Drive 1000s of Erie Hotel Travelers Straight to YOUR Place of Business!

We have partnered with Choice Hotels at SEVEN (7) local Erie locations!

That's over 25,000 viewers/month and 185,000 annually!

(View Choice Hotels Letter of Authorization at bottom of this page)

This means that thousands of travelers year 'round will be immediately looking for:

  1.  A place to eat or
  2. Something to do that is fun and interesting!

They have money-in-hand and are ready to $PEND!

Wouldn't it be great if they couldn't miss YOUR ad and location info.?  Well, that's now very possible with this fabulous new, high visibility and perfectly targeted hotel concierge advertising program!  And did I mention that it is very reasonably priced to boot? 

OK. You should be excited!   Here's how it works:

The world is now over 70% digital.

The first thing travelers do after putting down their bags is LOG IN to the hotel's WIFI internet service from either their smartphones, laptops or tablet devices.

When they do, they see the hotel's WELCOME page with pertinent info. on the hotel's amenities, etc.

Now, also on this very first page, and above the fold ( top half of the page) are the ADS for local restaurants and area businesses! These ADS should be yours.

NOTE:  This will be done on a
First come, first served basis


We have a TOTAL of only EIGHT (8) available ads in each location.

2 available - PREMIUM Top Spots in the main carousel on the page.

3 available - DINING Spots just below the main carousel  and

3 available - ACTIVITIES Spots just below the Dining spots.

Below is an illustration of the Hotel Digital Wifi Landing Page with the available ad spots:

  P = Premium   D = Dining   A = Activities 

Ads will go live at each location shortly and your term begins when your ad goes live. A 12 month run is optimal and secures your first right of renewal!


Here is a screenshot of an actual hotel landing page with ad positions indicated:

Here is an example of a typical Digital Advertisement:

300x250 Ad Example

Clicking on any ad links them to a Google map showing them exactly how to get to YOU from the hotel! How cool is that?

Here are the 7 Erie Hotels and their locations on the map:

  1. Fairview Quality Inn at 6467 Sterrettania Rd
  2. Comfort Inn Presque Isle at 3041 W. 12th St.
  3. Clarion/BelAire at 2800 W. 8th Street
  4. Comfort Inn at 8051 Peach Street
  5. Econo Lodge at 8050 Peach Street
  6. Quality Inn at 8040-A Perry Highway
  7. Edinboro Comfort Inn at 1007 Market Place Dr., Edinboro

Any Restaurant, Entertainment or Educational Venue within a 30 mile radius of The Millcreek Mall in Erie is advised to seriously consider this fantastic opportunity.

**Click the image of the Authorization for a Printable PDF**

Choice Hotels Authorization Letter

So there you have it!  Remember this is on a first come, first served basis as these highly interactive, laser-targeted spots are very limited. There will be just THREE ads placed in the DINING section,  and just THREE in ACTIVITIES.  The TWO PREMIUM spots are the top always sell first so if you want one...grab it!

As I stated above, This is an awesome value. Highly interactive, laser-targeted, immediately visible and very affordable.

Advertisers would be wise to secure multiple if not ALL SEVEN locations to maximize this certain ROI.

Rates are protected here due to competitive reasons and will be fully disclosed upon meeting with you to place your ads.  So book a time with me NOW before your competitors get the spots!

Just call 814-836-8701 or email me AT asap. Erie will be closed as soon as the spots are filled and I will then move on to the next area.

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