How To Use VIDEO To GROW Business!

I thought it was silly. Just plain dumb. Learn how to use VIDEO to grow BUSINESS? Ha!

Why would I, a serious business person, want or need to add video to web sites that I produce? If I spent time trying to make a video, how could I do it well enough to actually increase business?

Actually, up until about 2 hours ago, I still did not see much need to find out how to use video to grow business or even just fool around like all those you tube "fools". Gheesh!

Too much time on your hands or what?

(OK, here it comes.......BUUUUUUUUTTTTT.....about 2 hours ago I accidentally found YET ANOTHER amazing application of technology by the folks at

They have once again, taken something as simple as making a video for a web site, and turned it into maybe THE ULTIMATE marketing tool I have ever seen...


Here, take a look at the easiest way to use VIDEO to grow ANY business!:

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AND! recently I took another look at something that I had previously put on the back burner---not anymore!!

THIS takes us right into the future! Remember the Jetsons?

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