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The BEST small business internet marketing system in existence is right here!  If you want to learn, get started and get truly expert assistance building your very own internet based business, THIS is the place.

If you have already started, have a website or offline business but want to do it much better and make more money, THIS is the place.

Yes!  Start Your Own REAL Business! or Improve and Grow the business you already have.  And do it easily AND affordably.

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Throughout our site, you will find the Proven Best Ways To Make Money Online.  Legitimate and REAL ways, not the pie-in-the-sky, "take your money and run" ones.

More than ever in our history, it is important to understand money, marketing and economics. You probably have so many questions spinning around in your mind. Very normal. I did too. Are you wondering...

“Is it really possible, or even practical to start your own business on the Internet?”

“Do I truly want to learn the very best ways to make money online?”

“Can I actually learn how to build a website?” ( Perhaps you already have an under-achieving website and want to finally learn how to create a real web-based business and start to make money on the Internet?)

Lots of questions when it comes down to small business marketing aren't there? Surely there are.

Especially when it now involves becoming digitally competent and effective at doing business on the Internet.

But that doesn't mean you can't or shouldn't do it. There is every possible reason in the world why you should learn how to use the Internet to make money online and secure your financial situation both present and future. Just about anyone, regardless of age, can succeed...especially with our help.

The potential financial rewards of learning how to build a successful business using the Internet are truly limitless. That deserves to be taken seriously don't you think?

We've been developing this small business website as a resource for you and everyone you know that would likely benefit by the plethora of resources and small business information we are compiling for you.

Please realize above all else, that we are here to educate and also assist. We believe that it is not difficult to build an effective website, to start your own business, or to find the best ways to make money online. In fact, it is extremely FUN and rewarding. I will never regret jumping in. You won't either. Yet it is not quite child's play either. That's where we think we can help.

Our goal is to make one of the very best small business and Internet marketing destinations on the entire world-wide-web.

The only way to achieve that is to be of service to you as you seek information on how to build a website, start your own business and, of course, find the best ways to make money online and off as well.

To that end we have set very high standards for ourselves. We know how frustrating it can be to sift through tens, even hundreds of web pages and many time never actually find the answers you were after.

We realize there are many other great resources to help you with much of this. Yet, we believe that we are making it easier for you. It's that simple. Everything, or much of what you really need to succeed in your own small business. We'll even provide personal advice and assistance at any time.

Just ask by visiting our “About Us” page. Our full contact information can be found at the bottom of that, and several other pages within the site.

We'd like nothing more than for you to start to see that you should always start here first.

If we can offer you the results of ours years of research and experience and save you wasted time and effort, we will have been successful in our purpose.

We're here to provide you with only the highest quality small business marketing information and resources. We hand select only what we feel are “best-of-breed” partners and links to recommend to you.

There's real potentially life-changing opportunity out there. And you can realize it.

Let us be your guide, your support system and your confidant. We want you to succeed, in the most efficient, enjoyable and fulfilling ways possible.

Welcome to, your personal small business success partners.

“Business, the Internet and YOU!”

Brian P. Hower President and Founder So...are you looking for THE best way to start a business? Are you really...again, REALLY looking for THE best way to start a business? An offline business? How to start an Internet business?

I am so very glad you are here. I think you will soon be glad as well. We sincerely want YOU to find and take action on the best way to start a business of your very own. Or if you have already begun, to improve dramatically upon the existing offline or online Internet business you have already. In either case, you'll be extremely glad you found our site. ( So add to faves or bookmark us now!)


"I tell you that virtue is not given by money, but that from virtue comes money and every other good of man, public as well as private. This is my teaching, and if this is the doctrine which corrupts the youth, I am a mischievous person.

-- Socrates ____________________________________________________________________

OK. So yes....What IS really THE best way to start your own business...ONLINE using the Internet or offline on the street?

Once started, what are the very best, most efficient ways to grow your business all the way to great success?

Pull up a chair. You're going to like what you have just found: The most common sense, powerful and comprehensive compilation of small business resources ever written for the Internet. You will find this website especially useful as it pertains to the BEST WAY TO START A BUSINESS, run it successfully, and ultimately...succeed !

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. -- ." Milton Berle

"If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise." -- Robert Fritz

This entire website is dedicated to the small (or not so small) business owner and/or the soon to be entrepreneur. We work on YOUR behalf to research and present to you the world's BEST business-building information. That in addition to showing you the best way to START a business! Once you are actually started and growing, Our focus shifts specifically over to day-to-day customer-centric dimensions of your small business enterprise.

After all--isn't everything you do all really for the customer? If you are not thinking this way you had better KEEP READING!

Yes, customers are the LIFEBLOOD of every business. However, sometimes it is simply too crazy to do them justice. Also, I believe that most owners and managers have excellent knowledge of their "concept" and their products and services. Yet they may not realize the best way to start a business, grow a business, or ultimately succeed in small business.

The facts say that 70% of ALL US households have a person(s)with sincere desire to find the best way to start a business for themselves. Yet 90% of all enterprise start-ups will fail. Isn't that a very sad fact?

So WHY does that happen? What can be done to increase the odds of success? Well, There are infinite and complex variables, of course. But just like in life and/or sports, business is really a lot of FUNDAMENTAL strategy. Our tactics and decisions either lead us toward an undesirable result or onto the path of success!

One GLARING example is the FACT that 98% of ALL websites are completely ineffective. They are NEVER seen by anyone and generate NO income for their owners. Why? Because nearly EVERYONE, to this point in time, has taken a FUNDAMENTALLY unsound approach to doing business on the world-wide-web. They have created nothing more than an "online advertisement" that is BURIED among millions of other such useless efforts.

Let's NOT lose track of the fact that the INTERNET and the world-wide-web really ARE, undoubtedly, the all-time greatest communications system in history. This holds truly UNLIMITED interpersonal potential. That goes for finding information, staying in touch with friends, taking educational classes or DOING BUSINESS, of literally ANY kind!

So, WHY then will YOU be able to succeed? Well, largely because of the very significant changes that have taken place since the dotcom bust years ago. Just below is what one expert says now about the "Fundamental Drivers" behind the opportunity that lies right in your lap:

"The dotcom bust was a financial investment bubble and not a consumer behavior one. Throughout the highs and lows of the stock market madness, the number of consumers who use the internet in Australia and the activities and time they spent continued to rise.

The difference between now and 1999 is an online population that is in excess of two times as big, five years more tenured and rapidly moving to broadband. Those fundamental drivers ensure strong growth across the board for online commerce."

Advertisement Advertisement Niki Scevak, Jupiter Research analyst



This is a generally accepted FACT of economics now. BUT I believe that for YOU and me, (the small business owners and entrepreneurs) there is really, FOR CERTAIN, just one single best way to start a business and SUCCEED. It is the fundamentally correct way to do or start a business on the web-or actually anywhere else for that matter. It is also the most cost-effective. So how can you NOT win?

True! The best way to start a business on the WEB is actually NO different than you would conduct a business OFF the web! Click the link directly below to

Learn all about the right way to do it.

There you go! The overall mission and intention of this website is to try to remove most of the not-so-obvious small business pitfalls for you. We'll continue to add and update so that even more complex "best way to start a business" matters are addressed. Think of us as the "Business Distillery". We do our very best to get RID of the noise and nonsense and give you only "the good stuff"!

Enter your e-mail address into the box and click on the "Subscribe" button.

SIDEBAR: ______________________________________________________________

So WHAT DO WE DO, exactly? If you understand the name of this website, then you should also consider the name of my company, SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates. Both names are obviously interrelated but it's the "advocates" part that YOU should notice. It means "support" or "assistance". To "plead in favor of" or espouse or(befriend)".

Perhaps Michael Port (Book Yourself Solid) said it best and in the fewest words:

Discover the keys to mastering innovation as it relates to creating a business that serves your lifestyle. Find the simplest solution with the fewest moving parts to give you the greatest return on your investment of time and money.

THAT'S what WE do!
That's why we KNOW this website contains the BEST way to start a business!!

I started my business to HELP any individual, small business owner or entrepreneur in any way I possibly can in finding THE best way to start a business of their very own. The most encompassing way I believe I can do that is through the incredible power of the Internet. So in short, we do NOT build "websites". WE BUILD REAL BUSINESSES by researching, locating and then IMPLEMENTING and RECOMMENDING only THE best BUSINESS, INTERNET and MEDIA, etc. products and services we can find. If we recommend a product, service or particular individual to you and they do NOT maintain the very HIGHEST business and ethical and quality standards, we will remove them from recommendation. We have, as our PRIMARY purpose and core business philosophy, a dedication to YOU as you forge your way to true business success and fulfillment. We will always strive to be your "right hand man" in business and success! This may involve building or designing a new web business/e-commerce web site, creating new advertising and/or marketing strategies or helping you train staff. Finding the best ways to start a business may also involve locating the best software products and electronics for you. Maybe you will just like to know how WE save about 80% on all of our printer ink. We also recommend every great reading resource of which we become aware. Several are EXCELLENT resources for sales and marketing -- the HUB of your business engine!(and of course, they offer THEIR ideas on the best way to start a business)-- (And the driving force of your ENTIRE business should now be the INTERNET!) LEARNING TO USE THE INTERNET TO DO BUSINESS....IS <THE BEST WAY TO START A BUSINESS in the history of mankind.

Stick WITH us here and come back often -- and you will soon know precisely why I say that! (HINT: if you haven't figured it out yet, the Internet really IS the best way to start a business!!! The purpose of our website is to show YOU the how and why! _________________________________________________________________

Some of the core business terms we want to adhere to strictly are:

100% Trustworthy, High Value, Best Quality Available, Great Pricing, Highly Effective, Return On Investment, Fantastic Business Resource, One-Of A Kind, Best-Of-Breed, Proven Systems, Facts Based, Reliable, Admired, Sought After, Respected Leadership, Top-Notch Customer Service, Great Communication, Intelligence,Understanding, Ethical, Honorable, Truthful, Friendly and Fun. (eh-hem..should we add "Humble"? ...See? We ARE fun!)

Why these select terms? Easy. That's what WE'D look for in a business! We hope that gives you some idea of the kind of business and people we are and we hope to become one of your very favorite Business, Internet and Media resources! They are the major keys to YOUR finding the best way to start a business, run it and make the money you plan to make!

If we can provide you with some great advice now to save you time and money right NOW--great! And from there we want to ultimately become one of your trusted friends acting as a resource and advocate for you. Our real-world solutions, effective "Best-of Breed" quality programs, product recommendations and a daily business resources will help you tend to your SALES and PROFITS. You can have at least a few less headaches and a LOT more satisfaction! You WILL learn about the best way to start a business. A business of Passion and that you'll LOVE and succeed with beyond your dreams.

Please take one minute right here to sign up for our FREE information packed newsletter. This way you'll always know what we're up to that will help YOUR business GROW! Thank you.

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For example: Here's one very nice time saving device right HERE.-->Turn your business cards into digital contacts. Find out Which CardScan business card reader is right for you!

And HERE'S a huge efficiency issue I used to find very frustrating! but NOT any more. Just go ahead get this piece of software! There's a FREE trial version available too.

Download the best on screen sticky note program for Windows

And if you SHIP (anything), you will find it easier to Ship Virtually Anything With uShip!

What ARE the best businesses to start? Well, the truth is almost ANY kind---as long as you are passionate about it! Then all you really need to know is what WE show you right here. There's really just ONE truly superior tool to use to start the best business for you. It's the INTERNET. You can (almost)literally do ANYTHING you can imagine and make a LOT of money. Why is the web really the best way to start a business..ever? Easy. It is THE least expensive way to influence the MOST people (potential customers) ever in history. In addition, right now, with all of the amazing programs and system available to YOU today, all you need to do is PLUG yourself in well. Plug in..WELL!!

That means you MUST do things right. WE are here to show you the way!

Here's to your long-term success!


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