Let's get down to brass tacks. Can you find the web design company page rank proof?

That means that if YOU are trying to find a web design company for your small business, do you really know what is important?

Is it whether the web design company can do pretty pictures?

How about whether they claim to have experienced web design or small business Internet writers and editors?

Do you think slick "flash" animations and/or video components will make you successful?

Of course not.

Just as in any OTHER type of advertising or marketing you do for your business, on the Internet, you MUST be SEEN!

Otherwise, your effort and money have been wasted. Can you afford to make a mistake like that? Not on your life, right?

Your primary objective when looking for a web design company SHOULD be focused on whether they can SHOW you SEARCH ENGINE PAGE RANK PROOF!

Can they show you REAL pages that THEY created that rank on the first or second page of the major SEARCH ENGINES? Those Search Engines are:,, and

There are MANY others but all combined they do not equal the user base of these top four. So they are actually of negligible importance to whether YOU succeed on the web or do not.

To illustrate EXACTLY what I am trying to tell you, here's a small screenshot of what a typical SEARCH RESULTS looks like at

Notice the dark blue highlighted listing in the picture? That's a screen shot from August '06. MY web business site ranked on PAGE ONE, at #7 in the WORLD for my major concept at GOOGLE -- the largest SEARCH ENGINE of all. My website NOW (1-2-07) ranks #ONE out of over 11 MILLION others containing similar or related information!!! My home page is at WORST # 3 in the whole world at ALL FOUR of the major Search Engines. How would YOU like to be able to say that? Well you CAN...Just contact us and we'll show you how to do it!!

To see this for yourself LIVE, just CLICK on the image or go to any of major engines and type "core family values" into the "search" box.

MY site is:

Here are the actual links for you to save you the extra steps:

THESE are just a few of MY own actual Search Engine Web design company Page Rank Proofs as of 1-2-07 (Be SURE to note the Page number and the TOTAL number of results listed for each one!):

Here's YAHOO:

And MSN ( now called "Live Search"):

and ,of course, (formerly Jeeves/Teoma)

It SEEMS obvious, but if your current web design company or the one's you are considering CAN'T or WON'T show you this VERY SAME ability to PROVE they can get THEIR OWN business ranked like this, HOW can they possibly do it for YOU??

Call us. We GUARANTEE these results for you! And WE just DID SHOW and PROVE it to you!

If you would like to see more, just call us and we'll tell you how to go get it.

If you want to see how WE learned how to make it happen, click on either of the images directly below.

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