At Some Point, The Thinkin's DONE.
Are You READY To
Start Your Business?

Are You ready to start your business?

It's time isn't it?

By now, you've worked with us and have gone through the thinking and planning processes. Still, there are those that ARE truly ready, willing and able...and there are those that will never act on their dreams.

I can't imagine being the latter. How can one leave this planet and not be able to say: "I gave it everything I had to give".

I am surrounded by those types and I feel sorry for them.

There are two ways to live life:

1. Life happens to you. You wake up ( and may be less than enthused that you did), you eat, shave, go to work, come home, eat, fight with the kids, go to bed. Rinse and repeat...FOREVER? What? That's it? You are merely "EXISTING".

2. You happen to Life! You wake up! You think about today's possibilities! You look outside at the sunrise, pondering the new exciting things you can accomplish today. You have a nice breakfast in no particular hurry. You sit down with a coffee and actually smell and taste it as you review new e-mails from new business contacts you met just yesterday. You go about your work--it's enjoyable because YOU created the environment yourself! You're in charge of everything. You time and money are all yours. You take breaks whenever you want to, finish your day whenever you want to. You fight with the wife and kids (some things just can't be avoided!) Then you have a nice dinner, read a book, take a walk around the neighborhood, watch the ballgame and go to sleep relaxed and excited that you can do it again tomorrow.

You are "ALIVE"!!

Which one of these people are YOU? It's that simple.

Here's a simple survey that should help you determine where you are for sure.

I hope, for your sake, you're on the right side!

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