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"How can I improve business using the Internet?" Start a real business? Maybe turn my current website into a money-making full-time business? Do all of these, at the very same time, on AND off the web?

Yes. It's simple. However, before you even start reading, I have to ask you to ask YOURSELF another question. That question is:



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Do you sincerely believe the potential for your own business
success is out there? Do you have " what it takes"?
Do you feel that what you want to do is important?

I can't answer those questions for you...but your
honest answers to these questions will determine

OK. Now let's go. In today's rapidly evolving digital and new media marketplace, these questions are being asked often. And they should be! With the confluence of national and even global financial crises amid a burgeoning digital communications world, comes an obvious conclusion...

"IF I am to legitimately START a small business today OR improve business using the internet to lower costs and increase sales, I need to actually begin to learn how things really work and then start to DO and/or IMPROVE BUSINESS using the Internet!"

"But HOW"? Well, relax. We absolutely have the complete answer for you right here. And... THIS system WORKS.

Why do we say that? Because the systems and programs we have selected, approach business (real business, not hypey gimmicks) the CORRECT way. These are the best there are. You will soon see how true that statement really is.

( **Don't miss your chance to sign up for a FREE 1 hour Internet Business Overview session just below on this page!**)

OK. We have more detailed pages within this site that will help you every inch of the way. However, my goal for this page is to make a few things crystal clear for you. It is entirely feasible that YOU (yes you) really can either START your own internet based business or greatly improve business using the Internet to reinforce your offline or brick and mortar business. To make this as simple as humanly possible I'll try to break things down into pieces for you.

Here goes:

WHO CAN DO THIS (Whom is this for)?

  1. Individuals - Any individual or entrepreneurial spirit
  2. with an idea and some desire to succeed on his/her own mettle. Age does NOT matter!

    Benefits: Control your own finances and work environment. Make more money than a job can provide. Create your own retirement and lifestyle. Time freedom. Do what YOU really love - It's FUN! Yet it's very serious business!

  3. Existing Small Business Owners - Any existing offline and/or online small business owner. **Already have a website? See the note immediately below!**
  4. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    : Applies equally as well to those that have already started a "website" as to those just getting started! This concept goes WAY beyond the typical website with which you are familiar. Just because you "have a website" does NOT mean you have a successful online business! So don't be fooled. ASK YOURSELF: " Is my current situation on the Internet actually helping me MAKE MORE MONEY? Or am I just thinking that pretty pictures = income?

    Benefits: Reduce overhead. Increase sales and ROI. Set up a business "succession plan". Take total control of your LOCAL market! Multiply your income streams and open your business to the world! etc., etc.

WHY SHOULD I DO THIS? Other than the life-changing benefits listed above, there are a myriad of great reasons but let's shoot for the obvious:
  1. Open or develop a business without geographic limitation. Take a local business to regional, national - even global.

  2. Darned near NO overhead. There's not a lower cost way to do business - period.

  3. UNLIMITED earning potential--isn't that enough reason right there?

  4. EASE! Can be started, developed, managed from anywhere. Cool, huh?

  5. It's ALL yours. From the original idea to the profits - yep! YOURS! Ahhhhhh......

  6. Set up your entire future financial security and RETIREMENT with this. The potential is FAR greater than from any job retirement account or 401k plan.

  7. We offer real, bonafide value in a world awash in hype and scam artists. Our integrity is 100% sound. We even double-guarantee everything - you cannot lose.
I could go on and on and let's just move, well, ON.

OK so, next...


ANY KIND! Literally.
If you have a business already - just "clone" it and put it on the web! It's actually quite simple. If you have only some ideas, GREAT! That's all you need. No kidding! If you like lizards--start a lizard business. Fancy purses with sequins? Do a fancy sequined purses boutique! Get the "idea"?     Easy right?     Yes--it IS easy!

BUT!...It absolutely, must be done correctly!

Alright, then... "WHAT really, DO I SELL"?

Ironically, that's actually the easiest part of all of this.
The answer is:
Anything you want to sell. Be it a product or a service . It's ALL possible and very easy to set up--we'll show you exactly what to do. You may not even have to ever touch or handle the product yourself! NOTE: You may sell your own products/services OR someone else's OR both.

Don't worry about that now--just know that it is VERY EASY to do. THE PRODUCT is the EASY part!

OK. But...


Ahhh--yes. Is that what's stopping you? Not any more!  

Again - very easy to do. There are all kinds of "things" to sell. It all works pretty much like this...

To illustrate HOW it's done let me put it in a very simple explanation:

In a REGULAR offline retail store ( Ex. Barnes and Noble). The customer walks in. They shop for books that they can pick up and read physically. If they want the book, they go to the checkout counter. Next they give the cashier their credit card or cash to pay for the book. The cashier bags the book and gives the customer back her credit card and a receipt. That's it. Now let's say YOUR new business is also A BOOKSTORE. (You can even sell Barnes and Noble's books!) You can sell other books too! You can sell CD's, gifts, lighting, pillows, etc. --anything that a reader might want or need! BUT--there's no "physical" product you say? Well yes, there IS. But YOU don't have to touch it or send it! That's the BEAUTY of doing business online!

Here's the sequence for that SAME B&N customer but now she's shopping on YOUR business website:

She's shopping again - but this time she's at home on her computer (saving time and GAS!) using her favorite web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox. She types in "New Romance Novels". Since YOU were wise enough to build an online business using OUR recommendations, she finds YOUR store. She finds her book (it's just a picture on your site!) She can click the picture to read an excerpt if desired. She decides to BUY the book. All she has to do is click on a "buy now" or "add to cart" button on your site ( or on Barnes and Noble's own site) that will be right next to the book she likes.

When the button is clicked, a secure CHECKOUT page opens up. She enters her credit card info. and completes the purchase. Barnes and Noble then SENDS her the "physical" book! And YOU have a sale! To let you see this kind of thing close up and in person Here's an example of a simple online business that I am helping with. It's really just that simple. Beautiful Isn't it?

Don't you want to be in position to do that over and over and over again? THAT'S what we'll show you how to do!! may also be be wondering...

"CAN I DO eBay and other auctions?

YEP! To find the best way to source your products AND the ultimate way to make money with auctions, just go HERE!


(Actually--the best and easiest way is to SIGN UP to talk to me using the simple form below!) That's very easy too. We offer the world's best, most highly regarded software system which includes 12 mo. of hosting and also your domain name registration PLUS a world of additional valuable resources. With only THIS single amazing product, you can do just about EVERYTHING you need to do to succeed beyond your dreams.

You would need to purchase this software (see below). On top of that, because there IS a pretty hefty learning curve, I also offer my own services and expertise to you. This is a huge value since it saves time, effort and errors. That means YOU get to the income point much faster and more effectively.

If you find this page
   to be of value,  
 please feel free to
 Tell everyone you
know about this page!
SPECIAL NOTE: You may even sign up for my
complimentary FREE consultation and class overview to learn first hand what this can really mean for you. To sign up just complete the simple form below. Once you do that, exact instructions for your free (one-hour!) session will be sent directly
to you! Some of the improvements in this template version Some people would simply prefer to have some help. Others like to go
it alone.

MANY busy business owners know they NEED to do this but cannot devote the time to do the work. In those cases, I do most if not ALL of it for them. (My services and labor rates are accessible through the link at bottom also)

Next question:


You get a legitimate REAL business. An honest, solid, potentially lucrative FULL-TIME income producing totally functional electronic-commerce business. Just like any brick and mortar business on the street but without all the headaches of the traditional offline business! The site you are ON right now is one great example!

There will be a site similar to this one in "behind the scenes" structure - but totally your own image and brand uniquely designed for YOUR desired customers!

IMPORTANT: The site itself is merely the CORE, hub or the "face" of the total business structure. Do not be lulled into believing that you'll have ONLY a "website"! This is much, much MORE than that. To do it optimally you would need both a. the software and b. my services. IF you are very computer savvy and know ( or can learn) the code necessary to develop an attractive web business site, you may not need my services at all. In addition, you really must be good at copy writing. If your thoughts don't "flow freely" or you are language or grammar "challenged", you'll be best served by utilizing my reasonably priced services. The payoff is well worth the investment - I make sure of that.

BOTTOM LINE? By working with us, you are literally guaranteed to correctly position for success in your chosen business concept. No one can guarantee actual earnings. So I like to say it this way:

"There are no "magic bullet" answers in business. But if there's a way to give yourself the absolute best SHOT, we give you the ultimate weapon!"

I think that's as well as it can be said - and it is the truth.

And finally,


That's the easiest of all to answer! There are 4 very simple steps:

  1. Order the software (this is the system, the core engine that RUNS your business) NOTE: when you get to the order page--the actual FORM is at the bottom so scroll down to place your order)

  2. Decide if you want/need some help from us.

  3. If you DO need/want help, send an e-mail me (or just call) for a free business consultation. Then I'll send you a customized Business Course Instructions and/or a Business Development Services Rate Proposal. If the proposal meets your conditions of satisfaction, simply sign the services rate proposal document and fax back to me. There are NO strict terms or lengthy contracts whatsoever). I work in true partnership fashion at all times.

  4. Get started!

  5. For a more in depth detailed look at all of this including total investment costs, etc. click HERE. You may always contact me at any time also with any kind of question or concern. Thanks for reading about THE best way to either START or improve business using the Internet!


    Brian P. Hower
    President and Founder
    SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates
    "Business, the INTERNET, and YOU!"
    814-835-9255 or TOLL FREE 1-866-452-4243
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