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WEB BUSINESS ANSWERS. You may have several Internet Business related questions for us. Here are the ones we have anticipated: "Isn’t the Internet just too much too handle?" NO. On the contrary. While it is not "child’s play", getting into position to succeed on the world wide web IS quite easy. Especially with our help. Beginning a web business It can be as easy as setting up a yellow Pages Program and then delegating someone is your organization to manage it—or hire us to do it all for you. The Internet is NOT a big scary, technical nightmare. It is fantastic income producing resource when managed properly! "I already have a website, what’s different about what you do?" The difference between a "website" and a true web business is ENORMOUS. It is precisely this difference that make the difference between YOUR web business success or failure. You see, almost everyone to this point has simply thrown up a few pages of poorly written copy and a few pretty pictures. This amounts to nothing but an online AD or store. It is not close to having a web business on the Internet. When is the last time someone did a search for a pretty green background? How about for “a picture created by some lady in Nebraska…” People don’t DO that, do they? They usually don’t yet KNOW you or the name of your business yet. They are seeking quality and relevant INFORMATION. A web business that works GIVES them what they are after and makes them WANT to BUY, come into your office or come back. It works the very same as any offline business. But you can’t just toss it together and wait for a flock of customers to fly in ready to spill all of their money at you, right? Yes, of course. A real online business is not a magic trick. It requires thought, planning, skills, insight, artistic ability, many great sales and marketing tools and the owner’s commitment to treat it as another crucial part of their overall business success. This requires someone’s regular attention to ongoing development and management of this aspect of your business. If you can’t envision the scope and importance of what I’m saying, the chances of your succeeding are low. If however, you DO understand, your efforts will be handsomely rewarded in untold ways! "How much TIME and Work will I personally have to devote to this new web business?" Almost NONE. You need to focus on your normal business, customer service and profitability. Unless you want to do some of it yourself. If you use us to build this for you—your work is negligible and your time investment might be 2 to 4 hours a month. Maybe even less. We take care of everything FOR you—but we make sure we do it YOUR way.

"Will I be obligated to a long term contract?" NO. There will be 2 agreements to sign. One for the software which is a 12 month annual subscription. You DO have an iron-clad money back guarantee on a pro-rata basis on this. The second one is for OUR services IF you want to secure them. We also fully guarantee our work and you may cancel at any time and owe us only for the current monthly fees as proposed. There are NO long-term commitments and virtually ZERO risk. You simply cannot lose. "Why should I even consider doing this?" When done CORRECTLY, doing BUSINESS on the web is the all-time greatest opportunity in history. But it MUST be done right. We are talking about MUCH more than a “website” . This is about "cloning" your current business online or building one from scratch for you that is guaranteed to succeed. Such a program could potentially even REPLACE or exceed the income generated by your current offline efforts. This would possibly provide you and your family with literal financial independence and freedom. In our educated opinion, delay in starting this program is a serious business mis-judgement. It simply makes perfect sense in every possible way. It’s even willable as an asset to your children. "Why is YOUR program so much better than ANY others'?" There are at least FIVE very good reasons. 1. We use the very best software in existence for building an online web business. 2. We have become expert at using this software and have proven it’s value to ourselves and to others. 3. We are completely honest, forthright and professional - guaranteed. 4. Your success is also GUARANTEED in several important ways. 5. We offer you the uncontested BEST value in web business development and e-commerce. We have NO true competition. When you sit down and just be honest with yourself you will see that our program is the ONLY real way anyone CAN actually succeed on the Internet. These web business questions and answers should help you see it also. "Can’t the “Big Boys” out there do a better job for me than you can?" Nope! That is one of the MAIN reasons we selected our partner software company—they allow the small guy, you and ME to easily out-perform even the MONSTERS like Microsoft! I do it every day with ease. We are the ONLY one’s that guarantee your web business success. We are also the only one’s that can show you every day real-world PROOF of that success! Here's some of our OWN PROOF:

If we can do it for ourselves, and for others as you just saw in the previous link, we can do it for YOU. Guaranteed. "How will this help MY business?" 98% of all websites currently in existence are completely useless. 98%! This means that if you already have a website, yours is likely NOT effective. We CHANGE that for you. The Internet presents all of us with an opportunity to profit NEVER before possible. Yet few have discovered the way to be effective in using it. Our system is the ONLY true way to make sure YOUR business is in the TOP 1 to 3 percent of ALL web businesses that actually IS seen and FOUND by your prospects and customers. And when that happens they have EVERY reason to trust you, BUY from you ( online AND off!) and become YOUR lifetime repeat clients/customers. "My business is all “local”. Why would I need a website?" This is something almost no one seems to understand. Google, Yahoo and MSN ( the 3 largest Search Engines in the world) recently spent millions of dollars to develop LOCAL search functionality. Why would they bother? It is because of the FACT that over 70% of ALL web searches are done by LOCAL people looking for LOCAL information! Many experts now say that if you are NOT on the web or don’t start now—it will likely be FATAL to your business future. You MUST have a web business. One that really WORKS. "How many people ever even USE the Internet?" Just 5 or 10 years ago the whole thing was still in it’s infancy. But according to the April 2006 report delivered by the PEW Internet and American Life Project, that has CHANGED. Now between 80 and 91% of US adults use the Internet regularly. The higher the income (those that can buy what YOU offer!), the higher and more frequent the usage. In addition, today’s younger population choose to seek their information of all kinds via technology rather than via any print or traditional source. In other words, the world is now WIRED to the Internet. If you are not….well you’re smart enough to figure it out from there. "How much does this COST?" Almost always less than any other form of marketing you might consider. Yet this is thousands of times more valuable and effective for the reasons already stated. Our fees are typically divided into three main categories: "Software", "Build-Out Labor" and "Ongoing Development". Your minimum investment would be $299.00 USD a year. In that case, you would do all of the work yourself. It IS possible: that’s how I did it. But it will take you years to really understand what you are doing. When you secure MY services to research, design, write, build, develop and manage your online business for you, you effectively save TONS of effort, frustration and time to success. Therefore, my extremely reasonable fees, even for FULL business development (annually about $2000.00 to $4000.00 maximum for a fully functional no limits web business!) are are WELL worth it. EX. You might pay 200.00 a month for just ONE local Yellow Pages ad the size of a credit card. You’d pay us the same amount for superior and UNLIMITED graphic design, UNLIMITED highest quality sales and marketing CONTENT that reaches the entire WORLD if you wish. And your targeted market is GUARANTEED to find YOU not your competition. In addition you will have the ability to make sales transactions quickly and securely directly form this new online web BUSINESS. Need I say more? "My son/niece/employee has a degree in web design. Surely they can do better than you can, right?" Not likely. This is a very dangerous assumption if you are SERIOUS about the success of your online business. As stated earlier, 98% of ALL websites (75 million plus) are completely USELESS and are NEVER seen or generate a single dollar. Most of these sites were built by DEGREED ( even advanced degree) professional “experts” . Yet their results are embarrassing because they lack the REST of the skills, tools and talents necessary to build a successful BUSINESS on the web.. So merely have a degree is NOT a guarantee of web business success at all. This CAN be a head start however, since understanding our program should come more easily for such a person. You should steer them STRAIGHT to this information. We will work directly with them on your behalf. "How do I get started?" Very easily. Once you understand the concept and agree to begin, simply CALL us to order your software. Next, unless you want to do the work yourself, you’ll want to simply discuss your plan of action with us, sign a very simple service agreement, (Rate Proposal) and we’re OFF! "How can I use this to start my own business from scratch?" There are several ways. One is even FREE. In essence if you have the desire and some specialized knowledge on ANY subject at all ( we all do!) you can easily start, grow and succeed in business completely on YOUR own terms! We’ll show you exactly how WE did it and YOU can too! "I already have a business idea and have already started—why do I need this too?" Because no matter what you have or where you are with it, THIS system will increase your overall success dramatically! No question about this. Think of it as a supercharger! There are no rules that say you can't have TWO, three or TEN websites. They can work separately or combine TOGETHER! "What if I just don’t have the TIME to do anything? After all I have a job and a family to take care of." Yes. Of course, life does bring an entire host of other important commitments. So it comes down to prioritization. Are you satisfied and comfortable with your current daily lifestyle and do you feel extremely confident that you and your family will always be comfortable financially under any circumstances? If the answer is no –then you probably want to simply re-organize your day so that you or we can work on this program for you 2 or three times a week until you feel you can manage it on your own. It really ISN’T very difficult. Yet it does require an honest, sincere commitment if you really want to succeed. I truthfully CAN’T come up with anything else that would be easier, less expensive OR more likely to succeed as an income-producing business. This has the lowest start-up investment, the HIGHEST income potential and odds of success of anything I’ve ever seen, tried or considered. Nothing else even looks viable at all when compared to THIS program. And that applies to anyone at all that wants to try to make a real difference in their lives and futures. "Aren’t there better things to try?" Not that I can think of. Once you really understand this you won’t be able to think of anything better either. The only things I could hand to you that could beat this would be a certificate from God that guarantees you perfect health 'til you’re 100 OR a winning lottery ticket for a million dollars. What else that is for REAL can you start for FREE or for just 300.00, grow into a FUN, Real, and very profitable BUSINESS with many possible independent sources of income that can sustain you and your family on its own? And, at the same time,your new web business will build you an independent retirement income that will run pretty much on autopilot indefinitely? "I don’t have a computer so I can’t do this, right?" Wrong! You can build a very successful business WITHOUT a computer of any kind! Once you realize how powerful this system is, however, you may want to buy a computer and brush up on the very basics—it will be a big help to you. "I’m only good at sales. Won’t I have trouble building an entire business?" NO. In fact, one of the fastest and definitely THE easiest way to earn great money doing this is absolutely FREE! All you have to do is partner with us and we’ll show you how you could potentially earn $300.00 to $600.00 or more per DAY! "Why can’t I just get the software at Office Depot?" You can get “software” everywhere. You can build a “website” even from complete “scratch”. The difference is the odds of success. Only if you are REALLY educated about all things sales, marketing, graphic arts/ digital design, business, Internet, copy writing, computers, computer PROGRAMMING and people/human nature (who in the world is an expert at ALL of that?) then you might consider trying to succeed in business on the web without our recommended software. You see, the KEY to my success, YOUR success, or anyone else’s success on the web depends ENTIRELY on being able to put together ALL of those skills effectively enough to generate BUSINESS. That is virtually IMPOSSIBLE for the average or even above average person or business owner. It is precisely why over 98% of ALL “websites” in existence are totally INEFFECTIVE. Our total system is the ONLY way someone can give themself all of these benefits WITHOUT having to be a “jack of all trades” and an expert at them all! As we keep saying, THIS program is absolutely AMAZING! "How much income can I generate?" While this is NOT a magic answer ( it does not exist ), I cannot imagine, no matter how hard I try, that anything in the world could offer MORE potential for business success (no matter how you want to measure it) than THIS very system. If you want to talk dollars, this is limited only by your imagination and your effort. The tools and information are ALL right here for you. If your goal is to supplement you current income, you plan that out. If your goal is to REPLACE or exceed your current income, you do the same. If you want to achieve true wealth and complete financial freedom, I wholeheartedly believe that THIS is the ULTIMATE plan-of-action for anyone that wants to get there!! THERE ARE NO LIMITS. And, by the way, this is also the EASIEST and LEAST costly way in the world to succeed in any kind of business! In our educated opinion, this is the ultimate “no brainer”. "I see all KINDS of “How to make a million dollars on the Internet” offers. How do I know that YOURS is the one to try?" Yes---that IS indeed the “million dollar" question isn’t it. In fact, that’s EXACTLY the question I myself had three years ago. I now believe it comes down to common sense and Intellect. If it LOOKS all hyped up and there is Yellow Highlight all over and fifteen extra Bonuses IF YOU act now” OR if they claim to “get your website up in fifteen minutes and make a million for 3.95 a month. I admit it. I WANTED those to be TRUE—wouldn’t it be GREAT if it were that easy and cheap to succeed? But I just KNEW in my heart, mind and GUT that those pitches just didn’t add up. It really COULDN’T be that easy, and I knew it. Thank Goodness I held off until I found the REAL answer to all of this. Just review the information we are making available to you. You WILL see that this just makes SO much common SENSE that it is almost laughable. Especially when you compare what this is to those “other” offers. My reaction when it “hit me” that this was IT was “ Of course! Of course! This is It. THIS IS IT!” And I STILL feel that way three years later and going forward. You will too. I’m sure of it. "Why do I need your company, SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates, at all?" In truth you may not "need" us. If you want to try to do this on your own it IS very possible. I don’t believe it is wise to do it that way, however. Not because I stand to profit--but because I offer you an outstanding value with potentially enormous benefits to you and your business. You see, I know there are others locally and nationally that you could choose to do this for you. But because of the research I have done and the reasons I decided to go into THIS business myself, I think you should consider my services. If you are local, you have an added benefit of my one-on-one consultations. Yet even if you are a thousand miles away, I want you to FEEL as though we are working face-to-face. I am developing strategies and implementing technologies to allow us to actually do that. Why? Because, I know you need someone you can count on to deliver for you. Someone you can REALLY trust. I have learned that even local contacts can be dishonest. It has happened to me more than once. It should not be that way. Also, whether you decide to use my services now or maybe at some future point in time, please know that I research other companies’ consulting and service fees. I compare the total value and then I make sure you have the very best pricing and value. So while you may not NEED SEARCHLIGHT, we want you to know it would be a VERY wise business decision to consider using us for some or all of your online business development services. We are extremely confident that you simply couldn’t make a better selection in a business partner. We'll always strive to be the very best and if possible the least costly for you. That is our commitment to making certain you know you ALWAYS get the ultimate value from SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates!

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