This Is How I Earn My Living From Home!

Congratulations! On this page you will not only learn how I earn my living from home, but also exactly how YOU can do the very same thing too!

Why I Decided To Earn My Living From Home

These are many of the things or situations that can either negatively affect your income or worse, result in having no income at all.

  • mergers/job eliminations
  • horrible bosses/termination/resignation
  • low pay/poor working conditions
  • downsizing/economic downturn/layoff
  • injury or illness
  • relocation  and now...
  • COVID-19!

 I have been victimized by most of these throughout my career. You probably have as well.  It left me feeling that I had no real control of the only life I have. VERY frustrating to say the least. Many would say that these unfortunate events are scary and even downright depressing.

So what can be done? Anything? Or is our only option to seek yet another job/position and watch the entire scenario play out yet another time just as the others all have? Hmmmm. To me, that may be an "option", but not the optimal one.

A Better Option! Earn My Living From Home

I remember talking with a friend who had also been thinking about better ways to make a living. He kept saying...

"if only we could create a product and sell it!", we could earn our living from HOME!

Being naturally entrepreneurial myself I was basically thinking the same thing.

If only I could INVENT something cool or useful that lots of people would buy, I could not only earn a nice living, I could get RICH! Seems so simple. But figuring out the ideal product and how to get it made and then selling it, etc. started to seem pretty overwhelming. Still exciting but we just didn't know how to proceed.

So we did nothing. And it never happened. So we both just kept looking for traditional "jobs" and hoping for the best.  And then...

The KEY To Earning My Living From Home

I realized that there WERE many, many others who were really successful by selling all kinds of things. They were selling them on the INTERNET.

But where were they getting stuff TO sell? Hmmm. Were all of these people inventing new and wonderful products and services? How? And also, how were they able to find enough customers to sell to?

This fascinated me. So I started researching internet business, ecommerce ( selling things online via an online storefront etc. ) and internet marketing.

During my 2 years of arduous research, things started to add up for me. And it was VERY exciting!

I could earn my living from home by selling OTHER people's products and services!

Yep!  I did NOT have to think up, create or invent a product!  I learned that I could offer literally almost ANYTHING that exists already--and make my living! What? And I could do it WITHOUT inventory, without much OVERHEAD and Work completely from HOME!

Yes, this is the IDEAL way to work and earn my living from home!

HERE are just some of the ways and methods that I use to make a living working from home:

  1. Providing a worthwhile service - what can you do that others will pay you for?
  2. Selling physical hard-good products. Affilates/Wholesale/Drop Shipping
  3. Selling Digital/Information products - eBoooks, Software, etc.
  4. Utilizing on site advertising like Google AdSense
  5. Offering items for sale On online marketplaces like Facebook, Craigslist and others.

Basically, anything that is or now HAS been done ON THE STREET (offline traditional businesses) can also be done ONLINE as well.

**NOTE**   The current COVID-19 situation will undoubtedly play a role in what kinds of products and services might do better or worse right now. So my advice is to really think your ideas out. There will be those who need more health related items like masks and basic home and hygiene items. But items like cotton candy and dancing shoes will be in less demand.  So just consider the current needs before proceeding with your ideas.

Executing The Perfect "Earn My Living From Home" Business Strategy.

So OK. Now you know that you can literally sell anything to anyone. And because of the internet, you can do business with anyone anyWHERE you choose. And you can do it all from HOME!

But there's one more gigantic piece of the puzzle left. That piece is:

What kind of SYSTEMS will I need in order to RUN my new business so that I can effectively work from home and earn my living?

The best answer is that you will probably need several systems that work together as efficiently as possible. You will learn this as you go. But the ultimate RESOURCE and the hands down BEST system to use to start and learn almost EVERYTHING about all of this can be found right HERE. 

DON'T forget to check it out FULLY. It's the way I got started.  I STILL use it 15 years later. This very page is produced with it.  This wonderful all-in-one solution is my HIGHEST recommended product offering to everyone--especially now during this COVID-19 scenario!

So that's how you do it. We will HELP you! 

What are you waiting for?


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