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You've Just Found THE Best Small Business Idea...EVER!!

THE BEST Small Business Idea And Solution EVER? Really? "Oh brother...I've heard THAT before...." So did I. A million times. But then something different, TRULY different happened...

OK. You're IN Business. Or Maybe You Are Seriously Thinking Of Starting A Business...In Either Case, To Position For GREATER Success, You NEED To Read And Understand What's On THIS Page.

But do you actually know what the best small business idea ever ultimately is? --- I DO.

It is definitely THIS concept:

   Understanding exactly how to get YOUR
  business positioned for amazing success...

  Using the awesome power of the INTERNET

             that you, I, or anyone else,
               could ever come up with

       "The wave of the future"?
          It's here right now.

Do you agree? Of course. That is, if you want to succeed in a much bigger way than you are now. NOTE: We are not referring to simply putting up a "website". You may or may not already have a website. 98% of "websites" in existence do NOT make money. We're about to show you exactly why that's true - and then tell YOU how to be in the other 2 percent!.

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OK. I'll bet you have ONE question for me right now:

QUESTION: So what exactly is this all about and how DO I position myself for great success using the Internet??

ANSWER: This is ALL about building a real, total and fully capable Internet based BUSINESS. Just like any business on the street, you would have the freedom and ability to attract customers, transact sales, market and enhance communications, business development and management. Now create all sorts of additional and fabulous income generating BUSINESS activities. Very low cost and extremely interactive, this kind of business can be literally anything you want it to be. It can be a "twin" extension of your existing business OR something you want to create completely from scratch that will also be a viable and lucrative business! You and/or WE will design and build it using a fantastic software product. It will be "web-based" but not web-restricted. In other words, it has HUGE offline benefits for any small business too.

One more thing: I am talking about serious business, not "flash in the pan". The true business and income potential here is likely MUCH greater than what you have underway now.

That's a fact.

If this has gotten your attention, please read the REST of this page very carefully. Open all the links for even more information. (If links do not open, try holding down the CONTROL key while clicking the left mouse button OR Right click on the link and then select "OPEN in new window" from the drop down list that appears on your screen)

Often, I ask potential clients these questions:  "What is your underlying reason for being (or desiring to be) in "business""? Also... "Do you believe there's significant business potential on the Internet? "If you sincerely CARE about doing something to position yourself to take full advantage of the largest market in history"?

What would YOUR answers be to those questions?

Why SHOULD you do this - if it were feasible?

Well, let's see:

  • Largest market in history for well, everything. That's locally, regionally and/or globally.
  • Only way for anyone at all to effortlessly and inexpensively distribute an UNLIMITED amount of information to anyone else in the entire world.
  • Unlimited business and INCOME opportunities - add as many new income streams as YOU wish to your existing business!
  • Almost NO overhead costs. Few or NO employees. Drop Ship your orders and never carry or really even BUY inventory.
  • No Geographic or Marketing limitations!!
  • TAX benefits galore.
  • Willable as an asset to your kids
  • Build up a huge retirement nest egg!
  • The all-time BEST advertising/marketing tool you'll ever see or have...and it is the LEAST costly too. How else can you reach potentially 5 billion people with an UNLIMITED message about your business for LESS than a typical LOCAL Yellow Pages Ad?
  • Everything, it seems, is "gearing" toward the Internet--it's all around us. The business potential is enormous.
  • And with OUR help, you'll personally invest almost NO time or have ANY work to do -- other than stay in touch with us!


    **Sell or Offer your CURRENT Products/Services ** Add any number of NEW products/services to what you have now ** Learn how to do EBAY or other auction sites ** Lower your overhead and Increase ROI Dramatically ** EXPAND your total business in almost any way you can Imagine! ** Sell to the whole WORLD!**


    Searchlight "Best-Of-Breed" Recommendation!

    If you plan to integrate eBay into your business, this book is a great and affordable starting point.

    Starting an eBay Business
    for details.


    But ultimately, the Most Important Reason why every single entrepreneur and small business owner should do this and do this RIGHT NOW, is this:

    By creating a web-based REAL business for yourself you will create not just a business, but most importantly you'll build the CENTRAL SALES, MARKETING, ADVERTISING and COMMUNICATIONS HUB for ALL of your business activities. This is true for all online activities and also all OFFLINE activities.

    Can you think of any other way that the typical small business person
    can achieve this?

    Isn't that why this really IS the BEST small business idea ever?

    So maybe the better question would be:

    "Why WOULDN'T anyone and everyone really WANT to do this?"

    (See this page to find all sorts of people and small businesses that are ALREADY doing this.)


    TOLL FREE: 1-866-452-4243

    Live On the WEB in 2 weeks - Simple Process - Extremely Affordable - Little or NO time/work by YOU - ONLY System that TRULY WORKS!

    Next, logically, I would ask:

    "If you thought you could afford it, and knew it would work (make YOU lots of money), and you personally would have to do little or NO work yourself, would you act and get started --- right now?"

    Can you make a decision when the situation is clear to you? (That's a characteristic all successful business owners have.) If you say "no" to that then you're satisfied with your current situation.

    However, if you can answer, in earnest, "yes" to that last question...

    Realize that you can act with complete confidence on that untapped business potential. You'll know that this system WILL help your business dramatically. You'll know that your ROI (Return On Investment) is as HIGH as it could possibly be. And you'll also know that the partners you are working with will treat you fairly and support you. The money you invest will ALWAYS be well worth the results you'll receive.

    Would that situation make it easy for you to get going?

    But HOW? and Why work with our company, SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates? (Read on to get those answers and more)

    First, let's make sure you fully understand the total program we are offering:

    We will show you and help you to learn to precisely and correctly USE THE INTERNET to create and/or grow your business so that you are properly positioned to make more money than ever before. This is all about creating a web-based, fully comprehensive, REAL Business USING the Internet as the MAIN DRIVER and Engine (Generating FULL-TIME Income - online and offline). You can think of this as a "clone" of your existing offline business (but this is much more efficient!) -- The purpose is to extend and EXPAND your total business exposure and effectiveness so you MAKE MORE MONEY. You can even create a retirement situation for yourself that NO job could ever provide for you.

    ***We will do ALL, part or none of the work -- It's completely up to YOU.***

    (Important Note: You have likely never seen or heard of this program. It is our creation. But just in case you are wondering, there are NO MLM or otherwise gimmicky sales concepts involved here. We do not engage in such ideas. We only find it necessary to make that statement at all because so many others have created such "muddy waters" that we want to make sure you know for sure that we are NOT in any way, shape or form, that kind of offer or program. This software system, the partner companies and our program are all straight forward, open, honest and of the highest level of integrity possible.

    Our Total Small Business Program is ENTIRELY and only about pure and proven, time-tested business principles. We simply use a common sense approach and the power of the Internet as a fantastic business generating and development tool. The result is that YOU will have a fully comprehensive, COMPLETE, web-based real business (like this one!) that has the potential to earn you more money than you ever thought possible. It will even provide real possibilities for a very comfortable retirement!

    This is because of three (3) main things:

    1.) The SOFTWARE we use,
    2.) Our expertise and EXPERIENCE with using it...and
    3.) The fact that the Internet simply exists and allows us to put it all together properly.

    It's really just that simple.

    TOLL FREE: 1-866-452-4243

    Live On the WEB in 2 weeks - Simple Process - Extremely Affordable - Little or NO time/work by YOU - ONLY System that TRULY WORKS!


    There are actually TWO pieces to the Program Offer that you should understand. They are:

    1. SOFTWARE: The absolute best small business development SOFTWARE system ever created. Everything you could ever need to START, GROW and MANAGE a small business. Please DO NOT confuse our program with "building websites". Almost ALL "websites" are nothing more than online ADS or online STORES. This complete system enables FAR, far more than an "online ad or brochure" OR an "online store" (such "stores" are commonly and mistakenly referred to as "e-commerce websites". A "store", on its own, generally CAN'T make you money. It has NO HUMAN TRAFFIC. No TRAFFIC = No BUSINESS. Therefore, a brochure "website" and/or an "online store" are in no way at all, REAL BUSINESSES. This is the basis for why our one-of-a-kind program just simply WORKS. It's because it is done correctly!

    2. LABOR: This is our services that we provide to you for Copy Writing, Design, Build-Out and Business Management. We typically help each client start, grow and most importantly develop their businesses to whatever level they desire -- so it is done CORRECTLY (this development phase is absolutely critical! -it is where over 90 % of those that are trying will fail)

    Your OPTIONS:

    You'll also have three business start-up and development OPTIONS from which to choose:

    1. Purchase the SOFTWARE - and build your business on your own
      (Possible but will take more time and effort! Ex. Errors will be made)

    2. Purchase the SOFTWARE - and hire us to build the ENTIRE thing for you.
      (but with your direction...easily your best option)

    3. Purchase the SOFTWARE - and we'll work out an "in between" arrangement where we'd each do part of the work.
      (saves some money but harder to coordinate -- not worth the delays this causes in our opinion)

    Why THIS software?

  • We use the world's ONLY truly "All-In-One" small business development system. (It is the world's very BEST System. This is hands-down the greatest overall product and value I have EVER seen - anywhere.)
  • Designed specifically for Individuals, Entrepreneurs and existing small businesses.
  • Gives you EVERYTHING you'll ever need to succeed - and more.
  • The value is absolutely astounding. Look here to see for yourself the difference and why WE deliberately selected them!
  • Company is world renowned with NO unfavorable press.
  • Thousands of users - all raving fans.
  • Wonderful, caring CEO who actually engages in conversation with us regularly (where will you find that?)
  • Huge FORUM of users that love to help others - this benefit alone is worth the annual fee.
  • Fantastic customer support team
  • ZERO risk guarantee (See bottom of the page also)


    No Hype. No "Bonus" buys. No low hosting fee "hook and hike" ploys. No trading your information before getting ours...etc. Just tons of real, rock-solid BUSINESS building tools, information and an honest, true partnership..


    REAL WORLD Testimonial:

    "My photography website is producing so much work offline it is stopping me from building more sites (which is what I want to do). I have started another which is also starting to take off, and now "work is really getting in the way of work." The beauty about everything I am currently doing, and plan to do for the next few years, is that my efforts will create passive and residual income. I am creating a pension that I can actually pass down to my kids. How many people have one of those?"
    ~ Nick Stubbs

    TOLL FREE: 1-866-452-4243

    Live On the WEB in 2 weeks - Simple Process - Extremely Affordable - Little or NO time/work by YOU - ONLY System that TRULY WORKS!

    How about a quick break?, Why not take a second to sign up for our informative ( and totally FREE ) newsletter? It's called SEARCHLIGHT Success eXPRESS! and it is a perfect way for you to continue to receive our updates! Enter your info. in an instant below and I'll send you the next edition!

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    Don't worry -- your e-mail address is totally secure.
    I promise to use it only to send you SEARCHLIGHT Success eXPRESS!.

    Why partner with SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates for support and assistance?

    1. Mr. Hower is a Degreed Professional with over 20 years technical, sales, advertising and marketing experience.
    2. Owner of three (3) web businesses. One is in TOP 1% in world ( THIS one you are reading right now, in fact!). The other 2 in top 3%.
    3. Mr. Hower is also one of just TEN individuals selected WORLDWIDE, to teach this very program COURSE in Accredited Universities. That's elite status!
    4. He has helped start (and is developing) more than ten brand new businesses for entrepreneurs and/or small business owners in the last 24 months
    5. Personal Integrity of the highest possible level.
    6. Will truly place YOUR business success before his own.
    7. True partner in business with you. Will not "sell you and leave you" - ever.
    8. You have personal access to Mr. Hower at any time... right now if you wish.


    NOTE: Both the SOFTWARE Company and SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates have unblemished records with The Better Business Bureau.

    ONE-OF-A-KIND Business Partner and Opportunity:

    We really are a business partner in every sense of the term and promise to always uphold only the highest levels of integrity and quality and be extremely easy for you to work with.

    REAL WORLD Testimonial (from one of my current online course students):

    " Hi Brian,

    I'm writing to say that I am deliriously excited over your willingness to help me build my business sooner rather than later. Meeting you on a chance one day was the best phone call I could ever have made. I am grateful for your genuine interest in others. Your encouragement really makes ME want to succeed!"
    ~Regina C.-- Missouri


    So actually, it's this UNIQUE COMBINATION of the SOFTWARE and SEARCHLIGHT'S philosophy, talent set and EXPERTISE in using the system that presents YOU with a true once-in-a-lifetime business opportunity.

    You have at your finger tips right now:

    The world's greatest small business software AND one of the world's experts in business and at using the software effectively. In addition, the entire program will be offered to YOU at an unbeatable rate level. (Others charge two to ten times what we will and cannot get you the results.) WE WILL GET YOU RESULTS.

    Check to find out how any website ( maybe your current web presence or look to see how another web design "expert" ) ranks on the web -- "No Data" means virtually zero humans ever see the site)

    To see OUR very own PROOF of success click here. (Look for "Core Family Values" ( my very first web business ) You'll see that it is #1 (or very close!) on all four major search engines!)

    Do you think you would make more money if YOUR business ranked at the Search Engines like that? We will do that for YOU!

    OK. Not much more can be said. It's now up to you.

    So IF you decide to act on this idea, what exactly are the steps?


    Here they are, it is very straight forward and couldn't be easier:

    GETTING STARTED: (the ultimate small business idea!)

    1. Decide to take action and let us know by calling or e-mailing us.

    2. Have an honest and thorough business discussion with Mr. Hower (this takes about about an hour or so)

    3. Review a simple but comprehensive Rate Proposal with all terms and details if you wish to receive one.

    4. Then finally:

      A. Purchase the Software and IF you are contracting with us for help, you will also complete B.(below)

      B. Sign and return the Rate Proposal document to get started on your brand new business venture!.

    **Flexible payment options and schedules are also available.**

    TOLL FREE: 1-866-452-4243

    Live On the WEB in 2 weeks - Simple Process - Extremely Affordable - Little or NO time/work by YOU - ONLY System that TRULY WORKS!


    You are fully  Guaranteed (twice -- I guarantee the SOFTWARE company's guarantee as well as my own work!) and at literally ZERO Risk. So you simply cannot lose with us. And your chances of success could not be greater. This is a very sound and flexible way of doing business together. It's the IDEAL situation for virtually everyone.

    Estimated Annual Investment:

    Your ANNUAL investment depends on your choices and whether you want to work with our help or on your own. If you decide to go solo, your annual investment will be $299.00. That gives you total access to a whole world of business-building tools and information so that you could, eventually, do this completely on your own. The intermediate option would take you to maybe $2400.00/year. That's just $200.00 a month - for us to work WITH you on the full development and management a business that reaches the entire world.

    If you are ready to move more quickly, however, we'll get you going on "full throttle" with an aggressive and comprehensive business building schedule. Even in that most aggressive situation, you'd be somewhere in the ballpark of $4000.00 per year. Still LESS money than you'd pay each year for just a single LOCAL area Yellow Pages ad. And in this situation, WE do over 80% of the work FOR YOU.

    PS -- There are many others out there that charge 25,000 to 50,000 a year claiming to do what we can. Yet they get no results. True. We've shown you the results we get, right here on this page.

    Is it worth $4000.00 divided by 12 (equals $333.34 per month) to reach the ENTIRE WORLD with UNLIMITED information about your business? (or do you want to keep spending that money on your local Yellow Pages?) Pretty obvious now, isn't it?

    That's It! It's THAT EASY.

    We already know that this offering is the ultimate "No Brainer".

    This is the world's best small business idea for literally anyone that honestly understands simple business principles.

    So just forget all the noisy hype and salesy pitches out there. I checked them all out and landed HERE. It is the RIGHT place to call home. There's no question about that.

    You'll know too -- just as thousands of others, and I did. You'll feel it in your gut if this is right for you. TRUST that feeling - it's telling you to act.

    Within 30 days you'll be well on YOUR way to greater success in business than you ever thought possible!

    To give you more real-world examples, click here for some case studies from people just like you and me that have made it work in big ways. They know about the best small business idea, too!

    If you simply want to talk about it, we are here for you -- just for that reason. Don't hesitate to just call or e-mail us.

    If you delay, you are very likely doing yourself and your business a significant disservice. Get your questions answered first on this page and at our FAQ page -- then decide.

    NO sales pressure here -- ever. (Enthusiasm...maybe!)

    You should now clearly see that there is absolutely no reason NOT to get this started for yourself. So don't wait. Just get it going. You'll be extremely glad you did, just like the thousands of others (like me ) that said:


    "Yes! You're SO right.
    This just makes 100% good, rock-solid, common sense
    for any small business".


    So there you have it. Business is like a sport. You have the field (Internet). You have the strategy (your business idea). You now have The World's BEST equipment, system and set of tools (the SOFTWARE).

    And as if that were not enough, even one of the most honest, experienced and credible coaches ( SEARCHLIGHT and Mr. Hower ) to help you some or all of the way.

    Here's to YOU and your exciting new business venture and looking toward 2008 as the best, most profitable, fun and fulfilling year ever!

    All that's left is for you to GET INTO THE GAME! This may very well be your Opportunity of a Lifetime. Don't just sit and watch!

    Live On the WEB in 2 weeks - Simple Process - Extremely Affordable - Little or NO time/work by YOU - ONLY System that TRULY WORKS!

    Thanks for reading!

    searchlight business advocates logo
    Brian P. Hower
    President and Founder
    SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates
    "Business, the INTERNET, and YOU!"
    814-392-0356 or TOLL FREE 1-866-452-4243
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