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Welcome To The Searchlight Business Advocates Affiliate Program!

No Kidding! We think you'll be extremely happy when you join our amazing affiliate program!  It really is THE easiest possible way to make money fast!

There are many people that hesitate to try to earn money online or start a business, even though they desperately need or want to.

The top 4 reasons for this are:

  1. not having enough money to begin
  2. not having anything to offer
  3. not having any idea how to make money (know-how)
  4. not knowing how to start or run a business.

For these reasons most think that they can't do it. They fear that it is just too difficult or won't work. That is just NOT true.

ANYONE CAN DO THIS! Yes...anyone.

Wouldn't it be just unbelievably wonderful if ALL FOUR of those obstacles could be eliminated?

And once?! Well, that is exactly what we've done for you!


NOTE:  This is NOT a "Biz Opp", MLM/network marketing program, pyramid scheme, cash gifting  or ANYTHING of that sort.  You are NOT engaging in "recruiting" others in any way. This IS a completely legitimate and very professional way for YOU to earn GOOD money easily and quickly!

You will be an "independent contractor" and completely control your own destiny and income with OUR assistance. Do not be intimidated by the term "independent contractor". It is simply a tax status. This means only that you are working as a self-employed person or freelancer and that you report your income on a Form 1099 as opposed to a typical W-2. So EASY. You do NOT need to worry about this until AFTER you earn money and are ready to report earnings at tax time. **We will help you if you need it at that time for free**.  So be sure you fully understand what we are offering here. If you have questions, ASK!

$$ BY THE WAY...This Program is COMPLETELY FREE To you!

  Costs you ... ZERO! $$

Here is the general overview:

1. Join the Searchlight Business Advocates Affiliate Program for 100% FREE. ( link is below ). This step simply adds you to our database so that we can track your commissions and PAY you!

2. Next, you'll have, in your pocket, an immediate suite of HIGH DEMAND BUSINESS SERVICES that you can offer for immediate income! (WE do 100% of the hard work! You will understand this better when you are trained so don't worry about any of it right now.)

3. We will TRAIN you on effective prospecting skills (also at NO charge) NOTE: You do NOT have to SELL - Ever.  No persuading, convincing or "handling objections" whatsoever. Just IDENTIFY real prospects.

That is IT. We show you exactly how to do it! So EASY!  Basically it's...

  • Saying hello,
  • Asking 5 easy questions and
  • Collecting contact information

That's really all there is to this!

4. We will even educate you and even assist you in setting up a real, potentially lucrative business for YOURSELF! Just ask us how.

What YOU Need to Have:

Good "people skills"

Ability to communicate CLEARLY.

Excellent work ethic

Desire to have fun and MAKE money!


Literally Write Your Own Paycheck!

There is NO limit!  This is not theory. It is REAL. The "average" sale/account we target is about 500.00/month.  So if YOU identify 10 of them and all 10 contract with us, the revenue is 5000/month.

YOUR piece is 30% minimum. That means that YOU would earn 1500.00 a month recurring on those 10 accounts!  It ADDS Up...FA$T!  Remember...NO limits.

NOTE again:  Income is RESIDUAL (comes in monthly for ONE sale) and ACCRUES  (piles up as you find more real potential clients who decide to do business!)

Here's the KEY:

EVERY single small business everywhere NEEDS what we offer! This means businesses online or on the street. IN your home town or ACROSS the country!

So...can you walk around when shopping or just hop on the phone, talk to small business owners and ask 2 or 3 very simple questions and... just FIND 20?  or 50?

**If you work consistently at this you can earn a FULL-TIME income and STOP working when you feel happy and secure enough!**

  You might want to read that...again. The income is...RECURRING and ACCRUES!

$$ You do NOT have to sell over and over to KEEP your income! $$

So it's really just This EASY:

A. Talk to as many business owners as possible - Up to YOU!

B Ask a few VERY simple questions

C. IDENTIFY the Winners

D. Collect Their Contact Info. and SEND it in to us


So there you have it. We think this is THE best affiliate program in existence for all of those fantastic reasons.  If YOU think so too, here are the EXACT steps to get started:


 JOIN US HERE for FREE today and start making great money... right nowYour risk is truly ZERO.

Remember: You are NOT joining any "biz opp". This is just to allow you to be PAID!

IMPORTANT NOTE: After clicking here (or the button below), the form will open. It asks for your website address/Url. If you DO have one, fill that in. If you do NOT-- just enter "N/A". Do this for any item that you don't have info. for.  Ex. You might not have a "Company" name yet either. Just enter. "N/A". And then SUBMIT the form.

That will allow the form to process and you will be all set up!

Once we receive your affiliate information, the next step is a FREE and easy training session.

You can set that up right now too!


Schedule your FREE Training with us right HERE!

Then, when we conduct the training, take as long as you feel necessary to feel comfortable. It's VERY Simple. Usually only takes about 30 minutes. Then you'll be ready to GO!

Have Fun! Help People! Make Money!


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