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Here Are Your EASYOnline Course SET UP Instructions !


(takes you directly to the bottom of THIS page. There's a link there, at the VERY bottom of the page, (below the calendar) - to bring you right back here!)

OK. Here are your Online Course Set Up Instructions.

Now that you have made the very wise decision to start your business or get your existing business finally going online, it's time to get SET UP for your exciting internet business online course!

The first time you read through this it may seem kind of complicated. That's OK. So read through it at least twice before doping anything at all. The set up process is actually extremely simple. But I thought it would make it even easier if I made this page dedicated only to getting you completely set up. Once you have gotten everything set up correctly, you'll see how efficient this really is and you'll actually think it is FUN to do.

Please read THIS ENTIRE PAGE at least once. Then read EACH section again before clicking the outbound links. You should probably even print out THIS page so you have an easy reference.

Well alright, here we go. If somehow you still have not ordered your SBI! system HERE'S the ORDER PAGE for you once again (!!remember to scroll to the bottom of that page to get to the order form!!). Other than bringing your motivation and intelligence, ordering your SBI! system and learning these instruction steps are the ONLY prerequisites!


Also, you will always need your SBI! LOG IN PAGE at your fingertips. The blue link in this very sentence will take you there every time!


There are FOUR other basic systems that you need to start using and/or get pretty familiar with.

They are:

1. PayPal -- You'll need a secure and easy way to pay for your classes (and also RECEIVE payments for your new business!). PayPal is very easy and very secure. Millions use it every day. You have options to use a credit card, a direct bank transfer or your own paypal account reserve funds that you deposit into an account within their system. It works really well. I have never had any problem at all. Here's what to do:

  1. AFTER reading this whole PayPal list first - Go to www.paypal.com.

  2. At the very TOP of that page find a little link that says: SIGN UP.

  3. Now go ahead and click and then SIGN UP for a FREE Premier Account - you will be asked for your banking and credit card info. in order to establish your account - this is 100% safe and secure--(PayPal is a huge well respected company owned by eBay). You will also be asked to create a USER Name and a PASSWORD. Most people use their e-mail address for the user name. But your PASSWORD should be unique, memorable and difficult to guess!-- WRITE your User Name and Password down somewhere will you'll always be able to find them!!

  4. Now--when you are ready to PAY for your class(es), just come right back here to the Instructions Page. (YOU DON'T need your own PayPal account to just pay for your classes with a credit card!) - here's the "Pay Now" button to pay for your class(es). Use the drop arrow box to select the correct rate for your class (See item "e" just below).

    My Rate Today Is:

  5. After clicking the "Pay Now" or the "Subscribe" button, You'll find TWO payment options: Credit Card OR PayPal (You don't need your own PayPal account to pay by credit card). If using the PayPal option, LOG IN to your newly created PayPal account - and then inside Paypal, find the button/tab at the top of the PayPal page that says: "Send Money". Click it. In the "TO:" box, type in MY e-mail which is: bphower1@verizon.net.

  6. OK. Choose your preferred payment method and then just fill in the details for the AMOUNT (have you earned a special rate from me? - if not - enter $20.00). Then select the little button next to "SERVICES/Other".

  7. Click "CONTINUE"

  8. Check your transaction details -- All look correct?

  9. Click "SEND MONEY"
You're Done! Easy, huh?

NOTE: You'll see a "VERIFY Account" button inside PayPal. This is something you should also do right away. Here's how THAT works:

When you set up your account, PayPal will ask you to "verify" it.

That means that they will make TWO small deposits into your bank account. The amounts are in pennies Ex. .07 and .21.

It takes 3-5 days for your bank to register the deposits. So DON'T wait for your monthly statement. You can CALL the bank and have them tell you what the 2 deposit amounts are. Then you LOG IN to PayPal and click the "verify" button. Enter the two amounts that you got from the bank - that's it. You have just verified your account. Why do this? Because only YOU can know what those two deposits were. When you tell PayPal they now know that you are really YOU. That secures your account!


2. GIZMO --- Allows us to TALK to each other during class! You call in to the classes using the INTERNET as opposed to a phone line -- so the calls are FREE!

Instructions: **READ the entire process before you come back here and click the link!**

  1. Go to GIZMO.

  2. Under "FOR YOUR COMPUTER" there are three "download" choices. Make sure you choose the right operating system for your computer.In most cases it will be "Windows". If you use MAC or Linux, simply choose that one instead. Click to start the FREE download. When prompted, choose:"Save File".

  3. When your computer starts downloading, you'll see a bar spreading across the screen. When it is done you will start to see "prompts". These are small pop up windows asking you what to do with the downloaded information.

    You want to "INSTALL", "OPEN" or "LAUNCH" the software-so click "OK". It will already go to the best files in your computer so...let it "CONTINUE". And then you'll see the "Set Up Wizard".-->"Continue" and then "NEXT--> Accept (check the I agree box to accept the terms--it is completely safe to do so -- see why below)). Keep going with NEXT-->Next-->Next-->Next--NO( to mobile phone)-->Next. Now click "INSTALL". Wait for it to stop and then click "FINISH".

    Then go ahead and LAUNCH Gizmo. If you are asked to create a Desktop icon..say YES!

    The Gizmo INTERFACE will come up on your screen. Click on "Login using my basic info." That will OPEN Gizmo for you to use.

    You'll hear a pleasant "bling-a-ling" sound when Gizmo is ready for you. You should see a new box with some buttons in it. Click the one at the bottom to "Make a TEST CALL" to be sure it's working.


    There will also be a question to AGREE/disagree to the TERMS of Agreement, etc. Just select the button next to "Agree" and continue. Again, no need for concern. I have read hundreds of such "Terms", etc. They are all basically identical. They are called "adhesion clauses". That means that you just need to agree not to do anything dishonest, harmful, illegal ,etc. And you would never do any of that -- correct?

    OK. Just click AGREE and then NEXT, CONTINUE, etc.


    So for Gizmo, all you'll ever need to do for classes are:

    A. Open Gizmo and LOG IN

    B. CALL IN to the CLASS by opening the DIALPAD "tab" in Gizmo. Then, using either your computer keyboard or your MOUSE ( move the CURSOR to the WHITE text entry box, left CLICK to put it there and then simply point and left click on the numbers!) enter 1-222-333-4444 (no dashes needed) into the white space at the top of the Gizmo console. (I'll already be waiting for you! Just wait for me to say "Hi") IF YOU GET DISCONNECTED--just Log back in and re-DIAL the same number.

    NOTE: As a second option, there are other free conference call numbers we may have to use. Your only expense would be your normal long distance for your phone company. But as long as Gizmo is acceptable and works well - we're saving you the Long Distance charges!

    Also very IMPORTANT! --> See the NOTE below regarding Speakers and Microphones!!



Hopefully your computer already has speakers AND a microphone. If you need a microphone - get an Internet microphone or better yet, a computer HEADSET. If you want to do that, simply click right here to purchase YOUR Lightweight Computer Headset.

Make SURE your speakers are turned ON!! Can you play music and/or hear sounds on websites, etc.? If yes - you should be OK.

BUT - as a precautionary measure, let's ALL do this:

Go to your computer's START button - Click once and find "CONTROL Panel" -- OPEN Control Panel.

Now Find the icon that says "SOUNDS/Audio" or something very similar. There should be an icon (graphic)that looks like a speaker. Click that to open it.

OK. Now you should have a grayish box with some TABS at the top. One of them say "VOICE". Open that tab.

Good. Now find the BUTTON near the bottom of the VOICE (or possibly the "ADVANCED" tab) page that says: "Test Hardware". CLICK IT.

This will start a test of your microphone, etc. You'll see a bar going across indicating that the test is "in progress".

When the test is over you will see two smaller "equalizer" type windows. MAKE SURE your headset and/or Microphone are PLUGGED IN and CORRECTLY into your computer. Then SAY "Hello" or whistle or something. The equalizer should register by rising into the green yellow and red areas of the scale. If the do--you should be AOK. NOTE: You may need to run this test each time you take a class. It's best to do it because we want to be sure you and I can communicate for one full hour each class. It's not fair to others if other students are not set up properly.

I expect some glitches--but let's each try to minimize them OK?


3. Microsoft SHARED VIEW (Windows) or YUUGUU (for Mac/Linux if necessary) -- These programs let you SEE my actual computer screen. This makes it very much like we're sitting in the same room -- actually even BETTER!

** All you ever need to do with either of the screen share programs is watch for an E-mail from ME about 15 minutes before each Class Session. There will be simple instructions in that e-mail telling you exactly how to JOIN the Class. It is very easy to do. You just open the e-mail, click the first long link and then enter the session ID and password. The E-mail will LOOK LIKE THIS (CLICK Here!)**


4. Agree-A- Date: Use the "Schedule Your Class Time" button that looks like THIS:

to actually schedule all of your appointments and Class Times with us!

(the REAL BUTTON is DOWN the page, just above the Main Calendar at the bottom of THIS Instructions page)

NOTE: You will have already paid for the class/appointment in PayPal above on this page first. This scheduling system is only for requesting YOUR personal class time slot.

I will have the main class schedule available to you at all times right at the very bottom of THIS page too. If you can't make a class, you can let me know and then schedule yourself for the very next one that you can attend. It's best NOT to miss any sessions during the 30 weeks. Don't sign up if you are not reasonably certain you can make all sessions!!

However - I will also have time slots for special arrangements so that everyone should have a way to start, catch up if necessary, and finish the entire course.


YOU will use the "Select Your Class Time" button to secure yourself a "seat".

So, once again, using the "Select Your Class Time" button, select the correct class DATE and then choose the correct TIME SLOT on the scheduling page that matches the MAIN Schedule at the bootom of THIS page. Inside the scheduling program, BE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN to enter your DETAILED NOTES in the "Comments to Instructor" box exactly as follows: EX. "I have PAID $20.00 for above Date. Class Time is 8:55 AM and Session is D1A".


You AND I will both get an INITIAL confirmation from Agree-A-Date with the details. HOWEVER, as you'll see when you make the appointment, things are NOT finally confirmed until I check all the details and send you a SECONDARY confirmation. Once you receive THAT e-mail from Agree-A-Date as well. Unless otherwise stated, it means we will both be ON THE CALL for class 5 MINUTES prior to that scheduled time to do the actual appointment or class session.

Everyone can see the current CLASS status on The CLASS CALENDAR right here below at any time. It will always be up-to-date!


Complete SUMMARY of the STEPS:


a. SOFTWARE - Purchase your SBI! software (can be done at the top of this page) and also Speakers and a Microphone (or a computer headset) if you need them!

b. PAYMENTS - Set Up your PayPal account and verify the 2 deposits with your bank about 3 days later.

c. To "TALK" - Download GIZMO and make sure your speakers, microphone (or headset)are turned on and working! And make a Gizmo TEST Call.

d. To "SEE" - Understand how the SCREEN SHARE ( Shared View and/or YuuGuu) systems work--get MY e-mail just before classd and JOIN the session!

e. SCHEDULING - Understand that you will need to set ALL of your appointments and Class Times using (Agree-A-Date/"Schedule Your Class Time") system on THIS very page.

ON CLASS DAY (or day or 2 ahead):

1. CHECK - Check the Class Schedule (always at bottom of THIS page)...Are you signing up for the CORRECT class and day?

2. PAY - Make your PayPal payment for the Class (on THIS page too.)

3. BOOK (request/schedule) your preferred class TIME using the ACTUAL "Schedule Your Class Time" Button below - just above the main calendar. ( As you do this be sure to follow ALL instructions!)

NOTE: ALL Time Slots are EASTERN Standard Time. So adjust accordingly please.

(And then at 15 minutes or so prior to class),

4. CALL IN - Open Gizmo, LOG In, and Enter the Conference Number into GIZMO. (You should now have a desktop icon for this.) Now click the GREEN Phone image! Wait for me to enter the conference.

5. JOIN CLASS! - Go GET my SCREEN SHARE e-mail (either "Shared View" or "YuuGuu"). Click the LINK in the e-mail, enter the session ID and password details from that same e-mail message -- and JOIN the Session -- at least 5 minutes EARLY. When I SHARE my screen and START the CLASS, you will SEE it happen!

THAT'S how it works!

OK. Are you ALL SET UP? See you in the next class!

It wouldn't be professional or "pedagogically prudent" to just tell you to show up for class now would it? Sooooooo...here, my eager students, are the "CLASS RULES"...!
  1. Please ALWAYS arrive (call into the conference) at least 5 minutes early.The Times on the MAIN Class Schedule are the EXACT CALL-IN Times. Ex. For a 10:00 Class, you will CALL IN at 9:55.

  2. Please keep small talk and questions to a minimum--our 60 minutes will be FULL. We'll handle questions and comments outside of the conference(class) time. But DO write down your questions and comments.

  3. Please come prepared to TAKE NOTES.

  4. If it's noisy where you are, please MUTE your Gizmo (in the Gizmo console, enter: *2 to MUTE and *3 to re-enter conversation).

HERE'S MY Contact Information should you need to reach me:

Phone: (814)835-9255 or Toll Free 1-866-452-4243

E-mail: Click Here

For SPECIAL SESSIONS outside the normal Class Schedule times check my AVAILABILITY by clicking here FIRST!

If I am available, please feel free to SCHEDULE a time to talk or learn. No charge for simple questions. Same hourly rate as class time if more involved. Ex. if we need more than 15-20 min. to accomplish something.

Now - Please REFRESH (or reload) this page at the top of YOUR computer's screen to make sure the schedule is CURRENT!!

(Look for an icon/graphic on you main toolbar at the top of your screen that looks like a "circular arrow". Click on that image OR find "View" - open it and then scroll to "refresh" or "reload" page.)

HERE'S THE CLASS CALENDAR--(ALL TIMES ARE EASTERN Standard Time! The times you SEE are the exact times to call in for the class): Always up to the minute!

**CLICK on either the WEEK or the AGENDA tabs to see a good display of the actual classes and schedule.** ("Month" tab is kind of worthless)

** ALWAYS CHECK the SCHEDULE HERE - But after paying for your class time in PayPal, go to the "Schedule Your Class Time" button RIGHT HERE to actually set up your class time and also to get the class time CONFIRMED as per the explanation above.**

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