Awesome Local Business BRANDING
  With Giant Eagle!

Do Your Customers Really Know YOU? Do you actively take steps to grow your business and develop your brand?

It's undeniable that the more popular and well recognized your business is, the better it will sell, right?  That's what great ADVERTISING "should" do for you. Unfortunately, most advertising fails miserably at it.

Why? Because either: Your ads are only visible only one-time and for a minute or less. And that's IF they are seen all. Or they also may be not be seen by your most desired potential customers. This means that ads are not seen, not seen by the right audience and/or not seen often enough for lonnngggg enough.

You NEED to be SEEN by:

  1. More People
  2. More Often and for
  3. More TIME! 

We have the ideal answer to all of these issues. And we do it for LESS money too. Read on to learn more.

A Word About BRANDING:

As you consider this opportunity please take a moment to consider what TYPE of opportunity it really is.  If you expect to get some kind of immediate, measurable monetary return, you are not understanding.  THIS opportunity is meant to be a long-term, extremely targeted, highly VISIBLE and repetitive method to present your business in a creative and positive manner.  This is a VERY effective advertising approach because it's perceived as a subtle presentation, a friendly "Hello, when you need....XYZ...come to ME!" kind of approach.  This is what "branding" does for your business.  So think about whether you believe that this type of advertising would truly be good for your business.

Of course it would, right? 

"Price is what you pay; value is what you get."

- Warren Buffet

So Here's The ANSWER:

**Video may take time to load on mobile devices**

CALL:  814-836-8701 To Learn More!

We are developing local business display referral programs inside your local area GIANT EAGLE shopping centers.

Truly Unbeatable Visibility For Your Business!

 YOUR full color display ad will be placed on a framed billboard that is fixed to the back of the child seats in every cart in the store.  This means the the driver of the cart has your ad in front of her for 30-60 minutes 2 or 3 times per week on average! And better yet, you will also have an ad on the other side of the fixture ensuring that oncoming shoppers also see your ad throughout the store every time they shop too! Think about that. How else could you possibly get that much targeted exposure for that long at a time? You can't!

The average Giant Eagle Shopping Center has

140,000 transactions per month

made by everyone who buys groceries. And that's EVERYONE!

Shoppers MUST View These Ads. They Cannot NOT be seen!

Here's How The Displays Look:

(click any image for a larger view or scroll to bottom of this page)

Faces Cart Driver

Faces Other Shoppers

What would it mean for your business if your ads were impossible to miss, seen multiple times per week by the perfect audience and for up to an HOUR each time? Would they know YOU then?  Would they be more likely to contact you as opposed to your competitors who were not able to position themselves this perfectly in the market?

The answer is as obvious as these ads isn't it?

Call us to get yours set up right away.


We cannot guarantee a spot will be available at a later time.  Do this NOW.  Call 814-836-8701 TODAY.

Again, Imagine YOUR Ad on the carts inside Giant Eagle Stores!

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