Small Business HEALTH INSURANCE Information

For YOUR Small Business!

Have you found the small business health insurance information that you need for yourself and your employees?

One of the most important and often frustrating issues in starting and maintaining any small business is how to handle the medical issues and small business health insurance affordably yet comprehensively.

I always say that health is THE number one issue in life and business. You literally can't have anything in life without your health. It's that important.

There was some very good information, help and advice this week in our local newspaper. It was an article that caught my eye right away as I have been looking for better resources for my own small business insurance needs. I want great coverage first, but I need to save money on health insurance and medical costs where ever possible too.

Here are a few of the links to helpful small business insurance information websites that will help all small business owners independent contractors and entrepreneurs:

For starters, try:

And for some help straight from the US Department of Labor click here:

Health Insurance TIPS!

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