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You have just taken a huge step toward finally learning the ultimate way to start, develop, grow and manage a REAL Internet Based Business!

By coming to this page, you are entitled to one 60 minute session with SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates' President Brian P. Hower. A 100% Free Internet Business Class one-on-one with an expert!


Use the form at the bottom of the page to tell everyone you know that they can talk to me for absolutely FREE too! And I mean everyone. They ALL need this knowledge for one reason or another.

If they sign up for my paid Internet Business course classes, YOU'LL get a $5.00 rebate for each 1-3 person you refer that signs up for the paid classes. Receive a $10.00 rebate for 4 or more! All referrals must sign up and pre-pay during the current calendar month for the qualification. I'll then send you an e-mail telling you what your lower rate will be for your next scheduled class!

PLUS I'll send you another $20.00 when they purchase their software!

This way everyone wins. We can all help each other.

It's the right thing to do for everyone involved.

(The FORM to use is at the bottom of the page.)


This educational program is so cool you won't believe it. And your first session is a totally FREE Internet business class where you'll get a detailed overview of precisely what this is all about!

But FIRST - in order for us to be able to do this correctly and smoothly, I need you take a few actions first.


So that you and I can communicate effectively during the class! To do any of these Internet Business Education classes, we want to be able to:

  • Talk to each other over the web for FREE (Gizmo)

  • Enable you to SEE MY COMPUTER SCREEN (Microsoft SharedView)

  • Be able to send and/or receive payments from each other at some point (PayPal)

  • Schedule and Track Appointments for Classes!

So here's what to do:

**Please do these four simple things 7 days AHEAD of your first scheduled class!!**

1. Sign yourself up for a FREE account. ( Find the "SIGN UP TODAY" button and then sign up for the free web merchant standard - PREMIER account.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

2. Go to SHAREDVIEW and get the FREE system Download/Install.

3. Go to and download GIZMO! Also FREE.

4. SET UP YOUR SPEAKERS and MICROPHONE! You should be able to use the speakers that came with your computer--make sure your turn them ON! BUT you may not have a MICROPHONE. You can get a cheap one at any computer store for under $10.00.

But by far the best way to go is to get a good Computer Headset for the classes. (Sorry--this one's not free but it's only about $22.00 and it works perfectly.) The one I use works extremely well--like the person is actually IN the same room! This is a picture of the exact item from Radio Shack.

Simply click right here to purchase YOUR

 Lightweight Computer Headset

Once you do these 4 things you are ready for our FREE Overview!

Read THIS PAGE first to get a real-life feel for what this is all about.

Then Schedule your time. Our course is the exact same one you see in the video - we're simply doing it online!)

STEP ONE: FREE One Hour Internet Business Overview

All set? Just click the "Book Now" image below ( did you take care of ALL the other stuff? If you are having trouble that's OK--But be SURE to tell me what you need help with in the COMMENTS box on the APPOINTMENT set-up page. And make sure you schedule a week OUT so we have time to get you set up properly.) and go to schedule your initial FREE session now.

Schedule Your FREE OVERVIEW -> NOTE: ALL Time Slots are EASTERN Standard Time. So adjust accordingly please.

Check my AVAILABILITY by clicking here FIRST!

That's it! I'll talk to you on the phone very soon!



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