The Best Small Business Internet Marketing

Why do we say we have the best small business internet marketing solution?

There are hundreds of ways to start your own small business. Online, offline, franchising, buy outs, real estate, etc., etc.

But is there really a best small business internet marketing system complete with a fantastic business website that works to generate tons of ideally targeted buyers that make you a true business success?

Is this REALLY the best way to start your own small business, create a website and solid internet marketing program that actually does work for you; especially if start-up capital, cash flow and funding/budget are at a minimum?

Congratulations! The answer is yes. You have begun the journey to true small business internet success. This time, you'll know it's for real and have to look no further for your solution.

Individuals and Entrepreneurs - Start your very own internet business! Build a real small business website that just flat-out works!

Brick and mortar small business owners - Finally learn the right way to generate tons of online sales, leads and calls using the Internet! (90% do not have the right information)

Website owners - Transform your basic "brochure" style website into a fully fledged business development and ecommerce powerhouse! A "pretty" website is not necessarily a lucrative one! Which do you really want? ( you will have both here!)

We, at SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates and, will show you the way.

But how?  Well, that's what's known as "the rest of the story."  And I think you're going to love it, just like I do.

Here's a great, entertaining video of Lorelei's inspiring story that will help clarify the idea...

You see, When I was learning about building websites for small business owners, I thought "Wow! That is the coolest thing!". I knew, having been working in advertising for a couple of years, that the Internet would be THE marketing venue of the future.

Yet, the "websites" I saw and even sold, were really nothing more than an "online advertisement". Business owners had to TELL people to visit it AND make sure to give them the URL ( internet address and name of their websites).

So IF someone actually did type that in and get to
the website, they would find some nice images and maybe a bit more information about the business. And a Contact form.  Not much more.

And I, like most people, thought that was all it needed to be. 

Then, when several of my jobs went south for unexpected reasons, and I decided to officially start my own small business, I discovered the true potential of doing business using the INTERNET as the foundation. Yes, the foundation. Not just the online ad. Not just the "website".
All of that and SO much more!

In fact, there is so much more to it that it motivated me to create this very web business site. I've made it for me. I've made it for YOU. It's a resource for anyone wanting to start or build a small business, an internet business or any type ecommerce website - and do it the best possible way.

It's for existing small business and website owners too. Take your physical street business and duplicate it online. FIX that out-dated, stale brochure website that isn't bringing in business! Start over again and this time do it RIGHT.

Click here for a fairly comprehensive list of services that you may want to explore asap.

I sincerely hope you find value here in our pages. Call or contact us any time. We'd love to talk. We're here to help, especially in these three critical ways:

EDUCATE - On this website, on a free consultation call, via email, whatever, we'll SHOW you what we do, how we do it and why you should too!

ASSIST -  You may, of course, decide to do it yourself. But should you want partial assistance, or complete DIFM (Do it for me!), we'll guide you in the right direction for you.

PARTNER - We're with you all the way. No sell and run here. The only way we leave you is if YOU tell us to go. That's true partnership.

We KNOW you can do it.  You absolutely can build the best small business possible. Doing it properly can literally change everything.

Thanks for stopping by!

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