identity, Personal Information And Safety Are COMPLETELY Secure With Us.

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About your personal information and safety...

We, at Searchlight Business Advocates, make YOUR online Safety and Security the TOP priority--on equal plane with our customer service. Not second, FIRST.

One of THE reasons I am creating this website is to give YOU an ideal haven for finding fast and valuable answers that will help you start and/or GROW your business effectively and efficiently.

We cannot offer you that kind of environment without paying particular attention to how we request and/or handle any personal information you choose to send to us.

First and foremost: We will NEVER sell, give, or reveal anything at all about you to ANYONE without your express permission.

Also, we only partner with OTHER companies, vendors with this same level of commitment to protecting our visitors' personal information and safety.

If you are concerned about ANYTHING relating to this issue you may call ME directly at 1-866-452-4243. I will try to personally answer immediately or I will get back to you right away. You may also use the "Make Contact" form to send me your general concerns and I will CALL you or e-mail you ASAP.

Thank You for placing your trust in us.

We will do everything in our power to ensure that you NEVER have to contemplate your online security or personal information and safety while dealing with us or ANY of our recommended link partners!

To make sure you know EXACTLY what the real scoop is when shopping online for anything read EVERY word of THIS article from MSN... It is SPOT ON accurate!


Brian P. Hower
President and Founder

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