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What does SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates do?

It's a very simple question. It deserves a very simple answer.So here is the simplest and best answer to the question...

At SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates , we essentially do the following three things -- all directly related to small business and Internet marketing SUCCESS:

Each one is explained further with respect to where YOU might fit in just below.



ad-vo-cate (noun): One who supports, pleads in favor of or espouses a cause.

Ex. : He advocated higher salaries for teachers.
Synonyms: champion, proponent, backer, intercessor, support, recommend, partner

Our focus is on using the Internet to develop all kinds of small businesses. It may be a brand new start-up, an existing offline business or a current website that is struggling to make real money.

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In a nutshell, we work with you to brainstorm your current or developing idea, then educate you on how to develop it into a profitable business concept.

Next, we use the world's best small business building systems to research, design and then BUILD your idea onto the Internet so that huge amounts of human traffic WILL find YOUR business.

From there, we make sure that the whole thing is excellent with respect to the graphics, as well as the quality and QUANTITY of the ideal information your customers are seeking.

Finally, we ensure that the copy on the pages pre-sells YOU. That translates to calls and inquiries and foot traffic to your offline local office. Online it enables similar activities plus real-time SALES transactions from a variety of planned out income sources!

Our biggest reason for being, is to provide YOU with a trusted resource and plan of action where you may easily, effectively and affordably:

A. Start from nothing, create an idea, and then turn the idea into a fully comprehensive thriving, lucrative, REAL and totally unique business of your very own.


B. Transform a stagnating offline business or existing "website" into a thriving business beyond your dreams.

We realize you will have lots of questions. We strive to answer as many as possible right here - in simple language so you can learn efficiently, think clearly and DO everything well. You should know that creating and succeeding in your own business is really very much within your reach.

To make it easier for you, we created SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates and www.business-internet-and-media.com. Your new full service small business resource and support partners as you build your new business.

So WHO, Exactly, Would Gain The Most By Partnering With SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates To Develop Business?

1. ANY Individual or Entrepreneur

2. ANY existing small business owner
(offline or online -- website or no website)

Our core competency is providing comprehensive support and resources for:

A. Entrepreneurial individuals...

Main Benefit: Easily and very affordably learn to create, start and fully develop your very own 100% unique REAL and potentially very lucrative (Full-Time income) business. You or we will actually DO it and you will know, for certain, that it's being done correctly.

B. Existing small business owners...

Main Benefit: If you currently have a "website" (but no sales) OR if you are ready to get started doing BUSINESS using the Internet, learn exactly how to dominate your local market , expand geographically, attract lots of new targeted prospects, close more sales, lower your total business and marketing costs, add new income streams and set up a viable retirement plan!

Once again, at SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates , we essentially do the following three things -- all directly related to small business and Internet marketing SUCCESS:

Each one is explained further with respect to where YOU might fit in just below.


1 - EDUCATE: We know there are millions of individuals and existing small business owners that would like to learn how to use the Internet to either start his/her own business and/or dramatically improve an existing online or offline business. (Note: A website with pretty pictures and no sales is not a web business at all. Is it? It's nothing more than an online store or ad. You need SALES to have a business!)

At SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates and this website, www.business-internet-and-media.com, we strive to provide only THE very best information on Building A Successful Business Using The Internet. You may even take a complete online or classroom course with us and start your very own potentially full-time lucrative and real business. It can be about any topic or passion - you choose!

That's really what we do! Our purpose for existing is ultimately to truly partner with and fully support you as you start your own business and build your success using the Internet as the main hub or base of operations. However, the total scope of our capabilities extend well into the offline world of small business also. This includes start-up, marketing and advertising, web design, copy writing and business planning and development, sales training and systems, etc. etc.

2 - ASSIST: How many people and small business owners would learn to use the Internet if they had more time or if it were in this year's budget or if it weren't so difficult?

Well, with SEARCHLIGHT, none of those things is an issue. No matter what your level of competency or the financial or time constraints you are currently experiencing, we have the options and flexibility to make this work for you without stress or strain. You even have the options of doing all or most of the project work yourself to save costs, or hiring us to do all or most of it for you. Either way, it's very affordable and extremely effective. You always come out a winner.

3 - PARTNER: Like we said above, we are not the typical take the money and run company. Our core mission is to provide permanent, true and comprehensive support services for entrepreneurial individuals and small business owners. We are with you and promise to work on your behalf and in your best interests forever, or until you decide you no longer want/need us. We'll always take your call, answer your e-mail and offer free advice.

You may even partner with us to earn money immediately by signing up for our fantastic affiliate program. If you are in need of some real money right away...Do it now. There's no reason not to. It takes 5 minutes and is completely free. I offer coaching at no cost for this as well. It's actually a way you can go into business for yourself for absolutely...FREE. You can literally earn a few hundred dollars TODAY!

Yes! Very possible. It's that good and that simple.

"Brian, as visionary founder of Searchlight Business Advocates, believes that everyone has the key to success within them, and he is dedicated to showing you how to find that key and unlock your door to prosperity. Whether you are a small business owner, internet entrepreneur, or just someone who wants to turn your passion into profits, Brian can easily show you the way. Brian genuinely cares for the people he works with, and his dedication and attention to his clients, combined with his warm charismatic personality and skilled expertise, make him naturally stand head and shoulders above the rest. Brian has been instrumental in our business success, and he will do the same for you!"

Laura M. - Arizona

Well, in a nutshell, there you have it.

Now you should fully see that SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates is here so YOU can...


Best of all, we partner with you fully to make all of this very AFFORDABLE and EASY for you.

And finally, just to make sure you know, we use only the world's most proven, "best-of-breed" products and services. That means you're guaranteed to succeed.

That's exactly what SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates does!

Feel free to contact us any time even if you just have a question.

I hope this page has helped you understand not only what we do, but also the total value we offer.

To learn more about us and everything we offer you, see our comprehensive list of Small Business Services!

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