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THE ULTIMATE Small Business Internet Solution!

What Is THE ULTIMATE Small Business Internet Solution?

It's our SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates Total Small Business Internet Success Program.

*** To get the most immediate value from this web page, I recommend that you read the entire page slowly and deliberately one time first. I wrote this specific page to hopefully make it obvious to you the wonderful opportunity we have here for you. Then start again and go to any links you think may help you further.***

After 6 years of arduous research, intensive education, and experiencing just about every possible positive and negative result, we are certain we are uniquely qualified to give you this recommendation.

You DO want to succeed, right?

By "succeed" we mean: ESTABLISH both an online AND/or an offline small business powerhouse that generates potentially FULL-TIME income using the Internet as the central command hub and base-of-operations. No fads, no gimmicks, no "pie-in-the sky". Just honest-to-goodness solid and proven effective business methods that enable creation of 100% unique Internet-based businesses that really do WORK. They work because they are designed, structured, developed and managed correctly and competently. That's it.

Now, before you start to ask..."But WHAT IS IT Exactly?"...

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OK. All Signed Up? Thanks!

This is where I think many people get stuck. The answer is so simple, so obvious, that it is often misunderstood or missed altogther. So let's be perfectly clear.

"IT" is:

Your very own correctly put together, fully interactive, completely functional e-commerce business "website".

Your new online business will be built either by you OR with our assistance. However, we are not talking about a typical "website" at all. We are talking about a real online BUSINESS, complete with products/services, customers and sales transactions, etc.
Full electronic commerce!

The differences from the typical "website" most people think of are ENORMOUS. Call us for a free discussion any time to be sure you fully understand exactly why this system is THE ONLY way to go.

So What Will It LOOK Like? Well, you're on one right now! Yours can be similar to this one or quite different. Make it as unique as you wish. Click HERE for a retail ecommerce site and HERE for a restaurant that I am personally developing for some local clients. Visit THIS LINK To see some more actual examples!

Additionally, we'll work with you to extend your business directly into the OFFLINE world as well.

Already own an offline small business? Great! We'll show you how to get into position to double or triple your business by "cloning" or expanding your business on the web!

If you are thinking: "But I already have a "website"..." Pay close attention. It is highly likely that your current site is not as productive or as profitable as it should be. In that case, you may employ our systems to either:

  1. Create a NEW "companion" business website. This new bigger, more powerful site will now generate the missing traffic to your current site.

  2. Click HERE For A Real-World illustration of exactly what this means.


  3. Simply start over and build a bona-fide online BUSINESS and not merely another online "ad" or brochure!

So do the hard thing and ask yourself very honestly...

"Which do I have now; An "AD" or An "Online BUSINESS"?" What do I really want to have?

To summarize, our one-of-a-kind program offers you a real, 100% unique Internet-BASED business of any kind, that is all yours and that really does WORK!

Successful execution of an Internet business is the most affordable, easiest to start and run and also the most potentially LUCRATIVE small business option in the entire world.

Other than winning the lottery, there's simply nothing better.

Hopefully that has piqued your interest enough to read on.

OK. Now that that question is out of the way, We can now confidently say to any individual, entrepreneur, existing small business owner and/or website owner, that you need, at a minimum, these things if you really intend to tuly succeed in a very big way.

  1. Certain Personality Traits: Ex. Average To Above Intelligence, Accurate Self-Assessment, Intense Desire And Unwavering Commitment To Succeed

  2. A Solid And Profitable IDEA
  3. -- (If you don't have one yet, it's OK! Start anyway.)

  4. A Well Thought Out Business Start-Up, Development And Feasibility Plan

  5. Several Options To Both Finance And Monetize The Business

  6. A Great Vehicle To Bring The Concept To Life

  7. Highly Targeted, Effective Traffic Generation aka Marketing For The Business

  8. Great Ancillary Systems That Enable Efficient Operations

  9. An Effective Way Further Develop, Monitor And Manage Everything.

  10. Some Honest, Expert Guidance/Assistance

  11. Patience And A HUGE Sense Of Humor!

Easy As Pie. Anyone can do it.

Not so fast, you say? How in the world can it be "Easy" ?

Well, you're right. It isn't easy. That's why I am in business help you do this. You also always have the option to have us do some or all of it for you and/or with you.

I currently have clients (just too busy with their jobs, kids and life) that want me to do almost 100% of their work. They simply send me their ideas and any additional files they want to use (Ex. photos of products.) They then direct me and I "advise or recommend" next steps. We agree on some plans and then proceed.

Others are confident enough (and have the free time!) to do much of the work themselves. These clients consult with me on an "as needed" basis. The great thing for everyone is that they can get started quickly and affordably. Then they always know that they have every flexible option open to them. It's really the IDEAL situation.

So fear not! Because of the recommendations I will make to you today, you will finally start to see, really see, that true small business success IS, indeed, not as difficult as it seems. And you know what? Almost anyone really can do it! This is absolutely true!

So again, What IS Our Ultimate Small Business Internet Solution?

Simply stated, it is a total internet small business start-up, business development and management program including MY free coaching for as long as you want it! We provide the solutions to needs A through J listed above.

We provide the education, the systems, the coaching, even the labor! All you really need to bring is the motivation and commitment. No system or offering is "perfect". However, where will you find everything we offer at Searchlight Business Advocates? Where will you find it at all, let alone for less of an investment!?

By Taking Advantage Of Our Basic Program And The Other Recommendations We Have Waiting For You, You Will Be Giving Yourself As Close To The IDEAL Business Model As It Is Possible To Obtain.

NOTE: The products, services and systems we offer you and others we highly recommend are for EVERY individual, entrepreneur and/or existing small business or website owner.

Before we show you more, let's take a quick look at some of the Features and Benefits you'll enjoy through participation in our programs:

If you are an INDIVIDUAL Or Budding Entrepreneur, I think you'll see that these features and benefits are precisely what YOU really need.

Internet-Based Do business and sell literally anything - both online and OFF with anyone, anywhere.
As Simple As It Gets If you are High School educated, you can do this. Questions? Just CALL!
Complete E-Commerce System Best-Of Breed Complete! Sell anything directly from your site to anyone-anytime. Muliple streams of income.
100% Flexibility NO limitations. This is YOUR 100% unique business. ANYTHING you want it to be. Small Business "modeling clay"!
Expert Coaching INCLUDED! FREE expert advice anytime you need it.
"Do-It-For-Me" Option If you wish, we'll do part or ALL of the work FOR you!
Always AFFORDABLE There is simply NO better or more affordable way to start, grow and succeed in business. Every option, from basic to fully developed e-commerce content management, is guaranteed as or more affordable than any other "competitor".
UNLIMITED Income Potential Because this is THE correct approach to doing BUSINESS Using The Internet, Your income potential has NO limits!
Fully INTERACTIVE "All-In One" and "Best-Of Breed" systems means you'll communicate, market and SELL at every level easily and effectively. Your customers will love you.
Competetent, Trustworthy Partner One of just 40 individuals World-Wide selected to teach the college level course: "Building A Successful Business Using The Internet". Our results are predictable and highly visible! We will NEVER intentionally steer you wrong. You may even earn money immediately by partnering with me for FREE!
Unsurpassed Value The Total Value You Get With SearchLight Business Advocates, CANNOT be beaten. Where else can you achieve this for FREE to the cost of lunch a day?

For Existing Small Business Owners - Online or OFF and any of you that "Already Have A Website" Or Currently Do Not:

Every one of the features and benefits above, of course, apply just as well to you too.

This totally comprehensive system is hands down the EASIEST, most affordable, and most effective way possible for YOU to start and/or dramatically improve upon your small business and Internet activities. If you are at the point where you realize that you need to get started, there is simply NO better option in the world for you. Click HERE to learn why.

If you already have a website, yet you know in your gut that it can and should be doing alot better than it is, this is also THE best answer for you.

Please realize that just "having a website" with some words and pretty pictures, is not owning and running a highly profitable internet-based small business. There is SO much more to this idea than that. It is that unfortunate perception that has resulted in over a 95% online business failure rate. DON'T be one of those! Click HERE for more information about your particular situation--and exactly what to do about it.

Well alright, why should you take my advice and take action on my recommendations?

That's also so simple. The answer is crystal clear:

Because it just makes 100% good common sense.

And Business Sense. That's exactly WHY I DID IT. No one decided for me or coerced me. I did my research, felt strongly that this would work and made a decision to begin. I whole heartedly believe in the systems, products and services I recommend. I recommend only what I know to be the world's very best offerings. They're the ones that WORK. Recommendations are always based upon thorough research, personal experience and quality/price total value.

So please, do not make an emotional decision. Don't even do anything based on what I have said here on this page. Just get the facts and then decide. I think you'll come to the very same conclusion that I did.

But if you know that you are finally ready, REALLY ready to start doing real business and start the process to true financial and lifestyle success, just read everything n the rest of this website and especially within the LINKS provided. The answers you need are either already here OR soon on the way.

"OK. Brian. "How Much Does It Cost?" and "What exactly do I need to do?"

Costs: I would love to just print a simple rate list here. However, due to the wide array of possibilities, this varies widely depending upon what your individual goals are. Just know that real business building is never FREE. Common sense tells us that it can't be truly "no cost". But I can tell you that beyond a doubt, this program is THE ALL-TIME least costly way ever to start and develop a REAL small business. The costs should not be the thing that stops you.

In fact, I have developed a way that you can actually earn good money for FREE. I created the option for those that are truly financially destitute or those that just want/need to make some immediate money. Most people with "normal" financial situations know that they will need to invest a reasonable amount of money if they ever expect to generate significant profits.

The best way for us to determine what YOUR particluar investment will be is to just get on the phone or e-mail.

With that understanding, I want to be absolutely certain that you know this:

From the beginning, I made it a major part of my business mission to keep YOUR start-up and development costs as LOW as they can possibly be.

After all, the entire point is for this not to be a financial burden for you. The point is for you to make money! Therefore, rest assured, we'll arrive at a true win-win agreement that we are both very comfortable with. THAT I guarantee.

What To Do: There are really just 4 simple steps:
  1. Get the main software and business building SYSTEM. (This gives you 90% of everything you will ever need!)

  2. Decide whether you want to DO IT YOURSELF or have us DO some or all of it FOR YOU. (Don't let the lack of time STOP you!)

  3. How will you know? Answer the following critical questions:

    1. Do I have time to do it myself?

    2. Do I LOVE writing?

    3. Am I an "artistic" person?

    4. Am I technically/computer inclined?

    5. Am I GREAT with attention to detail?

    If you cannot answer a resounding YES to ALL of those questions, you know to just be the owner and LET US DO IT FOR YOU. This is the sensible decision in at least 80% of the cases I have seen
    Lots of people would be awesome at business and being a business owner. But just 1 in 100 actually has all of the traits and skills to put it all together so that it WORKS.

  4. Make A Solid PLAN For the Business (Call Us If You Ever Want Advice/Help)

  5. Start Building Your BUSINESS!

Could It Be Any Easier?


There's no way I can personally make you a success. Only YOU can do that. My role is to do my very best to make it as easy, affordable, effective, and fun as humanly possible. No matter what you decide, or which direction you take, even outside of my systems and recommendations, I will still do everything in my power to give you advice and my honest opinion. You see, above all, my goal is to actually help people. Great people who want the best life has to offer.

So, it's up to you and no one else. Are YOU finally ready to cut to the chase and create your own TRUE small business success story? If yes, call me anytime for a completely free business assessment with NO sales pressure whatsover.

If you now completely "get it" and are ready to begin, either call me OR just get started with STEP #1 RIGHT HERE.

You may always call me using the numbers below afterwards for more details and the next step(s).

All the best to you in all you do.


Searchlight "Best-Of-Breed" Recommendation!

If you plan to integrate eBay into your business, this book is a great and affordable starting point.

Starting an eBay Business
for details.

Thanks for reading!

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