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The best local direct mail marketing is OUR post card partnership program. Why is this THE very best direct mail program? That's easy. You see, as a small business ourselves, we're exactly like you. We need to lower costs while building and maintaining a strong business. Much of our revenue is also generated locally. We love the new digital and internet marketing platforms immensely, again, for the low cost and high ROI.

However, we still know that a great direct mailer can bring business fast and make a very strong, lasting impression as well. To keep costs down and revenue/ROI as high as possible we created a TRIPLE mailer system where THREE ( and only 3!) non-competitive area businesses can split the entire costs of the mailer! These are full color, 6 x 11, 14pt, UV coated, card stock. You get both front AND back of the cards!

Here's how it works: You simply provide your specifications and any images, special offer, etc. WE DO EVERYTHING else for you!! EASY.


Here are some examples:

CALL (814) 836 -8701 or Toll Free: 1-866-452-4243 for more Information.

We all need to SAVE money and generate BUSINESS to remain profitable. One of our most burdensome expenses is advertising and marketing. often times, what is intended to be an income generator, fails miserably and just costs us money. Mistakes can be made and money wasted. I'll bet you've felt that sunken feeling of having wasted advertising and marketing dollars, right?

So what to do? Well, we at Searchlight Business Advocates are always, always looking for better ways to do small business. Not only for ourselves, but for YOU. This program allows three non-competeing businesses to split the total costs of the design, copy, printing and mailing of these stunningly beautiful 6 x 11 full color post cards.

We recommend that you make a very compelling offer with a time constraint in your message. This will strengthen the impact, provide extra value and add urgency to motivate immediate action. This means that you'll see a higher response rate and greater ROI! All while cutting your initial investment by 60%!!

More samples for you!

Call us with questions or just buy now to get YOUR best local direct mail marketing system going. We'll contact you asap to iron out every detail.

CALL (814) 836 -8701 or Toll Free: 1-866-452-4243 for more Information.

*** No mailings go out before all parties have agreed to soft proofs and/or copy review, etc.***

If You See A PROFITABLE Outcome Based On Your Calculations, CALL US ASAP!

Marketing ROI Calculator
Direct-Mail / E-mail Marketing Campaign Marketing ROI Calculator

Use this easy calculator to determine the marketing ROI (Return on Investment) for any direct mail or e-mail campaign. Simply enter your program costs and projected program results under Input and click Calculate to instantly calculate the expected ROI and other relevant details like cost per piece, cost per new customer, etc.. Use this tool to consider different scenarios and of assumptions to see how your program results might vary with different response rates and probable conversion rates.

(To Get Your General Per Piece Rates and Mailing Volume Numbers Use: 1000, 2500, 5000, or 10000 for "Number Of Pieces" and 374, 670, 1200 or 2200 for "Program Costs". This will give you a close estimate of your actual investment and program results.)

Tip! Enter the annual value of each new customer. That's a better guideline for your true ROI.

If you feel strongly that this would be a PROFITABLE venture for your business. CALL or Email Us Today. We are looking for just TWO (2) other participants before this current mailing goes out! This means, it could be taken within a few hours from right now.

Input Data
Number of pieces you are mailing or e-mailing:    
Total program costs: $  
Response Rate: % of responses expected:   %
Conversion Rate: % of responders expected to make purchases:   %
Average profit per sale: $  
# Responders: Cost per response: $  
# Buyers:   Cost per buyer/new customer: $  
Total Profit from Campaign: $ Cost per piece: $  
Marketing ROI:   %  

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