Pay Per Play AUDIO Ads WORK!

So do pay per play audio ads work?

Pay-per-play audio ads? AUDIO ads? Haven't you yet heard about the concept of pay-per-play? What's that?

PPP (pay-per-play) audio ads are small 5 to 8 second sound bytes that an advertiser produces usually via telephone or PC microphone.

Then these "snippets" of sound are played to his/her chosen target audience when they are using their computers.

Pretty nifty isn't it?

Since the ads are short and unobtrusive, they have a quick impact on the listener without distracting them.

But the BEST thing about PPP, pay per play is that the listener can be asked to press a key on their keyboard right then and there. When they DO, the website (perhaps with a special offer or coupon) of the advertiser opens right in front of them!

If this is not THE most ingenious advertising ever, I don't know what could be.

Here's the rest of the story and why pay per play audio ads work and should work for YOU too!

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I thought adsense ads were as close to making free money as it could get. And it WAS until THIS came along! There are actually TWO ways to earn money and help your business with pay per play audio ads:

A. RUN FREE audio ads on YOUR site(s)!

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