What Kind Of Website Do You Really Need?

You have probably asked, "What kind of website do I need for my business?".

Small, medium, large? Simple or fancy? Blog, Content or ecommerce store?

Is this really that difficult?  Let me assure you that it is not.

Deciding what kind of website YOUR business needs is very simple! 

All you have to do is understand who you are, what your goals are and whether that matches with what your AUDIENCE wants or prefers. In most case, this means that you need only a very nicely designed business information website that meets your potential customers' needs and communicates your market value to them effectively.

Look at the following three images.  Which image do you feel most comfortable with?  Which one do you think your customers or audience would feel most comfortable with? Easy, right?

Does your site look like this?

Or more like this?

You're not WalMart, right?

So OK. That's all you need to think about. What kind of website you really NEED is an excellent one! But it does not need to be the Taj Mahal.  And as for the rest of the "bells and whistles", you may just attach most of them on an "as needed" basis. 

Yes, it is important to plan your site so that it is in synergy with your overall business plan. Do it well! But do not fret over how fancy or huge you need to make it.  Just make sure your concept is solid, and that your site is build well.

If you would like to discuss anything related to your business, your site, or both, just let us know. We'll be so happy to help!

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