An Affordable Small Business Website That's Also Effective, Is Now A Business Critical Necessity

You now NEED An affordable business website.

Notice I said "affordable". The last thing you need is a "website" that is expensive. And by that, I don't mean the price.

After all, you could spend 10 grand on a beautifully designed web site and even become emotionally attached to it because it is "pretty". I know this happens because I see it often.

But let me be clear, THAT is a huge business mistake that will COST you.

On the other hand, you could possible create a business website yourself for cheap or even Free! BUT, again, this is not a price issue in reality.

In order for you to have a truly affordable small business website, that is inn actuality inexpensive, the price is mainly irrelevant.

What? "That makes no sense", you say? Ah, but it does.

And affordable website is an EFFECTIVE one. Does it do what you really need it to do? How much should you pay for exactly that? How do you know?

Are you only trying to have a pretty look and feel? Or do you want it to merely provide some details to technically oriented visitors?

OR, are you looking to develop income and build business with it? Do you want a full e-commerce website and design set up?

The point is, don't be fooled by "fancy", "pretty" and "bells and whistles". At least don't pay too much if that's all you want.

A decent rule of thumb - no matter how complex a website you want or need, would be 100.00 to 300.00 per completed page. If more than that, ask your vendor for nitty - gritty details on exactly why he's more than that. It had better be something really special!

Bottom line: You can easily obtain an affordable small business website for a couple of hundred dollars a page that is also EXTREMELY interactive and effective at generating business.

In fact, for that ballpark price, you should even have many of the business critical extras that will make a real, measurable difference in your total business communications, marketing and overall business' sales.

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