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Find The Best Small Business To Start

Learn Exactly
How To Start A Business

(And Do It All The Right Way)

What Is Truly The Best Small Business To Start?

The answer should be obvious. The best business to start is your very own small business. More specifically, it should be your own INTERNET small business.

most affordable business to start

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If that's true (and we believe you'll soon agree that it is true), your next questions are likely to be...

"Can I actually learn how to start a business?"


"Will I really be able to make money online (and/or offline) once my new business is established?"

The answers to those two are "Yes" and "YES!".

The reasoning for these answers and all the details you'll ever need can be found all throughout this very internet small business website, www.business-internet-and-media.com.

Also, to further convince you if you still don't see the possibilities, HERE'S a new article from MSN that gives you actual statistics for Major US cities.

HERE'S A Brand NEW Video That Shows What We Do
(And Why YOU Should Too!) Absolutely Perfectly:

It's likely you are now asking yourself:

"Why would I not learn how to start a business of my own and use the Internet to make sure I succeed?"


Already Own A Business or Basic Website? Finally Discover How To Fully Utilize The Internet. CLONE Your Current Offline Business Models And Find Profitable, New And Creative Ways To Make Money Online... AND Off!
Convert Your Current Lackluster "Website" Into A Powerful New Business Communications And Sales Generation HUB!"

Please play this video now. It is a little dramatic but I think it is an
excellent illustration of the realities we all face in today's world and the very
reason I am developing this site for you.
I hope it makes you stop and think.

Also, if you are already in business, online and/or offline, you may be looking to the Internet as a way to "recession proof", expand or strengthen your business.

In these tough economic times, you can probably come up with your own long list of good reasons for contemplating this... Job losses, lower pay, uncertain future, dishonest companies, lack of decent new jobs, lack-luster bosses, slow offline sales.... this could go on and on.

You are likely here because of one or more of these reasons. Or maybe you have just always wanted to start a business and now is the time for you. Maybe you need to make “extra” money. Perhaps you are serious and need to make money now and replace your full-time income.

You are looking for the best business to start. Right? There are also probably many questions on your mind with regard to starting your own business on the Internet, how to build a website or what it really takes to make money online. "Would it be nice to work from home?" “How difficult is it, really, to build a website, start my own business and make money online?” “In the current economy, what is the best business to start - and how?”

Before you read any further, please realize that THIS website really is the answer to:

"How To Start A Business Or Dramatically Improve Your Own Business Using The Internet Correctly"

The bottom line is whether or not YOU have the
fortitude to act on what we're showing you.

So next, before we get into all of this, you really need to understand what real internet business means. If you are still looking for the "quick and easy" or "make money overnight" you are in the wrong place. That's not what we do here.
However, if you are seeking ways to give yourself the world's best CHANCE to truly succeed online and also offline in any real and legitimate small business endeavor, you simply could not be in a better place!

With our recommendations and assistance, you will be able to achieve almost anything you can imagine. This site shows you precisely how to do it. Seem to good to be true? It's not. It takes planning and research and some skill. Please just realize that this is 100% real and much easier than you think. It's just an amazing set of tools and additional beneficial programs that are managed so that business results from the activities.

That IS what we do here. So if the latter is you, let's continue on toward your exciting and extremely worthwhile journey toward small business success.

Right now, you need great, real-world answers to these questions and more. So let's get to the point and the value we offer you here. At SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates and www.business-internet-and-media.com, we are here to educate, simplify and assist. We seek out and recommend only the most affordable, proven and professional ways possible for you to:

Correctly Learn How To Build A Website, Start Your Own Business And

Make Money Online...And OFF.

The end result is a real, potentially lucrative BUSINESS of your very own. It will be web - "based", with a website similar to the one you are on right now, but will also be an OFFLINE business as well. This system is that complete.

Today's economy is tough; very challenging. To succeed in business you must become excellent.

"Knowledge and timber shouldn't be much used till they are seasoned." -- Oliver Wendell Holmes

Once you become excellent, it's a matter of reaching your target market.

The Internet, when approached systematically and correctly, holds an unlimited target market for each and every one of us.

So let's look at some issues, ideas and rock-solid solutions to all of this. This is extremely important information for you and ideal if you are an:

  • Individual and/or Entrepreneur: Any individual or entrepreneurial spirit with an idea and some desire to succeed on his/her own mettle. Age does not matter! Anyone can start his or her own business. Any website can earn real money. Our job is to make it EASY for you.

    Benefits: Control your own finances and work environment. Make more money than a job can provide. Create your own retirement and lifestyle. Time freedom. Start your own business and do what YOU really love - It's fun! Yet it's also very serious business. The goal is to generate very significant, even job replacing annual income. There are no limitations on earnings. Keep your job, or eventually leave on your own terms, etc.

    Plus, this is the least expensive way possible to start your own business.

  • OR if you are an:
  • Existing Small Business Owner (currently with or without a "website"): - Any existing offline and/or online small business owner. By doing this, you are essentially duplicating/leveraging your entire business revenue potential by "cloning" and expanding your entire concept. It does not necessarily have to cost you any extra time or effort***.

    *Already have a website? See the note immediately below!*

  • NOTE
    : Applies equally as well to those that have ALREADY started a "website" as to those just getting started. This concept goes WAY beyond the typical website with which you are familiar. Just because you "have a website" does NOT mean you have a successful online business! So don't be fooled. ASK YOURSELF: " Is my current situation on the Internet actually helping me to make more money? Or am I just thinking that pretty pictures = income? That is not true! Read this article to understand exactly what you must do to get real human traffic to your site.~

    **This system does include real-time e-commerce sales transaction capabilities also.**

    Benefits: Reduce overhead. Increase sales and ROI. Set up a business "succession plan" and retire securely. MAJOR POINT: Take total control of your LOCAL market! Then multiply your income streams and open your business to the world! etc., etc. If you are struggling: This just may be your economic salvation.

    ***If you believe you do not have time, but do want to start a business using the Internet, we can build the complete online business for you and with you.***

    remote learn from home online SBI Site Build It classes course -- Special Option For Everyone --: Because I am one of just 30 individuals world-wide selected to teach these special methods, you also have the option of taking our comprehensive online course.

    Keys To Success For All:

    Easy Step-By-Step Program - NO Computer or Special Skills Needed
    Extremely Affordable - FREE Expert Advice
    "Best-Of-Breed" Systems - Completely Open, Honest & Ethical
    Highly Flexible - No Long Term Commitments
    Proven to WORK - Thousands Agree.

    The total value you receive with SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates is unsurpassed. There's simply no better choice for starting your own business, developing it to it's fullest extent and ultimately succeeding in a very big way.

    Are we speaking your language? If so, get ready to smile. Throughout this website, you will discover a new way of seeing the world of business. One where you can create a brand new future for yourself and your family!

    You have a choice. Remain in your current situation, whatever that may be, which is fine IF you are truly happy and fulfilled. However, if you are like the majority of people everywhere you know there is an even better life for you. So, do you want it? That's all you need to decide.

    Did you realize you can use the Internet for ALL your local and LONG DISTANCE calls and

    SLASH your annual phone bill by up to 90% with magicJack!?

    Use It! I do.

    The Choice Is Clear

    Avoid huge amounts of wasted time, money, effort and all the associated frustration. Choose to succeed now...The right away.

    By choosing to work with SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates, you have literally the best of ALL worlds: "The Perfect 10"
    1. The world's best business building and sales systems - Because it's done right - This really WORKS.
    2. This is absolutely the easiest business to start.
    3. It is the world's best business to start because it's the most effective.
    4. It is also the most affordable business to start.
    5. A caring, professional, personal coach and partner.
    6. Every marketing tool you'll ever need to promote your new endeavor.
    7. Everything in a simple, very doable and manageable format.
    8. Sensible, Practical and Real - No hype or gimmicks here whatsoever.
    9. Your business can be anything at all you want it to be. No restrictions on content - you have 100% creative freedom!
    10. All of this at such a low investment that it is truly the best value attainable.
    How can you possibly do better?

    "Hi Mitch! I am hiring an associate for my website. His name is Brian Hower. He is awesome! He will help you in whatever capacity you want. His website address is http://business-internet-and-media.com and his e-mail address is bphower1(at)verizon.net. Sure, you could go with a free website, but you get what you pay for!!"

    -- Misty H., Seattle

    We'll be continually developing this small business website as a resource for you and everyone you know (tell them about this!) that would likely benefit by the plethora of resources and small business information we are compiling for you.

    Our goal is to make www.business-internet-and-media.com one of the very best small business and Internet marketing destinations on the entire world-wide-web.

    Yes! You can do it. Start your own business...correctly, effectively and extremely affordably too. Let us be your guide, your support system and your confidant. We want you to succeed, in the most efficient, enjoyable and fulfilling ways possible.

    We offer FREE personal assistance as you get started in your new business venture.

    If desired we will contract with you
    to do part or all of the work on your project

    Whether you are just thinking about hoe to start a business, are a seasoned business owner re-designing a website or now learning how to build a website, with SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates, you always have every option available to you. Truly zero risk. We've structured everything so that you just cannot lose.

    If you are looking for simply the easiest, most practical and affordable and yet also most effective way to start your own business or build a website that makes money, call us today. This is truly your ultimate small business success solution.

    Please feel free to call or contact us at any time to answer any question at all.

    There's never a charge for that!

    Welcome to www.business-internet-and-media.com!...your personal partners in small business success.

    Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
    To learn more or to take your first step towards
    true small business success,
    click here..

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    Well, let me ...

    Here's To Your Unlimited Success.


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    Economic Woes ?
    "When YOU start a business and ultimately succeed, you not only affect the economy; you BECOME the economy. Learn the right way to get started on the web by using the Internet business website you are on - right now.

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