Your Business Marketing Plan Should Include These 5 Pillars!

A Website - Done Really WELL!



Your WEBSITE is your number ONE marketing pillar. It is your image, your professional credibility - your BRAND.

It is the absolute foundation and communications HUB of all other sales. marketing and advertising activity that you do. THIS is your top lead generation engine!

Social Media - Appropriate For YOU.


Social Media.

I can't tell you how many times in my career that I was told that "I get all of my business through word-of-mouth".  I always sort of doubted that. Studies have shown that it is human nature to spread NEGATIVE gossip more frequently that anything positive.

So why not take more control! Don't trust that others will say good things about you.  Social media is modern day word of mouth! But now YOU get to control the narrative.

Email and Text (SMS) Messaging


Email/ Text Messaging.

By being proactive and interactive in reaching out and responding via email and instant messages, you are actively participating in the influencing of your potential or current customers. Directly targets your BUYERS. Why would you not do this activity?




Many people are more attracted to, influenced by and interact with video more than they do with written text alone.

They like to see and hear and watch motion when they learn! Video increases view time and thus improves rankings! What a great way to engage and gain more of those kinds of customers!

Ongoing CONTENT Development


Content Development.

Next to just having a great website as the rock solid foundation, further developing ALL of your programs is paramount. 

Adding high quality content to every one of them is like going from a house -- to a skyscraper -- to a city that is all YOURS!

The more "poles in the water"--where the fi$h are biting, the more YOU will catch. Right?

That's why you always hear that "Content is King". It's true!

There are many other marketing strategies in addition to these core 5.

We recommend that you try to at least get to the point where you have these 5 strategies working consistently for your business.

If you would like to learn how we can help you start, grow or blast off with your digital, internet marketing or anything more traditional like print advertising, radio/TV, etc. Just give us a call!

We love doing this work and would love to help YOU do it even more.

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