Business Overview And General Business Partnership Agreement

Dear Prospective Internet Business Development Client,

Please read carefully the following information intended to establish a clear basis for:

  • The full scope of understanding of what it takes to develop a successful Internet Business project.
  • The need for regular and quality communication among all involved parties.
  • Fully understanding proper roles in the partnership to build your business dvelopment program.
  • Understanding the need for a stable financial budget to fuel the labor piece of the program both initially and ongoing

Firstly, let me say that this document became a business necessity because of some misunderstandings between some of my clients and our company. My primary mission in business is to provde the highest level of small business development services possible and to do it at very reasonable competitive rates. This gives you, my vlaued client, the absolute highest value in the industry. I have always tried to be extremely easy and even enjoyable to work with. I believe life and business should be fun. Otherwise, what's the point? Still, there is a more serious side to everything. So let's address a few important things.

The issues highlighted below have shown to become hinderances the clients' progress, business development programs and ultimately their success. That concerns me from both professional and personal levels. Professional, because this takes the power away from me to properly develop an successful Internet Business for the client. Personally because even business relationships become friendships. I do not like seeing friends make mistakes that may hurt their businesses or their happiness.

So that is why I am now requiring this document to be read, hopefully fully understood, and signed by all new clients as of 8-1-2015.

Here are the issues that have led to my decision to write this document:

1. Understanding The Concept: Even after several meetings in person or over phone, some (not all) of our clients have repeatedly shown that they do not understand the basics of Internet Business Development or the plans/agreements we have made to move their projects forward. Ex. This is NOT merely a "website" project. This is a complete and comprehensive eCommerce and Internet Business Development project. It is not a "design and done" deal. It's an ongoing development program and requires a level of commitment to succeed. It is the very best investment you can possibly make in your business. If you do not see that as clearly as I do, please do not sign on.

2. Communication: The ONE thing I ask, above all else, is that you do your best to stay in regular communication with me. Please do your best to be both precise as well as concise. I am not a mind reader and I assume you aren't either. This means touching base approximately once a week via email or phone. Longer than a 2 week period without a solid back and forth communication to keep one another current on thoughts, issues, progress, etc. appears to be detrimental to the progress of the program. Please try to adhere to a weekly or at least a bi-weekly plan to touch base. I will do the same.

3. Roles: A few (not all) clients have unintentionally made me wonder why they have contracted with me to do the project for them. I state clearly that this is YOUR business and will always listen attentively to your input and try to fulfill every desire. However, it sometimes seems that a client "knows" much better than I, how to do everything from keyword research to domain name selection, web design, page layout, copy writing, SEO and social media, etc. This baffles me! If you are the Internet business Development expert yourself, you do not need me, correct? So, please, if you are this type of individual, please not not sign on as a client. You and we will both be better served in that case.

4. Financials/Budget: I am known for providing very high comparative value (cost vs.returns) for my clients. I have even done work at NO charge in certain situations. However, if you feel that your business budget may not be stable enough to begin and/or sustain an agreed upon program with us, again, please do not sign on. ( Minimum monthly budget expectation should be at least $500.00 It may be possible to get you started for slightly less than that. And we ALWAYS strive to give more than we take. Still, with technology changing daily in this business, there may be new high value and beneficial offerings that we may want to consider at some point during your program. I will always attempt to minimize costs. Yet, the possibility does exist that you may want to increase your allocated budget for something. Therefore, the $500.00 is a good working MINIMUM budget number for both parties to review. )

These, I think, are the major reasons for having this document put into place as part of a business agreement. All of this is, again, for the benefit of both parties as well as to protect the investments being made by our other clients whose investment is jeopardized or devalued when time and effort must be expended to address these kinds of issues.


However, it IS meant to be a clear set of guidelines for us to use as we begin and continue to develop what we both hope will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself and your business!

Please sign below that you have carefully read and fully understand the information put forth in this document.

If you feel uncomfortable with anything or have questions regarding these points, please call to discuss.

Thank you! 


Brian P. Hower
SEARCHLIGHT Business Advocates
Erie, PA

Client:              _______________________________

Signature: (X) _______________________________

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