How Well Built is Your
Digital HOUSE?

So many business owners tell me that.."we're good".  I just don't understand the mentality of that. What does it even mean?  Actually, I do know that answer. They mean either..

1. I know everything and don't need to talk with you.  OR

2. I have one internet presence (Ex Facebook or a "website" ) so I don't need to talk with you   OR

3. I am making all kinds of money, or as much as I care to I don't need to talk with you.

In each one of those cases, my reply is "Congratulations! I am glad that you are "good"".

And I am thinking to myself, "I don't need to talk with you".  Haha.

Now then, who DO I want to talk with? Easy. Everyone else. The ones who know that they AREN'T "good". Any individual, entrepreneur or small business owner who...

Realizes that just 1, FREE? web entity or presence is not a strong program.

DO want to grow, make more money and

 Don't think that they already know everything and are willing to talk.

Is that YOU?  If so, great. Let's talk.

Here is where I think the first group has done themselves a disservice.

They are either convinced that FREE or cheap will build their business. I'll admit. it is better than nothing, but it is barely going to move any needles or get the cash register to ring much if at all. It's equivalent to saying..."I have a car, so i don't need one", and the car has no wheels, gasoline or steering wheel.

The best way to illustrate internet business building is to visualize an actual building or a house.So what is needed if you want a solid house?

The first thing?  A place to put it. Next? A foundation. Then the walls, Then the roof. Done? No. That is just the structure. In order for it to be a functional house it still needs utilities, and probably some furniture. NOW it can be properly called a house.

ok... back to the "i'm good".  If you owned a house without a foundation would you be "good"?  Without walls? Without a ROOF? No water or electricity or plumbing system? Good?

No one would say that unless they were certifiably insane, right? But that's how they treat their businesses...which they actually need... to BUY their HOUSES. Haha.

Let's make it even more drop dead simple.

Place = Internet, url and/or social platforms or location on the physical street

Foundation = A FULLY and Correctly Designed and Developed WEBSITE.

Walls: Social Media, Email/Text and Video Marketing

Roof: Ongoing Quality CONTENT development and Expert SEO.

Utilities: All other ancillaries that make things stronger, more effective and tied together. These include, directory listings, Google Business Profile Page. Link building, Schema, Security and accessibility of the site, etc. etc.

Now you're GOOD.

But without EACH of these critical elements in place and built well ( no houses of cards here! ), your business "house" will fall.

OK. I those of you who are open minded, rational thinkers will value this page.

If you'd like to talk about any of this to improve your situation, just contact us at any time.

Besides...YOU don't want to be just "good". Work with us and be GREAT!

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