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Retargeting is the attempt to recapture the attention and hopefully the business of past customers or those that may have viewed your website but not taken action.

Also known as "remarketing",  retargeting is a type of online advertising. that can help you keep your brand in the minds of bounced website traffic after they have left your site.

Statistics show that only about 2% of web traffic converts to action or a sale on the first visit.

It's for exactly that reason that you need the best small business retargeting strategy in place asap.

"OK. Great!  But how do I do that?"

And that's the question we want to answer here for you.

How Do I Actually DO Retargeting?

Here is how retargeting works:

Normally, people land on your website, check it out, and then leave. Usually they never visit your site again. Ouch!

So what to do? You simply ad a snippet of special HTML ( computer website code) to your website. This code will not have any kind of negative effect on your site.

However, it will attach a "cookie" to each of your website visitors. A cookie is another piece of code that allows you to now "follow" that visitor as they move around the web!

Here's the cool part.  When those potential customers (that you would have lost) are doing other things on the web, subtle advertisements are shown to them on the other pages they visit.

The ads they see are YOURS!

This AD was shown to me on after my search for tillers at  So Home Depot "gets" retargeting!

That's why it's called retargeting or remarketing. It's because it gives you additional opportunities to influence and eventually convert those previously lost in space website visitors.  Pretty neat eh?  In fact, we think it's...

We'll Set Up Your Retargeting Campaigns FOR You

Like all of the other Internet Marketing tasks, you probably don't have time or want to do this yourself - right? As always, that's why we exist.  Just call or email us and say: "Let's do some retargeting ads!" 

We never partner with anyone but the best-of-breed organizations. This ensures that you always get the best small business retargeting and greatest possible ROI/value with SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates.

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