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You NEED the best Erie, PA local SEO service!

Why local SEO?

The foundation of the US economy is small local business. When your perfect client or customer is ready to purchase, you want to be the ONE they find!

Traditional SEO is usually focused upon content and keywords that will allow searchers to learn about something or find information

For example, the searcher might enter the phrase: "How to fix a broken toilet".

Local SEO shifts the focus to a more specific geographical keywords intended to help searchers find a particular type of business, place or location.

Here, the searcher might enter: "plumbers near Erie, PA"

The first search is for information. The second is for a quick solution. If you are a local business, you want to attract that second person since their need is more specific and immediate. Right?

The image below shows my own "top of the Google 3 pack" local result for my local seo keyword. If I can do it for myself, I can do it for you too!

Top 5 Local SEO Strategies

  1. Geographically designed and targeted, structured SEO
  2. Local NAPW (name, address, phone, website)  listing clean up, publication and distribution
  3. Business Reputation Management
  4. Persuasive, HIGHLY ranked keyword focused content
  5.  Local Demographics, Targeted Social Media

Those are 5 of the top local Erie, PA SEO strategies. There are many more as well. The better each one of these ideas is:

  • researched
  • planned out
  • developed and
  • executed

the better your chances are to be seen, called and selected by your ideally targeted Erie pa clients and customers!

So why wait? Every minute that you wonder whom to choose, what to try or when to act is money in someone else's pocket! 

Contact us today and let's do this for you!

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