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The Truth About What Makes A Really


What really does make a well built website?

Do you have a good website? What is "good" anyway? Nice pictures, a few good paragraphs, Cheap or Free? Is it reliable web hosting? A "shopping cart"?

What really makes a highly effective website? One that is worth creating, developing and keeping? Do you know what a well built website looks like or how to tell the difference between a great website and a total flop? If not, continue reading this page and you will learn about how a well built website is the very best thing for your business.

If you aren't really serious about succeeding and making real money on the internet (and off) there's no value for you here. But if you are considering getting started on the Internet or believe you could be doing much better with the website you already have, read on. Your answers are on this page.

I think this topic is a great one. Maybe THE best topic when it comes to doing business online. Why? Because I believe after talking to thousands of small business owners personally, that over 90% are completely missing the boat when it comes to doing business on the web or knowing how to make money using the Internet.

After all, if you do want to do business using the Internet, you had better know what makes a well built website effective right? Yet it's not their fault. They simply haven't been exposed to the right information they absolutely need. Never more so than in a recession economy.

Our purpose here is to change that for you - right now.

Generally, there are two kinds of small business situations when considering the Internet. They are:


There are many new entrepreneurs and/or existing small business owners that haven't started a website or begun at all on the Internet. Perhaps they just aren't ready. Maybe they don't think it'll do them any good or believe it's too costly. I know that many feel that it's just too complicated for them too handle - so they do nothing. If you can identify with any of these cases, you are severely inhibiting your own chances to generate business.

So make no mistake, you definitely NEED to get started on the web right away. It should be one of the very first things you do! However, you MUST learn to do it the right way. If you don't, you'll waste a ton of time, effort and money. So do get started. Begin to develop your business. Just learn what makes a well built website that makes you money right from the beginning.

If you are serious about your business success and realize that you need a business not just a "website" finish reading the rest of this page and then come back here to visit this page now and learn how to get going right now in the most affordable, effective and simple way possible. You'll then be in perfect position to achieve the ultimate results!

ALREADY HAVE A "WEBSITE" (But do you have any web BUSINESS?)

This page of information is REALLY for you. Do you already have a website? Have you just started or maybe you're in the process of creating it? If you're finshed, do you believe it is "all set" and this information really doesn't pertain to you in particular? Well, I hope in the last case you are right. The rest of you should pay heed now. This is critical to your current and future business success.

So now, I will ask each of you to put aside your pre-conceived notions of what a "website" is or should be. Forget about everything others have told you or that you have read somewhere. I'm not saying that that information is not valid. I just want you to completely blank your mind for just a minute. Take this very seriously as it means everything for your business both now and into the future. Ready? OK. Now just ask yourself this question:


What is your answer?
  1. "YES. I really do know what I am doing and feel extremely confident that the steps I am taking/have taken will be best for my business and are making me money."

  2. "Hmmm. Not Sure. I think I've done some good things, but in reality, I just don't know if I'm OK. There's a lot I still don't know."

  3. "Probably not. But so what. All I wanted was a "web page" anyway so people can find me. The Internet is just another advertisement."
Are you in there somewhere? I'll bet you are. So please indulge me here as I give you my reply to each of these three answers. Here we go:
  1. That's GREAT. But are you absolutely sure? If yes, then congratulations. If you are that confident and are knowledgeable you'll have a well built website and you'll succeed. All the very best to you.

  2. Maybe we should talk. You're likely on the wrong path to online success. We will get you going the right way.

  3. Just a "web page"? No offense, but I hear this one all the time and it baffles me.
Here's why:

There are a LOT of small businesses that think they just need a "web presence". They mistakenly believe that if they put up one or just a few pages of general information that they get calls and/or new business. They think that a 10 or 20 page site will really put them in great shape. Are they right? Well, sorry but NO. That's dead wrong. It's not how the Internet works. You need to realize that there is wayyyyyy more to it than that. No matter how many pages you have, if they are not properly structured and optimized, they will NOT be seen. If you are not seen, you can't make a sale. You're done. Furthermore, if you do get the visitor, your page must be well written and provide real value. Again, if not done well. No sale. 20 pages of poorly written material is worse than NO website.

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: Well Built Websites Are Not FREE:

"Cheap" "Easy" and "Pretty" = ZERO Money. Don't fall for those empty pitches. They do not add up to a well built website or any sales or business.It doesn't have to be expensive to have a well built website and an Internet business. In fact, I can't come up with ONE other way to BE in business for less cost OR mnore effectiveness! If we accomplish nothing else here, we want you to start thinking! And we will show you how to achieve an exremely well built web site. OR we'll build it for you. We'll also prove to you that if you follow our advice, you WILL succeed.

In fact, let's do it right now, OK? Go to Google. Enter the keyword phrase: "improve business using the internet" Click "Go". Do you see about 80 Million listings in the results info at the top of the page? Would it be a good thing if one were anywhere on the first few pages? It would, right? OK. In case you don't know, the first three are PAID sponsorship listings. That means that they are only there because they BOUGHT their way there. Look at the very next listing. It's actually the first true and natural result. Is it www.business-internet-and-media.com? Do you know who that is? Of course! It's ME. What did you expect? Ha-ha.

If that were YOU would that be fun? If you had a hundred or so like that. do you think you would get some business? Well you WILL have that, IF you listen to what this page is telling you! Enough of the kid stuff. back to business...(but wasn't that neat?)


IMPORTANT NOTE #2 A Well Built Website Has Lots Of Well Written Pages!:

Even if you had 1- to 20 perfectly written and structured pages of information about your business, it STILL would not be enough to produce significant income for yourself.
What? "But all the web designers and ad reps tell me that it's a "supersite" or the "deluxe e-commerce package". So how can that be true?" Is that what you're thinking? Here's the answer: That's right. It's the best THEY have to offer. NOT good enough. Is it better than nothing? Probably. Will it produce much business? Nope. "What do you mean? How can that be?" It's actually very simple. It is just how the Internet works. You see, you need both quality AND quantity of great content.

Content= all the information that people find, see and listen to on the web.

Your content is yours, mine is mine. If mine is higher in quality and quantity. I win. It's just that simple. A well built website that's also a well built online Internet business is the best investment you could possibly make in your business. "Alright. But why do I need more than 20 pages? I don't get that?"

Again a very simple and logical answer: This is because of how computers and humans work. It's the reason people agonize over choosing the best KEYWORDS. This is the truth of the matter and it is actually pretty humorous. People have told me that they think doing business the RIGHT WAY using the Internet is "too expensive". Then they put up a "basic website" so that they "have a web presence". Next they're forced to actually BUY traffic Ex. Pay-per-click PPC) and all kinds of ads everywhere just to try to get some traffic TO their "cheap website". The ads and extra marketing costs them FAR more than if they would have just created the traffic naturally with a real well built website!
Worse, they have to keep wasting money every month to keep whatever activity they are lucky enough to get going. Are you already caught up in this cycle? OUCH. Crazy isn't it? That's the entire reason I am writing this page. So that YOU "get this" and don't make that costly error.

IMPORTANT NOTE #3: A Truly Well Built Website Might Have 100 to 2000 Pages Of High Quality Content (yes, that's right)

Does that sound like overkill? I assure you that it isn't. It's what is necessary if you want a website and an internet BUSINESS that work! That is, unless you have access to an unlimited marketing budget. Most entrepreneurs and small business owners I have met, do not. So you simply must see it for what it is. Think like this: How many ways can you think of to describe what YOU offer your customers? Think in terms of features and benefits and products and services and pricing etc.etc.etc. And that's just YOU. Now how many ways will all the other personalities out there think of that you didn't? What will they type into their browser boxes when they search for what YOU offer? Do you think there are at least 100? 500? Easily right? THAT'S why you need so many pages of content!

IMPORTANT NOTE #4: Each And Every Page Of A Well Built Website Is Another "Fishing Pole" In The Water. Another "Salesman" In The Field.

How many do you want 10? 20? or 500? NOW is this starting to make sense? You simply cannot capture all the possibilities in 10 or 20 pages. Can you see why? Now in addition, we weren't even counting the new additional income streams and their specific keyword combos that you would want to manage. There's another few hundred pages! This is why we do not say that we "build websites". We don't. We build BUSINESS. Your content is the ENGINE of your entire business. That goes for online as well as OFFLINE. Do you see the awesome power of this entire concept? The potential is absolutely HUGE. All of this is not just theoretical. It is business FACT. Just that simple and that important to you. If you are not approaching business using these methods you stand to lose out on lots of business.

IMPORTANT NOTE #5: The Income You Can Generate Via A Well Built Website And The Internet Can Be Equal Or GREATER Than your Current Offline Annual Income.

Do not take this material lightly. This is REAL business and it works (as I have already proven to you.). PLEASE do not think of doing business on the web as "just another way to advertise". At some point you will need to think about selling your business or want to retire. Setting this plan into motion and developing it it to it's logical conclusion will put you in the perfcet postion for either of those scenarios when they arrive. Next, there's another widespread area of mis-information or inaccurate perception that I want to clear up once and for all:

IMPORTANT NOTE #6: Website "Maintenance" And Web Business "Management" Are NOT The Same Thing!

Just think this through a little. The term "maintenance" should be used when referring to the technical/computerized upkeep of the SITE ITSELF. This is akin to the "hosting" of the site. Has nothing to do with the CONTENT. Now, the "management" of the BUSINESS has everything to do with the CONTENT. The reason this is SO important is that most web designers charge a one-off fee to build you a website. Ex. You pay $2500.00 and Voila!. You now have a "website". But you still do NOT have a web business, do you? Why is that?

Because they have sold you the "pretty" car with no engine no gas and no DRIVER! You won't get very far that way.

IMPORTANT POINT #7 (Please do NOT miss this one. It's where over 95% of all "websites" fail miserably)::

There Is No Such Thing As A FINISHED Website! (Especially A Well Built Website)

Just like there's no such thing as a "finished" offline business or finished set of housework chores. There is always more to do and there are always ways to improve effectiveness. THAT takes time effort and someone to MANAGE the online business. It is never "done". So it's a major business error to pay for a certain handful of pages from a web designer that tells you it's "done".

IMPORTANT POINT #8: A Well Built Website Is A REAL Business. It Is NOT Just Another "Ad".

You just can't justify paying month after month, year after year for a (local only) newspaper or yellow pages ad that produces virtually NO real business activity for you. And then pay a "one-off" fee for a "website" that IF developed correctly would have brought you potentially UNLIMITED income. Can you? It just doesn't make any sense at all. But people do it every day.

A well built website is really a clone of your offline business. And JUST AS IMPORTANT. Maybe even more important in the long run. If you are SERIOUS about online business success, you'll now agree that you MUST commit to an ongoing business development and content management program if you want to succeed.

If you can't or don't want to manage the online business. Hire us to do it for you. It's extremely affordable, saves you tons of time, effort, frustration and helps you stop wasting money. Our program more than pays for itself.. It's why we exist. Our complete internet business program is the ultimate business decision for any individual, entrepreneur or existing small business owner. Makes a lot of good common sense, doesn't it?

Well that about does it. You should now "get it" if you didn't before you read this page. A well built website is critical to your current and future business success. Critical. A "DO IT TODAY" item for certain. This is NOT a "DO IT SOMEDAY" item. "Someday" you'll already be out of business. Do this NOW.

So, actually there are several things that make up a well built website. The basics that we have touched upon here MUST be there.

IMPORTANT POINT #9! A Well Built Website Is One That Gets The RESULTS.

The single, most important answer to the original question of "What Really Does Make A Truly Wellbuilt Website" is simply that it is getting "RESULTS"!

Our websites, like this one GET results. Just follow our advice and yours will too.

If this information has piqued your interest or struck a chord, simply get in touch with us any way you prefer.

We offer a friendly, 100% risk free, professional assessment of your situation.


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