Is It Possible To
MAKE MONEY In An Economic Recession?

ARE we really seeing an economic recession?

It's a definite that the US economy is in turmoil.

You are probably wanting to know how YOU can you make money in an economic downturn?

Is it possible to survive, even THRIVE in an economic recession? Will you lose your job in this bad global and US economy? How about your business? Will you survive? Is your current "website" strong enough to really help you make it through? Why not? What should you do to make it it CAN?

Very scary.

It can seem almost impossible to make extra money in a slow economy when all you hear on the news is financial declines, job loss, bankruptcies, poor overall consumer confidence and stagnant housing starts, etc, etc, etc.

Geez, I'm sounding the same way here!

Yet, all of us still have mortgages, mouths to feed, bills to cover etc. etc.

I feel especially concerned for the thousands of people that have lost their main jobs and primary sources of income.

Being in the small business development arena, I see that TONS of people and small business owners are trying to find feasible ways to make extra money in today's down economic conditions and survive a recession.

Most can't afford a big financial risk, of course. It's about survival after all, so investing is very difficult to do. And lots of business opportunity ideas are gimmicky or WAY too risky. Also, purchasing a franchise or investing in a new offline business venture seems an unlikely option to most of us.

Eventually there WILL be an upturn to the bad economic outlook and things will start to look much better. We'll get out of the economic recession. But that is "eventually". So what in the world is a person to do NOW to make family sustaining income?

Well...WHAT IF there really were a program that anyone could simply adopt, plug into, and start making GOOD money (family sustaining full-time income ) in a "slow economy" environment? What if it were as easy as 1-2-3? What if you could just get up tomorrow and go get a few hundred dollars... and then do it again every day? "What economic recession?" Right?

And what if there were an expert, personal coach/assistant that came right along with it? Someone you absolutely trust--and that you could talk to any time you wanted?

Well, that's why I wrote this page. I believe I have this for YOU and more. YOU don't have to be a victim of economic recession and the current US economy.

You'll want to call me to fully understand what these ideas really are and exactly how simple it is for YOU to just go make some very good money--literally starting tomorrow. But here are the general options and even the costs involved, so you can just check things out and decide whether or not you want to talk to me. How's that for simple and easy?

OPTIONS AVAILABLE right now for you to make extra money ( even GREAT money right away!) in a down economy...whether you have a job, or not:

Read On And Discover

"The Most Important Life Skill For These Times"

In essence, what you will see below are four separate but related options pertaining to an amazing systematic method of learning and DOING. Finally, you'll actually be able to stop being dependent upon anyone but YOURSELF!

Option:Your Cost:Earnings Estimate:
1. Promote a FABULOUS software product. PLUS an additional quality SERVICE too! Ideal for: Anyone that needs money RIGHT AWAY. Sales oriented individuals.FREE $35K-75K/year
2. Buy and USE the software YOURSELF! Ideal for: Any individual or small business person that wants to build a REAL online business and do it ON THEIR Own. Takes Time and effort but will eventually SUCCEED.$299/year Truly unlimited potential
3. Buy the software and take an ONLINE COURSE to become expert! Ideal for: Anyone that sees the huge potential in this and wants to do most of it ON THEIR OWN--but wants assistance to do it RIGHT and do it much FASTER.$899.00Truly unlimited potential
4. Buy the software and HIRE ME to BUILD YOU A REAL BUSINESS! Ideal for: Busy entrepreneurs or EXISTING small business owners that see the huge potential BUT can't/don't want to devote time to it themselves.$2900/year Truly unlimited potential

WHY do this?

Why NOT! It just makes great common sense:

Unless you are already immune to economic recession and already financially independent (and will be forever?), doesn't it make sense to create a means of income and stability that you alone can control and nurture? Do it to secure your present as well as your future.

Why SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates?

Here's why:

To guarantee that YOU benefit by working with us, we made SURE that we:

1. Fully understand Business, Internet, and Media (thus the name of our own business website)

2. Are expert at THIS very specific way of doing business (and beating any economic recession or situation) using the Internet. The systems and our knowledge of them provide YOU with the world's BEST possible chance at real success. There just isn't a better option - anywhere. That is not meant to sound arrogant - just very confident that we are your ultimate business partners!

3. Are totally honest and will always put YOUR interests before our own. You will not lose with us.

4. Have unique abilities and experience. We combine those with the world's best business-building systems to ensure that YOU and your business have the ideal chance to succeed at all times. Our number one concern is YOUR future. Just because the US economy is struggling in an economic recession, doesn't mean YOU have to!

So there you have it. Call or e-mail us right now - even just to learn more.

There is NO reason not to contact us.

Every reason to make sure you do.


Brian P. Hower
President and Founder
SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates
"Business, the INTERNET, and YOU!"
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