Small Business
VIDEO Marketing!

Small business video marketing is now a must. All you really need to know is that Google ( you know them right? ) is now heavily weighting sites and pages with quality, relevant video! 

Video As A Ranking Factor

You have probably already realized that small business video marketing is becoming the top SEO "thing".  But have you thought about why?

The reasons are plentiful. But basically it's because business owners have heard that videos, especially on one's own website and Social Media properties, will help them rank higher and also faster than ever before.

A quality business video will dramatically help with conversions since these videos increase site interaction, engagement and time spent on each page on the site!

Still, it must be done well in order for it to work!

Small Business Video Creation, Syndication & Distribution

Once you know how to create a high quality small business marketing video, you'll need to get it published and distributed so that as many people as possible may view your awesome, high impact interactive content!

This means publishing to your own site, your own Social Media sites and as many other hosted video platforms as possible.

Sites like these, for example:

Such an important piece of the small business marketing puzzle but not easy to decipher is it?

So now that you understand a bit more about the importance of a small business marketing video, why not call us today and let us create, publish and distribute one for you!  Our services are high quality, extremely effective and very affordable too.

Take a look at the video examples below. If you like what you see, give us a call!

Some Of Our Small Business Video Marketing Examples...

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