I LIVE In My Office!

(You Too? Then Why Not Make It Absolutely....)


Create A More Comfortable Office Space!

Do you need a more comfortable office space or work station?

I live in my office. No kidding.

My ultimate goal, of course, is never again to have to live in my office. But until then, I want it to be COMFORTABLE and the most effective office environment I can create.

Speaking of effective and efficient -- Go get your free trial version of this great piece of software. If you have the same "little pieces of paper" issues I do--this will take care of that!

Go get the best onscreen sticky note program for Windows

At least for now there is one VERY nice aspect about my current situation.

After all, it really is MY office. Not an employer's. I can come and go, work or watch a ballgame ( yes I CAN watch TV or play loud music if I want to). Ahh yes, the virtues of self employment.

Speaking of living in my office and listening to music, One of THE first things I recommend you do to improve your own office environments is to look into the fantastic new Digital Music Player technology!

Alright, now that you have your mood music and ambiance all set, the next thing you MUST do is make sure you have a quality office chair. But whoa! They can be quite pricey as I recently learned. I finally bought one and I can easily recommend it to you. It has nice features and is big enough for anyone. The steel reinforced base means even someone my size has no worry about breakage. This chair has a 5 year warranty from Office Depot. You'll love the rich chocolate brown leather too. It's a nicer chair than many I looked at at more than twice this price!

Here it is!(click image to get purchase details)

OK! And once you have the best office chair and the best home office sound system, you'll need to get down to some actual BUSINESS, right?

For starters, you'll need to set up your Internet service for business communications.

Shop around for your best value. But if you want reliability, and very good broadband high speed connectivity, just do what I have done. Choose Verizon DSL and get the 29.99/month package. I don't think it can be beaten.

Click here now and just

get it done. (You'll be happy with this to start--you can always upgrade later to faster, etc. But if you start with a lower plan (you'll wish you had started at the 29.99/mo plan)...

Verizon Online DSL: Super High-speed Internet Access with NO Dial-up - Click here to find out more

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